• Julia Collin Davison is an award-winning television personality, author and chef
• She is the co-host of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country on the PBS network
• She is married to Ian Davison, with whom she has a daughter
• She has earned several Emmy Awards and authored several successful books
• Her current net worth is estimated at $2 million

Where is Julia Collin Davison now? Husband, Family, Net Worth

Julia Collin Davison is a television personality, a renowned author and an award-winning chef. She is well known as one of the new hosts of the show “America’s Test Kitchen” on the PBS network.

Early life – date and place of birth, parents, siblings and educational background

Julia Collin was born on 30 November, 1967 in Rochester, New York State USA. She was educated in her hometown, and matriculated from Pittsford Sutherland High School.

During her childhood, her mother taught her to cook as she was interested in cooking from her very young years. Julia states “My mom has always been a great from-scratch cook.” As she stated in one of the interviews for her show her first recipe was “One of Julia Child’s recipes for French bread”, her mom was sick so she would come a few times to ask certain questions in order to perform the recipe correctly “and then hours later I came up with French bread”.

She enrolled intoAlbany-State University of New York, from she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy and Psychology. Additionally, she studied for an Associate in Occupational Studies degree from the Culinary Institute of America.

While at university, Julia also work at The Little Food Gourmet on weekends. Subsequently she applied to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for reasons which aren’t apparent – obviously she wasn’t accepted.


Julia was originally hired as a test cook to develop recipes and write articles for “Cook’s Illustrated” magazine. She also worked at several restaurants, wineries and catering companies in Albany, New York State. In 1999, at the beginning of her career in “America’s Test Kitchen”, Davison was one of the chefs on rotation – only called if the show needed them.

Julia Collin Davison

The first sixteen seasons of one of the US’s highest-rated instructional cooking shows were hosted by American chef and former co-founder of the show, Christopher Kimball. On January 2017 after the chef’s retirement, the program was in its 7th season when Julia and Bridget took the reins of the show. Another characteristic of the show is the production of cookbooks.  With co-host Bridget Lancaster, Julia her took it upon themselves to write the cookbook entitled, ‘Cooking at Home with Bridget & Julia: ATK’s Host Share Their Favorite Recipes for Feeding Family and Friends.’ released in October 2017.

Moreover, she hosts “Cook’s Country”, a half-hour show which premiered back in 2008, which as well as “America’s Test Kitchen” has received critical acclaim, and were both highly rated. Through the years, the chef has been the recipient of several Emmy Awards. She has also co-authored several successful books. Nowadays, she is at the height of her career, running the two reality shows.

About “Cook’s Country”

It is a television cooking show on the PBS channel with 30-minute episodes based on “Cook’s Country” magazine, and is in its twelfth season as of 2019. The show is related to its predecessor “America’s Test Kitchen”, also sharing a large number of the cast.

Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison and Christopher Kimball host the show, with the incorporation of Erin McMurrer for Season 2. During the 2nd season, Julia Collin Davison did not participate in the show, as she had just given birth to her daughter, but she was back for Season 3. The show centers on regional recipes from around the US – in each of the segments a new recipe is explained, but prior to cooking an historical review of the chosen recipe is shown. The first 10 seasons were filmed at a farm located in Rupert, Vermont. From the beginning of season 11, filming and production was moved to a studio set built especially as a farm at “America’s Test Kitchen” base in Boston, Massachusetts, while the segments related to Tasting Lab are recorded in front of a live audience.

About “America’s Test Kitchen”

ATK debuted in 1992 with a single magazine title, “Cook’s Illustrated”. The television show was released in 2001, followed by “Cook’s Country” magazine, also a second television program, three websites that offer recipes and online videos, an online cooking school, and a book series program that publishes dozens of new titles in a year. For over sixteen years the show has approached cooking through methodic explanations on how to execute a perfect recipe. They stand out for their rigorous testing and accessible recipes.

Personal life

The top chef Julia Colleen Davison married long term boyfriend Ian Davison back in June 2003. They first met on the set of “America’s Test Kitchen” when filming season 2. Ian is a fishmonger and a chef. The couple share their home in Natick, Massachusetts. They have a child together name Marta Davison. Julia often shares images of her daughter on social media, follow who is apparently set to follow in her parent’s footsteps, as she has already been filmed cooking various meals with her mom.

Physical characteristics

Julia Weighs around 143lbs (65kgs), stands at a height of 5ft 6ins (1.68m), and has blue eyes and short blonde hair.

Net worth, salary, significant inputs

Her main income comes from her career as a celebrity chef, as an author and as an executive editor. She co-authored a book along with her co-host, Bridget Lancaster. Also, she organizes cooking classes. However, reality television can bring about quite a hefty income too. At the start of her career, Julia Collin Davison earned around $60,000 from her profession as a chef and editor for America’s Test Kitchen, this is a figure that has probably steadily risen as she has gained more experience as a chef.

Currently, she is an award-winning chef whose name is renowned in the culinary industry. As such, Julia Collin Davison’s net worth stands at $2 million, as of late 2019.

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