• John Robert Hill Jr. (Boonk), rapper and Instagram star born in Jacksonville, Florida USA on 3 August 1996
• Has 14 siblings and grew up playing sports
• Grew fame through his Instagram account and released his first EP in October 2009
• Released the game "Boonk Gang: The Video Game" in September 2017
• Recently changed rap name to John Gabbana and released a few songs under the name

Who is Boonk? What happened to him? Wiki Bio

John Robert Hill Jr. was born in Jacksonville, Florida USA, on 3 August 1996, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – known by his stage name of Boonk, he is popular for his career of a rapper, while he is also an Instagram star.

While some people believe something has happened to Boonk because he hasn’t released a song in a while, he is doing well and is working on his new songs.

Childhood and education

Boonk grew up in a huge family as he has 14 siblings – eight from his father’s side and six from his mother’s side. His parents divorced when he was still very young and both of them remarried in the next two years – Boonk stayed to live with his mother and her husband Dirk Marshall Williams Jr.

Boonk grew up being physically active, as he participated in numerous sports including baseball, football and basketball, while he also ran track. He was somewhat popular in his high school due to his interests, but it was around third grade that he completely turned, and started stealing, causing problems. His grades became very bad and he stopped playing sports, but still managed to matriculate from high school – he then found a job so that he could financially support himself, and started pursuing his career of a rapper.

Career of a rapper

Boonk’s career was launched in 2009, mostly thanks to his Instagram account, and he began uploading pictures of his everyday life – he was even uploading videos of himself stealing from restaurants, which eventually got him into trouble with authorities.The account amassed more than five million followers, until it was deleted when Boonk uploaded a video of himself having sexual intercourse.

Boonk was influenced by popular rappers such as Tee Grizzley, Trippie Redd and Blac Youngsta at a very young age. He released his first extended play (EP) in October 2009, entitled “Atypical Latin Groove”. His song “Muttin” was uploaded onto YouTube, and was seen more than 2.7 million times before Boonk took it down from the platform. Some of his most popular songs include “on EM” and “Black Den”.

“Boonk Gang: The Video Game” was released for android in September 2017, inspired by Boonk’s experiences with stealing.

In September 2018, Boonk announced his new rap name – John Gabbana – changed on all of his social media accounts. He released a couple of songs under his new name, such as “Weird Ass N!ggas” and “Either Way It Go” – his new extended play was released on 23 November 2019, and featured numerous other popular rappers.

The most popular rappers in the world

Although Boonk is a very skillful rapper, he’s nowhere to be found in the list of the most popular rappers in the world. Compiled by the Ranker website, the list is judged by people’s votes which while pretty much subjectively created in regards of what people enjoy to listen to, many agree that the people in it have indeed become the best and the most famous rappers around theworld. We are going to mention five of them:

  • Fifth place is held by 50 Cent whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III
  • Dre – whose real name is Andre Romelle Young – is in fourth place,
  • In third place is Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.)
  • Second place goes to Kendrick Lamar,
  • In top place is Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III), who is also a record producer, record executive, film producer, and an actor.


Boonk’s personal life and relationships

Boonk is very secretive when it comes to his love life, and hasn’t shared any details regarding his past and present relationships with the public.

Rumor has it that the popular rapper was dating a girl he met while performing in one of the clubs in Jacksonville in 2017 – the two were an instant match and were dating more than four months before calling it quits. This was allegedly his only long relationship, as he later went on to date numerous girls, but none for longer than a week.

Boonk is currently rumored to be dating an Instagram star after the two started talking on Tinder and eventually went out on a date – his fans believe that the two have been dating for nearly a month now, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Boonk.

Judging by his social media accounts and his secrecy, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interests

Boonk might appear to be completely focused on his career of a rapper, but he has numerous other interests, too.


He’s a big lover of animals, and even has a pet snake, which he allegedly recently stole from a zoo.

He’s somewhat of a shopaholic especially for shoes – his favorite brand is Nike.

He’s very fond of tattoos and started inking his body when he was 15 years old, and now has more than 60 inked onto his body.

He loves to travel and has already been to numerous US states, while his dream is to travel around the Europe and expand his rapping career there.

Boonk is said to be a kleptomaniac, but this hasn’t been confirmed by him – he’s stealing for the pleasure it gives him, rather than because he has no money – he has lots of it.

Problems with the authorities

Boonk seems to have made stealing and confronting authorities one of his hobbies. He was arrested on 22 May 2017 for burglary and theft, while he was recently arrested for stealing glazed donuts from a Dunking Donuts restaurant – he was put on two-months probation, then sent to jail after violating the conditions of it.

Appearance and net worth

Boonk has short black hair and brown eyes, and is 6ft (1.83m) tall while his weight isn’t known. His tattoos includiea broken heart on his right cheek.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $250,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his career of a rapper.

Social media presence

Boonk is quite active on several popular social media networks, as this is very important for the career he has built for himself on the internet.

He launched his Twitter account in July 2017, his old Instagram account was followed by more than five million people;; he’s running a Facebook page as well, which currently counts nearly 60,000 fans.

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