• Doug McKeon is an 53 year-old screenwriter, director and award-winning actor born in Pompton Plain, New Jersey
• He has four siblings, but their professions and ages are unknown
• He has had 41 acting credits, is a director and writer, and has been nominated four times for awards
• Doug is married to Kathy McKeon and they have one child
• Doug's net worth is estimated to be over $2 million

Who is Doug McKeon?

Born under the sign of Gemini on the 10th of June 1966, in Pompton Plains, New Jersey USA, Doug McKeon is a Caucasian screenwriter, director and award-winning actor. He is probably best known to the world for his significant exposure across various media outlets and television channels, mostly thanks to the numerous roles he’s had since the beginning of his involvement in the movie industry. He has also had some other successes over the course of his often lucrative entertainment business career since 1975.

Early life and education: Who are his siblings?

Doug was raised in his place of birth by his father and mother of thus far unknown names and professions.

He is one of five siblings, the other four being Jean-Marie Wolfe, Mary Ellen Robertson, Keith McKeon and Kristine Crevan, all of whom are yet to introduce themselves to the media, and so their ages and professions are not known. Regarding his childhood interests, Doug is believed to have always had a strong passion for the performing arts, but there’s no evidence to further verify this claim. As for his education, he first attended Indian Hills High School, from where he matriculated in 1984. There is not enough information to say for sure whether Doug obtained a college education or in which field, though most people believe that he’s yet to graduate..

Career: Braving the screen before the age of 10

Before Doug’s first paid and credited professional engagement as an actor, he starred in Bubble Yum gum commercials, supposedly from which he gained acting skills very early on. Doug debuted on the TV screen playing Timothy Faraday in “The Edge of Night” in 1975 and 1976, last two out of three episodes. In 1977 he starred in the drama film entitled “Tell Me My Name”, as well as “The Little Rascals”. A year later, McKeon popped up portraying Peter in “Daddy, I Don’t Like It Like This”, as well as Robbie in “Uncle Joe Shannon”. In 1979 he was seen in four episodes of “Centennial” as Philip Wendell, followed by Max Sutter in “Big Shamus, Little Shamus”.

The year 1980 saw Doug in the role of Michael in “The Comeback Kid”, while in 1981 he played Billy Ray in the widely praised “On Golden Pond”. In 1982 he appeared in three more titles, and then took a two year-break until 1985, when he helped create “Mischief” in which he also had the lead role, his first achievement of that type at the time, and “Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story”.

Doug from 1985 to 2000

Even though it looked like McKeon had great momentum near the end of the previous millennium, especially that he had a lead role prior to 1986, it was the surprise of many when his career began to dwindle for unspecified reasons. He started off the said year with the role of Donny Harrigan in “Murder: She Wrote”, continuing into 1987 with three more roles, the most famous of which is Ben in “Turnaround”.

In 1988 he starred as Todd Stevenson in a single episode of “21 Jump Street”, while in 1989 he portrayed Sam Simian in “Alien Nation”. In 1990 he was Lt. Eric Tyler in an episode of “Monsters”, and then took a two year-break. It was 1992 when McKeon played Billy Coleman in the video entitled “Where the Red Fern Grows: Part Two”. Two years later, Doug starred in “Without Consent”, and in 1996 he had two more roles, as Patron in the video entitled “Kounterfeit”, and Barney Cosgrove in “Courting Courtney”. He also had two roles in 1997, one in 1998, none in 1999 and one more in 2000.

The latest nearly two decades

Doug seems to have cut down on filmmaking activities considerably for some reason, as evidenced by his lack of roles in the following years.

Doug McKeon

In 2001 he starred as Bareem in “Critical Mass”, and in 2004 another two roles, and one in 2005. He paused for two years, and in 2007 came back onto the screen as Lou in “Life”. Doug’s popularity grew further when he got to play a priest in the super famous medical mystery drama TV series entitled “M.D. House” in 2009.

It wasn’t until three years later that he appeared in front of the camera again, this time as Wade in an episode of “Weeds”. In 2013 he had two roles, the most famous of which was as Reverend Peter Mayfair in “Masters of Sex”. Two years later he was Oscar in “I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine”. In 2016 he was Senator Hubert Humphrey in “LBJ”, and finally, he acted in the “Janine” episode of “Animal Kingdom” in 2019.

This makes for a total of 41 acting credits, and it’s considered Doug’s greatest source of income. He is also the director of “The Boys of Sunset Ridge” (2001), “Come Away Home” (2005), and the writer “The Boy of Sunset Ridge and “Silent Knights”.

Awards and nominations

Thanks to his enviable achievements in the world of cinematography, Doug has thus far been nominated four times for an award, including two Young Artist (in 1982 and 1983) and one Golden Globe in 1979, in the Best Motion Picture Acting Debut – Male category for his contribution to “Uncle Joe Shannon” in 1978. Ultimately, the only recognition he’s won was for his on-screen performance is the International Family Film Award in the Best Feature Film – Drama category, for “Come Away Home”, in 2005.

However, Doug is also a stage actor, and has been seen in a number of prestigious premieres, such as Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”, the Broadway musical entitled “Truckload”, and Neil Simon’s Tony Award-winning “Brighton Beach Memoirs”.

Love life: Does he have a wife?

As for Doug’s romantic involvements, since he’s chosen to keep this part of his life out of the media, almost nothing can be said on the matter. Nobody knows whether Doug dated anyone prior to his long-known relationship, but this is just mere speculation and has no merit until proven. Doug is thought to have dated actress Kathy McKeon for at least a few years prior to marrying her in a private ceremony, with only family and close friends being the invitees. The event was in fact so well secured that there is no other information about it.

Their only child, Dylan Thomas McKeon was born on an unknown date in an unspecified location. There has thus far been no controversy surrounding their union, and the family resides apparently happily together at an unspecified location in the US.

What is Doug McKeon’s net worth?

Have you as of late taken a second to think just how rich Doug could be, as of mid-2024? It’s been estimated by some of the most accurate sources available that the amount in question is just over $2 million, earned through consistent work in the entertainment industry, particularly by obtaining a wide variety of roles over the course of his career. Seeing as Doug is still highly active in the business, the mentioned wealth will most likely grow.

Social media presence

So, how active do you think McKeon could be on social media? Being a name in the film industry, especially an actor, he is expected by all of his colleagues to constantly share information about his professional and personal life with the audiences, thus making his future earnings exponentially grow. In spite of the fact that regular interactions with the public will most definitely help his career, Doug doesn’t seem to be interested in following this business trend, and hence can’t be found on any of the three most popular social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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