-Charlie Zelenoff is an American professional boxer who falsely claims to have a record of 240 victories without a single defeat.
-He was born in Los Angeles, California and attended Fairfax High School, where he first developed a desire to become a professional boxer.
-He started his career by paying amateurs to fight him.
-His net worth is estimated at $200,000 and he is married to a woman named Daria.
-His nickname is Z-Money and he enjoys Italian food and celebrities Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron.

Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Charlie Zelenoff is an American professional boxer, who became famous mostly due to his claims that he has a record of 240 victories without a single defeat. However, the truth is rather different, as professional boxing organizations state otherwise.

Age, Childhood, and Education

Charles Peter Zelenoff was born on the 27th July 1988, in Los Angeles, California, USA; both his parents are Russians, who moved to the US before Charlie’s birth.

He went to Fairfax High School, where he first showcased a desire towards becoming a professional boxer. His parents supported his intentions, and he started attending the gym on a daily basis.


As his body developed, Charlie started training in boxing, and from his earliest years began challenging other boxers and amateurs, while also paying them to fight him. This led to a lot of controversy behind his name, especially as at some point in his career, Charlie started claiming that he has a record of 240 victories without a single defeat.

However, according to BoxRec, his record is 0-1, as he lost in his debut brawl against Andrew Hartley. Charlie also challenged Floyd Mayweather to whom he lost, as the fight ended soon after it started. He also sparred with Floyd Mayweather Sr. and this session also didn’t last long – Charlie barely got out of the ring; he had to crawl to the ropes.

In recent events of his career, Charlie started a feud with Deontay Wilder, who Charlie challenged to a fight through a mobile phone call. Deontay accepted his challenge, and the two got into a fight at a Los Angeles gym. The result of the fight was Charlie lying on the gym’s floor, knocked out with hands on his face, trying to defend from Wilder’s punches. This made Charlie even more popular with the public, though it only brought negative attention.

Charlie Zelenoff


YouTube Career, Documentary

Due to his notoriety, many started following his life and work, and Charlie decided to start showcasing his daily endeavors through his YouTube channel entitled Charlie Zelenoff Uncut.

He now has around 65,000 followers, and the number is increasing, while his videos have been viewed over 40 million times, which has also contributed to his wealth. Some of his most popular  videos include “Top 5 Charlie Zenenoff Losses (MUST SEE)!”, which has over 16 million views, then “Charlie Zeneloff Finally Getting Ran Up On (MUST SEE)!”, with 4.4 million views, and “Charlie Zelenoff Gets CONFRONTED Face To Face! MUST SEE!”, which has been viewed just over three million times.

As Charlie’s popularity grew, his fans made a documentary about his career, entitled “Troll Champion: The Charlie Zelenoff Story, UBF Champion, 147-0”. The production follows Charlie on his way to the supposed record of 147 wins, showing how he got his victories by paying amateurs in gyms to fight him. Because of his actions, many believe Charlie to be mentally ill, or at least delusional, while some people speak of him as being retarded. Nevertheless, Charlie remains popular, and though many disagree with his actions and call him names, he is a star, if not necessarily as a boxer.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth, Body Stats, Appearance

Charlie’s boxing career has added a considerable amount to his net worth, and his YouTube popularity also contributes a valuable amount. As of mid-2024, Charlie’s net worth is estimated at $200,000, which is expected to grow. Charlie stands at 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, weighs about 175lbs ~ 80kgs, and his vital statistics are 42-32-35, his biceps is 14.5 inches. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Charlie Zelenoff Personal Life, Marriage, Wife

When it comes to Charlie’s personal life, Charlie is a married man, and his wife’s name is Daria.

She has been his biggest fan and has encouraged him during his fights, both at the gym and in the ring. Daria has been by his side for years as the two dated for several years before to tying the knot, although it’s not known when the two married. They don’t have children.

Charlie Zelenoff Additional Info, Trivia

Besides boxing, Charlie likes traveling and can be seen at various locations around the US, and other destinations around the world. Over the years, Charlie has earned a nickname of Z-Money from the people dear to him and fans, which sticks until the present day. Charlie enjoys Italian food. He’s talked about Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron as his favorite celebrities.

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