• Melissa Rothstein is a 39-year-old American model, photographer, reality TV star, and actress.
• She is best known for being the former spouse of professional stuntman, actor, director, skateboarder, and controversial personality, Bam Margera.
• She was raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University.
• She was featured in many of Bam's projects and in Playboy photoshoots.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million.

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Net Worth$1 million dollars
Date Of BirthJune 3, 1980
FactEx-sister-in-law of Jess Margera.

Who is Melissa Rothstein?

Born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA, on 3 June 1980 so under the air sign of Gemini, Melissa “Missy” Rothstein is a 39-year-old American model, photographer, reality TV star and actress. However, she is perhaps best known for being the former spouse of professional stuntman, actor, director, skateboarder and overall controversial personality, Bam Margera. Even though she managed to score several high-profile modeling gigs, no endeavors of hers even come close to the attention she attracted by co-starring with her husband in several movies and reality shows. The two high school sweethearts were one of the most beloved celebrity couples before they filed for divorce in 2012. The reasons weren’t disclosed to the public, which lead to an avalanche of allegations, rumors and false reports being thrown around by the media.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Pennsylvania

Missy was raised in her birthplace by parents of still unknown names and professions. There is almost no information about her childhood or family, which is a direct result of the fact that she’s a very private woman. Despite having been married to one of the most notable celebrities of the past decade, Melissa has always shied away from public attention and interviews. On numerous occasions she has been asked to reveal something more about herself, which she always politely denied. However, we are aware that she has harbored a passion for modeling from an early age. She would watch Fashion TV in its nascent era, admiring the confidence every model displayed on the catwalk, which prompted her to pursue a career in modeling herself. As for her education, she matriculated from West Chester East High School in 1998, before attending Penn State University.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, which proved to be useful when it came to handling all the media attention she was receiving. Despite having good grades and career opportunities, she forewent further specialization in her field to focus on her modeling career. Things, however, turned out differently.

Career Beginnings: Modeling

While stile in college, Melissa was balancing her studies with modeling offers. Standing at a height which is above average for a woman, she was able to attract interest from brands and talent agencies alike. Her attractive looks also helped the cause, allowing her to be the face of several regional and national campaigns while still in college. With each endeavor, her stock was rising, and she thought modeling was her true calling.

Melissa Rothstein

Becoming an Actress: “Haggard: The Movie” and MTV

Even though she was focused on becoming a famous model, Rothstein embraced other opportunities as well. In 2003, she was cast as Beth in “Haggard: The Movie”, alongside future husband Bam Margera and his best friend, Ryan Dunn. The story revolves around Dunn suspecting that his girlfriend is cheating on him, followed by an investigation. Despite a lack of expectations, “Haggard: The Movie” turned out to be one of the most successful independent comedy films of all time, which helped spark Margera’s subsequent career. Melissa’s other acting endeavors involve the hit MTV reality series “Viva La Bam”, and “Bam’s Unholy Union”. At that time, Margera was one of the most famous people on the planet, and a driving force behind MTV’s rising viewership numbers.

His then-girlfriend appeared alongside him on multiple occasions, mostly in situations where her husband was made to look like a fool. Many of his stunts from “Jackass” involved serious injuries as a consequence, but all Rothstein could do was shake her head and hope for the best. We could also see her in “Where the F*ck is Santa?”, another comedy film produced by Bam, which helped Melissa become a proper star.

How Did She Meet Bam Margera?

Missy and Bam go way back, as they attended West Chester East High School together. ‘I knew who she was and I always thought she was pretty, but I didn’t have the guts to approach her,’ said Margera of their relationship as teenagers. However, the two remained in contact and became an item around 2005, after Bam broke up with Jen Rivell.

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In most interviews and feature pieces, Missy was mentioned by Bam as his biggest supporter, and an everlasting inspiration. As his fame slowly rose, Rothstein had no choice but to follow him, as he embarked on a decade filled with crazy stunts, injuries, reality TV fame, and sports cars. Despite her insistence on privacy, the media hawked them incessantly due to Bam’s love for attention. Some even pointed out that their problems stemmed from Margera being willing to sacrifice even the last ounce of intimacy to step in front of the cameras.

Playboy Photoshoot

When Bam was filming “Bam’s Unholy Union”, people began taking notice of Missy and her attractive looks. During one shooting session, Playboy representatives arrived on set with a compelling offer. They noticed how popular the couple was, so they offered Melissa a Playboy photoshoot and feature.

However, instead of working with their own photographer, Missy would collaborate with none other than Margera, who also had experience in photography. The shoot itself was filled with many humorous instances, such as Bam keeping the date of the shoot a secret. Instead of announcing the date and time, he just barged into their mansion with a team of more than 20 cameramen, photographers and assistants, yelling out ‘It’s Playboy time, babe!’ Over the course of the project, which took several hours to realize, they bickered about whether it was cold or not, and yelled at each other on multiple occasions. The whole thing was hilarious and ended up being documented for “Bam’s Unholy Union”. When Bam shot the last several frames, he dropped the camera to the ground and lifted Melissa into his arms and went away. When asked what was going on, he just said ‘APF!’, meaning “After Playboy f***ing”.

Their Marriage

Bam and Melissa tied the knot in a 2007 ceremony, which was, of course, filmed in its entirety. It resulted in $13,000 worth of damage to a downtown Philadelphia venue. The two were obviously committed to making the most out of their fame, and it worked pretty well. They remained married until 2012, when they released a joint statement about their impending divorce proceedings. As they were still massively popular, the decision caused worldwide upheaval, leaving reporters and fans wondering what went wrong. A myriad of rumors engulfed the media for several months, with reports ranging from Missy’s infidelity to Bam’s violent behavior. Neither of them commented on such rumors, but it is widely believed that Missy was the one who left Bam due to his alcoholism.

He always had drinking problems, but his addiction was exacerbated by the untimely death of his best friend and “Jackass” co-star, Ryan Dunn. In the last ten years, Margera has been admitted to rehab facilities and mental health institutions on many occasions. However, he always found a way to relapse and start drinking again. Nowadays, he’s married to Nikki Margera, with whom he has one son, Phoenix Wolf (b. 23 December 2017).

Where Is Melissa Rothstein Now? Does She Have a New Spouse?

Unfortunately, Melissa is nowhere to be seen in recent years. We don’t know if she remarried or not. She seemingly had enough of cameras following her around all the time. Every person comes to a point where they want to tone it down when it comes to shenanigans.

Bam was incredibly impulsive, which is best depicted in the story about his proposal to Missy. They were shopping in a mall, when Bam saw a lavish-looking diamond ring in the Cartier store. It fitted Rothstein perfectly, so they interpreted the coincidence as “a sign”. Afterwards, they proceeded to drink three bottles of champagne and forgot to pour gas in their car on the way home. Their car stopped on Route 202 (thankfully) and he proposed to her on the side of the highway. Aside from childish antics, there was a darker side to Margera, as well. He was taken to hospital on multiple occasions, after Missy had to call 911 during his drinking binges. By 2012, they were already separated, living in different cities and seeing other people. In the early stages of their marriage, Missy was seen as the only person who could calm Bam down.

Net Worth: How Rich is Melissa Rothstein?

Have you ever wondered how affluent this famous model and actress really is? According to several credible sources, Melissa Rothstein has a net worth of approximately $1 million, as of September 2019. She accumulated this wealth by being a successful model and reality TV star, but it’s highly likely that a large part of her net worth stems from the divorce proceedings, which took place in 2012. As we aren’t aware of any of her endeavors in the last seven years, predicting any fluctuations in her net worth is virtually impossible.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Melissa Rothstein?

Melissa Rothstein is 5ft 7in (170cm) tall, weighs 127lbs (58kg), and has a slim, hourglass figure, which is evident by her vital statistics of 34-25-35. She has dark brown eyes and hair to match.

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General Info

Full NameMissy Margera
Net Worth$1 million dollars
Date Of BirthJune 3, 1980
ProfessionPhotographer, Actor, Model
EducationWest Chester East High School, Pennsylvania State University


MoviesMinghags: The Movie, Haggard: The Movie
TV ShowsBam's Unholy Union, Viva La Bam

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