• Neville John “Noddy” Holder is a musician and actor, best known for being the lead singer of the English band Slade.
• Has a net worth of over $1 million, earned from a successful career in the music industry.
• Formed his first band called Rockin’ Phantoms at the age of 13 and joined the band Slade in 1966.
• Has released 15 albums and scored 21 hit singles with Slade, the most popular being “Merry Xmas Everybody”.
• After Slade, he has appeared in television shows and radio shows, released an autobiography, and made a cameo appearance in various projects.

Who is Noddy Holder?

Nevile John “Noddy” Holder was born on 15 June 1946, in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, and is a musician as well as an actor, best known for being the lead singer of the English band Slade. He also served as the rhythm guitarist of the band, which was one of the most successful acts from the UK during the 1970s.

The Net Worth of Noddy Holder

How rich is Noddy Holder? As of late-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is close to $5 million – some wild estimates are as much as $25 – earned through a successful career in the music industry. He was noted for his unique and powerful voice, also credited for co-writing most material of Slade, alongside bass guitarist Jim Lea.

All of his achievements have helped put him in the position he is in today.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

While Noddy was born in Walsall, his family later moved to Beechdale Estate located at the north side of the town. His father was a window cleaner, but his mother’s job unknown, possibly housewife. Noddy  attended grammar school for a year until it closed, then TP Riley Comprehensive School which has been in operation since 1958. He was interested in music from a young age, and would soon make his first moves that eventually defined his career.

He formed his first band called Rockin’ Phantoms, at just 13 years old and while still at school – he worked a part time job so that he could buy his own guitar and amplifier. As he grew older, he got more opportunities to perform locally, and even used his father’s window-cleaning van to reach gigs with a band now called the Tennessee Teens.  After that group disbanded, he started another band called Memphis Cutouts, and the group signed with Columbia Records, releasing four singles with the company.

Noddy Holder

Rise to Fame with Slade

In 1966, Holder was convinced by Don Powell to join a group called The ‘NBetweens, which consisted of guitarist Dave Hill and bassist Jim Lea. Together, the group formed the band called Ambrose Slade, later shortening it to Slade, and they would become one of the top-selling rock bands in Britain. While mostly known for their rock tunes, they’ve also released ballads such as “How Does it Feel”, which gained acclaim. One of the reasons for the success of the band was the songwriting partnership of Holder and Lea, who wrote almost every one of the band’s songs.

During their 25 years together, they released 15 albums, and scored with 21 hit singles. One of their most popular songs is “Merry Xmas Everybody” which was recorded in 1973; it was their third single to reach the top of the UK chart, and since then has remained seasonally popular in the country, becoming a classic, and selling over a million copies in the UK alone. After two and a half decades, Noddy left the band to pursue a career away from music, looking towards other avenues of entertainment.

Life After Slade

Noddy started appearing in television shows in the UK, with one of his most notable being in “The Grimleys”, in which he played classical music teacher Neville Holder – for the show, he recorded acoustic versions of Slade songs. He also had his own radio shows in “Piccadilly 1152” and “Key 103” which were prominent throughout the 1990s. He was also the subject of an episode of “This Is Your Life”, and was immortalized as a puppet in “Bob the Builder”. He released his autobiography in 1999, entitled “Who’s Crazee Now?”

In 2000, he was awarded an MBE for his contributions to show business, and then made a cameo appearance in a live episode of “Coronation Street”. He also made a guest appearance in “Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere”, and in “Fashion Parade” by Misty’s Big Adventure. He became a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2’s “The Radcliffe and Maconie Show” too, and became the third celebrity to be inducted into the Birmingham Walk of Stars.

A few of his latest projects include a book called “The World According to Noddy”, and the show “Songs of Praise” in which he appeared as a presenter. He also had a cameo role in the TV comedy series “Mrs Brown’s Boys”.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Holder married dress designer Leandra Russell in 1976, and they have two children together; the two stayed married for 12 years before divorcing. His next marriage would be to television producer Suzan Price, 20 years later and they have a child together named after Django Reinhardt. He currently resides in Prestbury, Cheshire, England with his family. He has been mostly out of the spotlight for a few years now, preferring to enjoy this time in privacy with his famil, but. hasn’t made any official statement of retiring yet.

One of the reasons why there is very limited information about him is due to the lack of any strong online presence. He doesn’t have accounts on any of the major social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Both of his children from his first marriage as well as his second wife all work in television production. He’s praised Gary Glitter, despite recent revelations of sexual misconduct, stating that he was one of the greatest characters ever in rock and roll. He’s also given credit to Simon Cowell for his work in delivering music through television reality shows.

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