• American journalist, TV personality and QVC host
• Net worth is over $1 million
• Grew up in Detroit and is of White Caucasian ethnicity
• Graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
• Involved in charity work with Make-A-Wish Foundation and has been the charity’s ‘Wish Granter’ since 2008

Who is Shawn Killinger?

Shawn Elizabeth Killinger was born under the sign of Scorpio on 2 November 1972, in Detroit, Michigan USA. She is a 40-year-old journalist and TV personality, probably best recognized for working as a newscaster and anchor for QVC.

How rich is she, as of now? Shawn Killinger Net Worth and Salary

Shawn Killinger’s net worth is over $1 million; earned from being involved in the field of journalism as a TV anchor, newscaster and host, for more than two decades. It is estimated that her annual salary is a minimum of $80,000 at QVC.

She also increased her fortune through making appearances in a reality TV game show.

Early Life, Nationality, Ethnicity

Shawn Killinger spent her early years in her hometown of Detroit – her nationality is American, and she belongs to White Caucasian ethnic group. At the age of 11, Shawn moved with her family to Mexico City in Mexico, where they lived for four years. During that time, she became fluent in the Spanish language.

Educational Background

She attended the International American School Foundation, and upon matriculation went to Penn State University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. Prior to becoming a TV personality, Shawn Killinger traveled around Europe, and lived in Geneva, Switzerland, where she spent some time working at the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Shawn Killinger

Career Beginnings

After returning to the US, Shawn became involved in the field of journalism since she was appointed as a reporter and set assistant at the CBS Network, working there for the next two years, on such television news programs as “CBS 60 Minutes” and “CBS Evening News With Dan Rather”, and the late-night talk show, entitled “Late Show With David Letterman”. Moreover, she worked on “Foreign Desk” as an assistant producer.

Afterwards, she joined the WUHF-TV, a Fox-affiliated television station which is licensed to Rochester, New York State, in the position of the general assignment reporter. Besides that, Shawn has worked for the WKMG-TV, a CBS-affiliated station in Orlando, Florida and Albany, New York, one of the anchors for the morning news broadcast on the CBS’ Channel 6.

Rise to Prominence and QVC

Shawn’s big break came in 2005, when she was chosen to compete as one of 16 contestants in the reality TV game show “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart”, aired on the NBC network.

Although she was sent home in the third week since Martha did not like her phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’, Shawn achieved enormous popularity. Two years later, she was hired by QVC, which is one of the leading American flagship shopping channels. She still works there as the host of a four-hour-long live broadcast.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

  • Long blonde hair
  • Dark brown eyes
  • Height – 5ft 5ins (1.65m)
  • Weight – 111lbs (50kgs)
  • Vital Statistics – 33-24-33

Personal Life: Husband Joe Carretta, Residence

Shawn Killing is a married woman. Her husband is Joe Carretta, a professional consultant and businessman, who is currently the executive director for the Sunrise Senior Living company. They met at an online dating application called ‘eHarmony’, and shortly after became romantically involved. The couple eventually tied the knot on 13 April 2013, and currently live in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Children, Miscarriage, Cancer

The couple has no children yet, as Shawn suffered miscarriage in the fifth month of pregnancy in 2014 and has never become pregnant since then.

However, she adopted Joe’s two children from his previous marriage. Moreover, they adopted a girl named Jagger Jude in 2017. Following the miscarriage, there were various rumors that it was caused by kidney cancer, but that has never been confirmed.

Charity Work

The famous TV personality, Shawn Killinger is also known for her charity work, collaborating with various organizations. In 2008, she started working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has been serving as the charity’s ‘Wish Granter’ ever since, in charge of fulfilling the wishes of children who suffer from various life-threatening illnesses.


In January 2015, Shawn Killinger became the subject of ridicule after she had an argument with designer Isaac Mizrahi about whether the Moon is a star or a planet. After the discussion that lasted several minutes, they were told that the Moon is a natural satellite. In June of the following year, someone filed a petition on the ‘Pissed Consumer’ website, requesting that she be removed from the position of the host, being described as a ‘egomaniacal’ ‘Shawnie Sue’ persona. The petition attracted public attention with 24,000 views and 2,000 comments, but no action resulted.

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  1. Suzanne Fredrick Reply

    I have been Watching QVC since its debut in 1986 and enjoy QVC very much. The selection, prices and customer service is awesome. However, of all the hosts over the years, the one host I think tries to be too cute which is annoying, oversells and is shallow just to mention a few is Shawn Killinger. When she is on air I don’t watch QVC.

    • Raquel Reyna Reply

      I don’t care for Shawn she is way 2 impressed with herself. She always acts likes she looks so great and think her legs and shoes r the best. Such a show off.

      • I agree 100% Shawn is very annoying and so is Amy i can’t watch them. To busy looking at themselves in the camera instead of showing / selling the products, And both of them talks about their husband too much…… this is not the “Newlyweds” my god QVC.

        • I totally agree..i cant stand her. I never watch qvc when she is on..she dresses and acts like a know it all teen .so annoying.

      • I totally agree…I wonder if she EVER looks in a mirror? Her hair styles are LAUGHABLE!! And what is sad…is SHE thinks we would want to “Share Beauty” with her…maybe for HALLOWEEN! I change Channels when she is on, I don’t care what she is selling, I wish they would schedule for the early AM hours while I am sleeping. Get rid of her!!

    • Neither do I. Shawn is rude. She walks away from the vendors or acts like she is doing them a favor..She is not classy or sweet or genuine.

      • Shellie Grant Reply

        I myself miss the heck outta Shawn, she is bubbly and joyful.sounds like there’s some insecure woman out there who could actually take some tips from Mrs Killenger.DINR BE HATERS SHAWN IS AMAZING!

    • I agree! Shawn sells Shawn, not the product. She can be very annoying, so I turn the channel.

      • Get a life people, who cares what you think of Shawn, she makes $$$, you selfish, jealous ego maniacs go flush your words down the Louvre, that’s where your options belong! Sorry Shawn the world has no morals or common decency anymore, you go girl.

        • I like her. She’s my favorite. The lady that does the shoes needs to expand her product. She has some of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.

      • I can’t believe how you women (who definitely CANNOT be considered ladies) are snickering about Shawn. Are you all in 5th grade??

    • I agree, Shawn has got to go. She comes across as bring nothing more than a pure b..ch!

      • I like Shawn a lot. She is an interesting host, pretty, and self assured. Love her banter with Isaac Mizrahi. Nothing wrong with liking yourself. I sense jealousy.

    • Marie Ackerman Reply

      When shawnee sue is on…it’s time to turn the channel. She’s the only one who loves herself, she can be nasty at times, and her choice of hair and clothes are scary at times…… wouldn’t miss her at all if she left….I don’t care about her personal life either…

    • Those of you who dislike some of the hosts on QVC… definitely need to turn your TVs off and not watch any of them. You can always go to a different on air sales and buy from them. I myself enjoy the QVC hosts… especially Shawn … she does have a nice appearance and always enjoys talking about her family..

    • No wonder our world and it’s inhabitants are so messed up.
      Read what you “ people” are saying about another human being.

      So angry, so sad…

      Soften your hearts and minds.
      We’re here for such a short time, especially with this pandemic enveloping our earth.
      Be KIND, please…
      You’re feeding off each other.

      • Shawn is goofy everything about her is from her hair to her glasses to her irritating voice and choice of words. I’d like to smack her every time she says bucks instead of dollars
        She is scary looking . so fake everything she sells she either has or has used..i bet. Get that hair done girl

    • I agree with the comments about Shawn that she is full of herself. Jill should have been kept and she let go.

    • Sandra Overcash Daniel Reply

      I totally agree with you. I detest her and her looking over those glasses. I wish she would have been fired and them keep any of the ones they fired instead. I do not see her as being relevant to any of QVC shows.


    I can’t stand her. I have heard her make nasty remarks to her co hosts. She thinks she is better than everyone else. Her attitude sucks. I am glad she hasn’t been on. I won’t watch if she is on. I imagine there are plenty of other people that feel the same way

    • I happen to disagree I love when she is on. I go out of my way to tune in. She be hit on herself but so what. She’s down to earth when she needs to be and entertains with an actress flair on other occasions. So I don’t always feel I am watching just an ad for a brand. And who cares if she talks about her family. It humanizes the show. Otherwise I would just fast forward thru the items. I’m not sure where others are coming from but maybe they need to lighten up and enjoy the show. I think she speaks to all ages and sizes. Frankly I began watching QVC regularly because of her.

      • I think she is great too. She is human and isn’t afraid to show it. I think people that make derogatory comments about her are jealous. She seems to be genuine to me. I notice on her facebook page, people go out of their way to make nasty comments about her. If they don’t like her, they should stay away from her page and stop watching her shows. No one forces them to that, but belittling her makes them feel better, I guess.

      • Cynthia Ludemann Reply

        I agree with you; SK is so humble, very smart, and entertaining. She is one of the best hosts gon QVC! I’ve been watching QVC for over 25 yrs. there are some hosts that are rude at times; Shawn is not one of them! Those who post negative remarks obviously don’t understand people and should quite being so critical, doing what the hosts do could not be done well by most people!!!!

        • @Cynthia Ludemann – Humble? You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve been watching QVC and do watch to see each of the hosts techniques on their high power selling. If they didn’t, they would be off the air. Shawn is trying to be cool with the way she walks and talks; I’d like to take the eye glasses that she puts on and that fall down her nose and smash them; it looks stupid Shaun. Each host has different selling techniques; they make big bucks if people buy an item while they are on the air. I’ve watched her where one day she would say that a certain mascara brand is the only one she wears. And the next day another mascara brand is on and she says the same thing. What a phony! She tried to replace Lisa Robertson but it isn’t working.

      • Please help this Shawn person with etiquette ! People can be replaced!I feel she thinks it’s her show and also very very very rude at times ! Why does QVC put up with unprofessional demeanor! And also this is a show to.purchase merchandise not to listen to your personal life!! Not a good look for QVC! Please QVC talk more business and leave the personal crap at home !! You have some very annoying hosts. ! Please keep it at business please!!

        • Everything you don’t like about Shawn is why I love her shows. She is not boring that’s for sure.
          I guess it’s just a matter of opinion .

        • I love watching Shawn every time she host, seeing her makes my heart smile. Everything about “Mrs. Everythang” is all that and then some!!

      • Marinela Garza-Ponce Reply


      • Leatrice Campbell Reply

        I LOVE watching Shawn. Also, she and Isaac are WONDERFUL and entertaining. So happy for Shawn, Joe and darling little baby Jagger!

    • Her father is terminally ill, that is why she has not been on.
      I am sorry you do not like someone you do not personally know, but during these uncertain times, a little kindness goes a long way.

        • Colette's Laban Reply

          Hi, shawn is my favorite person on QVC. Other people riding in are probably jealous that she’s very attractive she seems very self-confident but not in a cocky way at all it’s just who she is she’s got a free spirit about her which is wonderful if you guys get rid of her I won’t be watching QVC love you Sean take care

      • Pam you couldn’t have said it better. I actually enjoy watching Shawn & she gives off that genuine vibe. She is like a girlfriend on air. I love her style.

      • Rose Ellen Reply

        Thank you for that update. Not on QVC recently. My prayers go out to her. Losing a parent is indescribably painful.

      • Pam says in her comment that her Dad is ill “speaking of Shawn” ok that’s understandable , this is about how she acts with guest and the fact she comes across as very arrogant!!! Not a professional. All!! This is not a talk Show! It’s about selling !!! So to spend quality time on one’s person life is not selling! These companies. want their products sold!! Not to be interrupted with personal chatter!!!!!!!!!

        • Shawn is so phony and so full of herself
          When she is on air I don’t bother watching

    • Elaine Van Ham Reply

      I refuse to watch her or Rick. She needs to either put those glasses on or do contacts. I wore glasses for 30 years and that off and on is irritating.

  3. Catherine Jihnson Reply

    Not everyone is everyone else’s cup of tea. That’s the reason for the old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, so t say anything. It just makes you look petty and mean. I don’t think that’s the conclusion you want us all to think about you.

  4. Edwina D Taft Reply

    I think that every host brings their own flare to their presentations. Shawn is funny, never boring and like all of us has an opinion. She is personable with her quest and treats most as a friend. Love her sense of style. A real cutie.

    • I like watching Shawn too. She’s is one of my favorites. I hope all’s well with her and her family.

  5. Susan Gollery Reply

    I was wondering why she hasn’t been on in the evening. I’m also missing Amy Strand. I love all the ladies, especially Pat. Love her when she’s hosting with Susan Graver. Hope Shawn in safe and healthy. Just missing her.

  6. I like to watch Shawn she makes her shows fun to watch. I get tired of reading negative comments people write. The worst is the complaining about shipping costs. I appreciate getting great things delivered to my door. Do the complainers ever consider the time and gas they save while having a huge selection to choose from.People all around us are dealing with covid 19 and you think it is important to write hurtful comments about someone you don’t know. Shame,Shame,Shame!

    • The shipping charges are ridiculous and unfair. Even if you put 10 items in one package and ship them back, they charge you individual shipping to and from on each item. That’s just not right!!

      • I totally agree with you Robbi! Although the Q owns HSN they offer free shipping a lot so I shop a lot on HSN.
        My daughter refuses to shop the Q because of the shipping. Not to mention how long it takes to get to you. HSN is like Amazon with their shipping.

  7. Where in the world is Shawn Killinger?? Have not seen her on QVC in quite awhile. Hope she is not Dick. Maybe just taking some time off.

  8. Can’t believe the remarks Shawn is entertaining, super chic and in a class by herself ! I truly hope all is well with her and that she is still with the Q. People are entitled to their opinion, but so snarky…..

    • I like Shawn but must admit I focus on her glasses,wish she would wear them as they are intended (on the bridge of her nose)

      • Her glasses always match her outfits.
        She probably can’t read those cards up close so she uses her readers.
        She probably takes them on and off because she doesn’t need them yet for distance. Readers are only good for reading
        I know this because like Shawn I was always taking mine on and off.
        I might add I was always losing those readers.
        I finally needed to get bifocals. UGH !

  9. I totally agree with you, Catherine‼️Whatever happened to be kind or play nice, or as you say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

    We are all different ppl with different ideas, opinions, etc.; that’s what makes the world go round!!! I don’t like everybody either so just turn the channel. It’s not necessary to trash talk ppl. Maybe a lot of ppl don’t like you either, but most of them are not going to get on FB & announce it to the world. Heck, even our animals don’t like every other animal OR all ppl either!

  10. Patti Pietrowiak Reply

    I personally like Shawn I think she is natural, honest and sometimes funny We need more people like her in this world She definitely doesn’t try to impress people and act fake What you see is what you get and I appreciate that There should be more people on this earth like her You Go Girl Miss You Hope to see you back soon

  11. I have watched qvc for MANY years and would agree that Shawn is not a favorite host. I agree with the majority that she is too chatty, goofy and different from OTHER great hosts on qvc. I turn the channel too. Love the other hosts..

  12. I been waiting for Shawnee to be on , she brings fun and personality to qvc. She makes shopping fun. She’s like a best friend chatting while I shop..nothing fake about her,,l love Shawnee . Hope all is well w her, and I’ll c her on qvc very soon.

  13. I think she’s great. Especially around the holidays with courtney.
    I hope the rumors aren’t true that she was fired. Love her

  14. I think Shawn is great!! She is smart, witty, natural and funny!!!
    I really miss her…she is by far my favorite host!!!

  15. I really really miss her.i watched n shopped QVC mainly because of her and I love her sense of style n humor!!!

  16. Sandra Roepke Reply

    I really love Shawn. She has great energy and is real about the products she is selling

  17. Shawn is absolutely adorable because of her energetic presentation. She brings out the best in the person she stands beside when that person is presenting their their products. Bring her back! You

    • Oh my goodness we love Shawn, miss her so much. I heard her Dad is sick. Where ever you are Shaw we wish you well and hope you do come back.
      This is a big lost to us! As bad as when Kathy Laven left. I not sure how to spell her last name. God be with you Shawn.

  18. Linda Tabor Reply

    I think Shawn loves herself a little too much ! Put the glasses on and keep them on!

    • Some of us can’t wear just one pair of glasses. I can’t and I don’t do well with bi or tri focals. I need a pair for near and one for Far. Perhaps Shawn does too. Sad so many people are haters when they don’t Even know the person. I enjoy that she is quirky and different from the other hosts

    • Joanne Cook Reply

      Right! To into herself! Won’t watch when she is on! Love the others!

  19. Sandy Beach Reply

    I agree she is such a character, and fun to watch. She
    Looks great in the clothes and makes you feel engaged with the products . Please bring her back to QVC!

  20. I love Shawn. I think she brings a freshness to her presentations. I tune in to QVC when she is on because she makes me laugh. Before you post negative comments, think how you would feel if that was you. If you don’t care for her….‘don’t watch. Thank goodness we are not all the same. Wishing her and her family all the best.

    • I love Shawn,she is not boring like some of the others,every one can do their own thing.Give her a break…

  21. Art and Grace Reply

    I think Shawn is one of the finest hosts at QVC. She is lots of fun.

  22. I love watching her. She’s funny and real. What’s wrong with you people??? I’m not in the practice of posting comments but I couldn’t believe how mean some of these comments are. Sad or mad what ever it is you need to fix yourself first.

  23. Sandra Roney Reply

    I like her and miss her she’s fun and beautiful. When is she coming back?

  24. I love Shawn, they all oversell, duh, that’s they’re job. I think she is down to earth and fun to watch. Sorry to hear about her dad I wish her and her family well. God bless

  25. Susan Black Reply

    I love Shawn and miss seeing her on the Q. I hope she comes back soon.

  26. Diana J.,Diva Reply

    I think it’s so so sad how negative people are. I honestly do miss Shawn she’s a breath of freshness, she seems so real. Come back soon. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY at this time

  27. Think she’s worth defending? Ok. Sure. She’s human. But, she DID ALWAYS interrupt EVERYONE with her bloviating. And What’s this report of her and a designer arguing about the Moon being a star or a planet? Seems that makes her rude and ignorant… Or maybe um.. imaginative. Anyways, Since she been off the air, i actually made purchases from QVC. Relief!

  28. Lol all the comments!! Shawn is herself! She’s funny cute and cool! Family oriented, quick witted, and a great saleswoman! Love her! Hang in there Shawn!! I know u are sad about your dad and I’m so sorry for your loss. Take care dear and hope to see u soon on QVC when you’re ready ❤️❤️❤️



  30. Chris Mears Reply

    I can’t believe that these people on here would go out of their way to criticize Shawn.What is wrong with people today??This is her job! She is not a phony is all!She jokes around and shows her product and is great to watch!I would love to see more of her!!She is real!!!!!I have been a viewer and customer for over twenty some years!

  31. Carol Waldman Reply

    You Shawn haters are totally out of touch and very mean.. Shawn has had quite a few heart breaks. She comes out happy and believes in the products shes selling and you all buy what she sells. Did you ever think shes crying on the inside. I hope none of you GALS ever have to put on happy face when your private life is hard. As I said you Shawn haters you’re nothing but MEAN Girls and I thought that stopped in high school boy was I wrong.

  32. I like and really miss Shawn Killinger I think she’s entertaining, witty, very stylish and a real cutie pie, love her with the longer hair length. Those who are bad mouthing her are probably some frumpy dumps who hate seeing someone with pizzazz. My prayers go out to her father.

  33. Enjoy Shawn , especially with Issac! Hope to see her soon! Those naysayers should get a life!!! If you don’t like what you’re watching “turn the freaking channel “.

  34. I have not watched QVC. since Shawn has been on leave. She is the only reason I watch. Different strokes for different folks,
    as they say.

    • Connie Canfield Reply

      I agree, Helen. Really enjoy watching her, especially with Isaac. There are a few I’m not so crazy about, but she’s definitely not one of them. I think she has great style, is a little sassy, (in a good way) and has a gregarious personality QVC’s hosts generally have great personalities, Shawn is among them. To those who say negative things about her, QVC wants Hosts with personality and charisma, not boring, monotone robots. Robots don’t sell products. If you just want to buy a product and not watch someone presenting, go to Amazon.

  35. Tracy N Green Reply

    I really like Shawn… enjoy her and Issac together..so sorry to hear about the loss of her Father…

  36. Gayle Ogden Reply

    My mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything. I thank my mother for teaching me that in a world where there are so many bullies and so much negativity. Shawn you are a blessing, keep doing what you are doing and be true to yourself! If every host was the same, QVC would be so boring.

    • Shawn Killinger is sharp as heck! Stop being jealous and enjoy her show or simply do not tune in, however, you will miss great items! Shawn is a wonderful salesperson. This is her job and she does it well if the items are great or not, this is what she is supposed to do…SELL just like any of the other QVC hosts!!! Shawn is a fashionista who rocks many different hair colors and styles with a sense of humor! Shawn is supposed to love herself and let her radiant beauty shine. Try doing the same perhaps you negative reviewers will learn a few things from her about trying to be peaceful! Let go of all this negative energy. You just might find something good about yourselves agree?

  37. Robin Baker Reply

    Shawn, is one of the bright and beautiful lights on qvc. Hope she will be there for a long time.

  38. Charlotte Cervantes Reply

    I call her goggles. I can’t concentrate on anything she is selling with the goggles popping off every few seconds. They sell bi-vocals you know. Just saying..

  39. candace kesting Reply

    I as well think she thinks she is way too cute. no need to show off just be you.

  40. I’m sorry; Shawn just can’t hold a candle to the likes of Jane Treaty or Mary Beth Roe. Not in the same league!

  41. Mayra Blanco Reply

    Wow! Most of these comments are ruthless and brutal. How easy people take the livelyhood of someone and know that their opinions will have some kind of impact. I really miss the old days were people didn’t have such a plateau to trash and belittle others. It’s so easy to do stuff like this behind a keyboard. Just like everyone else . . . she’s making a living. I think she’s bubbly and has an energetic personality. No one is perfect. Sad to read ;-(

  42. Bernie Jane Manfre-Brankin Reply

    I don’t care what these jealous female’s think! i like shawn she is not boring and she doesn’t throw her hands around like the host Jane.She throws those hands around and first time that I saw Jane god bless her, I thought that she was having a medical issue.. I had to change the channel.

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