• Morgan Beasley is an American nomad and television personality best known for his starring role in the reality TV series “Mountain Men”.
• He graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Environmental Science.
• He left Idaho and devoted himself to the simplest form of survival, choosing the life of freedom and deep connection to nature.
• In 2015 he was given the opportunity to appear in the hit reality TV series “Mountain Men”.
• He is co-owner of the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure, and has a net worth of over $1 million.

Morgan Beasley is an American nomad, and a television personality, best known to the world for being a star of the reality TV series “Mountain Men”, a show depicting the lives of men choosing to live away from society and the modern day world.

Family, childhood, educational background

Morgan Beasley was born in Idaho, USA, sometime in the 1960s. His nationality is American and his ethnicity white. Absence of information in the media regarding his family background, means Beasley’s descent is unknown, also his childhood. He has a younger sister named Jill Beasley who works as a medical sales recruiter. When it comes to his education, he studied in the University of Idaho, graduating with a degree in Environmental Science.


Life as a nomad

Speaking about his career, Beasley decided not to pursue any career related directly to his academic studies, but graduating he spent some time working jobs such as in construction and cabinetry. He also worked in fish processing, and was a tourist guide, as well as several other small jobs, to pay the bills. However, he hated working in normal industries and factories, claiming that they’re ruining everything given to humans by nature. He was more attracted to outdoor work, focused more on nature, plants and animals.

Beasley became interested in nature, the natural environment and spending time outdoors during his childhood years. Upon his graduation and after working in the city, he realized that modern jobs cause too much stress in him. Also, not being a people person distanced him from the urban lifestyle. So it didn’t take long for him to tire of the modern lifestyle, and to move away from it, searching for anything natural rather than involving in human society and interaction.

Beasley left Idaho and devoted himself to the simplest form of survival, choosing the life of freedom and deep connection to nature.

Morgan Beasley

He became a nomad, finding peace and satisfaction in surrounding himself twith nature. He spent the next ten years as a nomad, living and traveling around the country and surviving through the use of whatever nature provided him with, before finally settling in Alaska, where he found the greatest connection with nature. There he built himself a portable home on 37 acres of land, living away from human beings and fitting seamlessly into the wilderness, living an off-the-grid lifestyle, with the nearest town being over 250 miles. There he continued to refine his horse packing talents he learnt upon graduation, building a barn for horses next to his home.

Throughout his journeys, his horse has accompanied him, exploring Alaska’s mountains on long solo back-packing adventure trips, wandering around the wilderness of nature, Beasley only visits his home as a shelter when the Alaskan winter becomes too harsh to handle. Using whatever he can from nature for his survival, Beasley also tries to do his best to ensure its protection.

“Mountain Men”

In 2015 Beasley got the opportunity to appear in the hit reality TV series “Mountain Men”, alongside the famous naturalist Eustace Conway. The show includes other popular survivalists, such as Marty Meierotto, Tom Oar and George Michaud.

Becoming one of several cast members followed by a camera crew brought Beasley instant popularity. He made his debut appearance in the show’s fourth season, and has been part of it ever since.

“Mountain Men”, airing on the History Channel from 2012, is a great story of survival, revolving around the real-life cast who have chosen to spend their lives in between the cold mountains and forests away from modern society and lifestyle, finding ways to survive in the wilderness of mother nature. It is filled with a variety of wilderness activities of the cast, and their survival techniques and skills while struggling for the daily needs in life, sometimes having to resist the worst that the nature could bring to bear.

Using only the things nature has provided, the cast faces many difficulties, such as mudslides, falling trees and harsh weather, which has fascinated fans around the world. The show has received a great response from viewers, and has won three awards – one ASCAP and two BMI Cable Awards. Being in the cast has brought Beasley enormous recognition, and established him his own fan base who enjoy watching his skilful techniques of building a home for himself, rock climbing, growing his own food and hunting animals for meat.

Beasley’s private business

Beasley is a co-owner of the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure, a tourist organization he runs with botanist and fellow cast member Margaret Stern. The organization offers various trips and wilderness adventures to its clients, such as Alaska Range on foot or on horse, hiking and backpacking, and botany or birding tours.

Personal life

Although Beasley shares all his journey adventures with the public, he has been very secretive about his private life. He has not been married, and sources do not have any information regarding his relationship status.

It is assumed that he is single, due to his lifestyle of a nomad being constantly on the move and finding nature as his main focus and occupation. He even said that he finds it easier to climb mountains and rocks than to interact with people. Rumours spread in the media that he and Margaret Stern might be in a romantic relationship, with viewers commenting that the two would make a perfect couple, as they share similar interests and lifestyle. However, these rumours remain exactly that!

Physical appearance

Beasley is 5ft 10ins tall, but his weight and other body measurements are unknown.

He has brown eyes and light brown hair, and is known for his long beard.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Morgan Beasley has accumulated a net worth of over $1 million, as of late 2019, amassed by his involvement in “Mountain Men” for which Beasley receives an estimated salary of $200,000 per series, being one of the top paid cast members. Other source of income include his work with Apricity Alaska organization, and from selling his handy works.

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