Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth is an American singer and songwriter, probably known best for being the runner-up contestant in “American Idol”s tenth season in 2011, but the ambitious, young, up-and-coming artist has no intention of stagnating her success by remaining only as an “American Idol” contestant.

The talented singer moved on with her career following her highlighted performance in front of the Idol judges and audiences, eventually going on to record and release a couple of studio albums, and even topping the American charts with several of her performances.

Aside from attempting to leave her mark on the music industry, Lauren also expanded her portfolio by further capitalising on her already established renown, when she earned an invitation to compete in “Dancing With The Stars”, as well as appearing in several other television productions and talk shows. It seems that Lauren found a fascination for reality television competitions, as she also appeared briefly in the survival game show “Beyond The Edge”.

While Lauren’s music career has certainly taken off, there remain many people who might not be all too familiar with Lauren and her developing stardom, as well as some people who lost track of the former “American Idol” runner-up.

As such, we’ll be diving into Lauren Alaina’s life to provide all those interested with a well deserved update about Lauren’s life, specifically looking to discuss how he singer’s life changed following her appearance in the popular talent show. From revisiting her success on “American Idol”, to exploring Lauren’s current endeavours, we intend to uncover every known detail about the rising American country singer star.

What To Expect

As we look into the current affairs of Lauren Alaina’s career and personal life, we will dive into her early life, followed by documentation of her early success. Then, after revisiting Lauren’s initial journey as she embarked on a career in the music industry, we’ll discuss her success since earning second place on “American Idol”.

As we explore all of Lauren’s past and ongoing projects, we’ll also be looking in on the singer’s romantic interests, bringing the discussion to a close by briefly visiting her previous relationships, as well as her recent engagement with Cam Arnold.

Who Is Lauren Alaina?

While the young artist’s earned her share of renown, many people might not be familiar with the country singer, as despite her success, she hasn’t quite earned a place in the music industry like the top artists Taylor Swift, or Carrie Underwood, whom Lauren happens to idolise. As such, Lauren may require a brief introduction.

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Born on 8 November 1994 in Rossville, Georgia, Lauren spent her early life living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where her father, J.J. Suddeth, worked as a process technician. Alaina expressed an early interest in music, from the age of three specifically pursuing the vocal side, as Lauren engaged in becoming a young performer.

Her earliest performances included singing in a children’s choir, church, restaurants, and numerous other venues within a 30-mile radius of the Suddeth’s home. Alaina won her first talent competition, the Southern Stars Pageant, at the age of eight with her remarkable talent, earning an annual spot at Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival, until she turned 12

Only a couple years before her advancement at the festival, Alaina competed in the American Model and Talent competition hosted in Orlando, Florida, which she would go on to win, dusting off nearly 1500 other competitors.

From the age of 12, Lauren would regularly visit the American country music capital, Nashville, Tennessee, where she would continue her young pursuit of a singing career, performing in several bars, including the iconic venue “Tootsies”. During this time, Alaina also began writing songs, often adding her own pieces to her performances. Two of the more noteworthy songs Lauren wrote include “Leaving” and “Set Me Free”.

According to Lauren, as she stated in interviews, her inspiration and desire to pursue a career in music came from her cousin, Holly Witherow, who was tragically diagnosed with a brain tumour at a young age.

When not on the road performing, Lauren worked at a local Pizza restaurant, and attended Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where she joined the cheerleading squad, and hoped for early success on “America’s Got Talent”. Unfortunately, Lauren was denied a place on the “Got Talent” contest twice, following unsuccessful auditions.

Then, in 2011, Alaina earned her chance to shine on television after she auditioned successfully for “American Idol”s tenth season, and subsequently went on to earn second place in the talent contest. During her time on “American Idol”, Lauren enjoyed the opportunity to perform with her idol, Carrie Underwood, as they shared the stage singing “Before He Cheats”.

Lauren’s appearance in “American Idol” marked the beginning of her professional career as a singer – immediately after the final, Alaina signed with several labels which included Interscope Records and Mercury Nashville, allowing her to record her first singles, and of course her debut album.

Alaina’s first release was the single “Like My Mother Does”, which earned the top 20th spot on the Hot 100 Chart, selling more than 100,000 copies during its first week on the air. Lauren also made numerous appearances in talk shows, sharing her incredible journey with the public. Her appearances included “The Today Show”, and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.

For the following year, Lauren continued touring with “American Idol Live!”, while also working on her debut album, “Wildflower” released on 11 October 2011, featuring her lead single “Georgia Peaches”. To promote the album, Lauren once again appeared on talk shows, this time including the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Good Morning America”. Alaina also performed for the Obamas, back when Barack Obama was still the US President, then and for the next couple of years, continued touring as part of a number of concerts.

In 2013, Alaina began recording her second album, releasing the single “Barefoot and Buckwild” as one of the album’s top songs. However, recording her second album took a while, as the singer was kept busy with various live performances during this time.

“Road Less Travelled”, Lauren’s second album came out on 27 January 2017, followed by her third album, “Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World”, which Alaina released on 18 December 2021. As is usual, Alaina followed up the release of her albums with live concerts and tours, keeping herself busy, and shaping her career in the years since appearing in “American Idol”.

Lauren’s Romantic History

Recording two new albums and performing on numerous tours, are not the only developments in Lauren Alaina’s life. While her career is firmly taking off, and perhaps keeping her extremely busy, Alaina still found time to indulge in a few romances.

In 2012, Alaina dated Alexander Hopkins, with whom Lauren would build a lasting relationship. In 2018, the couple became engaged, sharing the good news on their respective social media accounts, but by January 2019, things ended for the couple after six years.

Following the announcement of their separating, Lauren enjoyed a brief dalliance with the comedian John Crist, but breaking things off with him after only a couple of months.

Lauren began dating Cam Arnold, and in November 2022, announced that she’ll be marrying her boyfriend. The couple shared the good news about their engagement with fans and followers on social media, appearing overjoyed by the new changes in her life.


While Lauren Alaina is perhaps best known for her appearance in “American Idol”, the singer and songwriter continued with her life and career, going on to record three successful albums, as well as building a long list of performing credits.

Aside from continuing her professional career, Lauren’s personal life has also progressed, as the singer recently became engaged for the second time. Hopefully, soon Lauren might have her first experience walking down the aisle, but for now, it seems she is focused intently on her music career.

Lauren’s fans and supporters might soon be surprised with her newest album, and we are certain people are looking forward to hearing and seeing more of the young and lovely Lauren.

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