• Lee Priest, born on 6 July 1972 in Newcastle, Australia, is renowned for his career in bodybuilding and has transitioned beyond competition while maintaining a rigorous fitness regimen.
  • His early interest in bodybuilding was nurtured by his mother, a former competitor, leading to his first competition win at 13 and several IFBB victories from ages 16 to 19.
  • Lee achieved the title of Mr. Australia at 19 but was initially too young to receive his Pro Card, eventually becoming the youngest IFBB pro competitor after competing in amateur events.
  • Beyond bodybuilding, Lee has pursued motor racing, earning titles and recognition, including Rookie of the Year in 2005 and the SCEDA Racing Championship in 2006.
  • His contributions to bodybuilding and racing have been acknowledged with inductions into the NABBA Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame in 2022.

What happened to Lee Priest? Wiki Bio

Born on 6 July 1972 in the vibrant city of Newcastle, nestled in the heart of New South Wales, Australia, Lee Priest emerged into the world under the nurturing sign of Cancer, proudly carrying the banner of Australian nationality.

While renowned for his illustrious journey as a bodybuilder, Lee has seamlessly transitioned beyond the competitive arena, yet remains deeply committed to his daily regimen of physical fitness.

Early years

Growing up in Wallsend, Australia, Lee shared an inseparable bond with his mother throughout his formative years.

While his father remains a mysterious figure, rarely mentioned in Lee’s narratives, his mother, a formidable presence in the world of bodybuilding, served as both a mentor and inspiration, instilling within him a profound passion for the sport that would shape his destiny.

Starting his fitness journey at the tender age of 12, Lee found unwavering support and guidance from his mother and grandfather, who nurtured his burgeoning passion for bodybuilding.

At just 13, he triumphed in his debut competition, a remarkable feat that catapulted him into a whirlwind of subsequent victories.

The pinnacle of his early success came with his unprecedented four consecutive wins at the prestigious IFBB competitions, a remarkable achievement accomplished between the ages of 16 and 19.

Venturing onto the international stage at 17, Lee’s formidable presence secured him a commendable fourth place in the esteemed World’s Championship.

Admired for his sculpted physique, he became a revered figure in his high school, attracting the admiration of many, though the details of his romantic life remain shrouded in mystery, leaving speculation about his relationships during those formative years.

Full NameLee Andrew Priest McCutcheon
Known ForBodybuilding
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder, Race Car Driver, Fitness Influencer
Net Worth$1.2 million
Date of Birth6 July 1972
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
Height5ft 4ins (1.62m)
Weight230lbs (104kgs)
AwardsNABBA Hall of Fame (2013), Muscle Beach Hall of Fame (2022)
Associated BrandsIFBB, NABBA, Muscle Sport Magazine
HobbiesMotor racing, playing keyboard, singing, collecting watches, tattoos
Social Profile LinksTwitter, Instagram, Facebook


Upon graduating from high school, Lee dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his burgeoning career as a bodybuilder, opting not to pursue higher education.

Supported unwaveringly by his mother and grandfather, he embraced his passion with more dedication, prioritizing his path towards excellence in the world of bodybuilding.


At the youthful age of 19, Lee achieved the prestigious title of Mr. Australia, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

Despite this remarkable accomplishment, he encountered a hurdle on his path to professionalism as he was deemed too young to obtain his Pro Card, the coveted credential for entering the professional ranks of bodybuilding.

Undeterred, Lee persisted in his pursuit, participating in various amateur competitions, including the renowned Niagara Falls Championships.

It was amidst the excitement of competition that he finally clinched his Pro Card, etching his name in history as the youngest ever to ascend to the status of an IFBB professional competitor.

Lee Priest

For a remarkable span of 16 years, Lee graced the IFBB stage with his presence, showcasing his unparalleled dedication to the sport of bodybuilding. However, driven by an insatiable thirst for new challenges, he embarked on a daring journey into the world of the Ironman Pro competitions.

Over a decade of perseverance, marked by numerous second and third-place finishes, culminated in a triumphant victory in 2006, where he claimed the coveted title of Ironman Pro champion.

Despite invitations to prestigious events such as the NABBA Mr. Universe in 2010 and the WBFF competition, Lee opted to decline these opportunities, perhaps indicating a shift in focus or a desire to explore alternative avenues within the world of fitness and competition.

Beyond his prowess in bodybuilding, Lee’s passion extends to the thrilling world of motor racing, where he has etched his name as a champion race car driver.

Venturing into the world of motorsports in 2002, he transitioned to drag racing in 2004, embarking on a trajectory marked by remarkable achievements.

With several victories and titles under his belt, Lee’s meteoric rise in the racing circuit earned him the prestigious accolade of Rookie of the Year in 2005.

The pinnacle of his racing career came in 2006 when he clinched the SCEDA Racing Championship, solidifying his status as a formidable force on the track.

In recognition of his unparalleled contributions to the world of fitness and athletics, Lee was honored with inductions into esteemed halls of fame. In 2013, he was welcomed into the prestigious NABBA Hall of Fame, a testament to his enduring legacy in bodybuilding.

Additionally, in May 2022, he was bestowed with the esteemed honor of induction into the revered Muscle Beach Hall of Fame, further cementing his place among the legends of the sport.

Although often overlooked, it’s a little-known fact that the iconic character of The Hulk draws inspiration from Lee himself, with Lee contributing his sculpted physique as the basis for the character’s bodywork in various films.

In addition to his feats in bodybuilding and racing, Lee has ventured into the world of entertainment. In 2011, he graced the small screen with a role in the “Rescue Special Ops” TV series, showcasing his versatility beyond athletics.

His presence extended to the advertising world, as he appeared in commercials for the “Big Brother Australia” season in 2012, adding another dimension to his diverse portfolio.

Not content with limiting himself to physical pursuits, Lee has also delved into the world of writing. Currently, he channels his passion and expertise into a monthly column for “Muscle Sport Magazine,” sharing insights and wisdom gleaned from his illustrious career with readers eager to embark on their own fitness journeys.

Naming a competition after Lee

In a groundbreaking move, NABBA International declared its intention in 2014 to host the inaugural NABBA professional event in Australia, marking a significant return to the region since the NABBA World Championships held in 1990.

The anticipation culminated in the grand opening of The Lee Priest Classic Australia 2015 on 22 March 2015, in the vibrant city of Sydney, setting the stage for an electrifying showcase of talent and dedication.

Drawing participants from both professional and amateur ranks, the event provided a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their prowess, with the added incentive of Pro Cards awarded to the standout winners of the amateur class, opening doors to future opportunities within the competitive arena.

Building on the success and momentum of the inaugural event, the second installment of the Lee Priest Classic ventured across the pond to the UK, where it was held on 19 July 12015, in the picturesque city of Peterborough. This international expansion served to further solidify the competition’s status as a global phenomenon, uniting athletes from diverse backgrounds in pursuit of excellence.

Personal life

Speculation swirls about Lee’s romantic entanglements, with whispers suggesting a penchant for the company of women. In 2017, he found himself in a seemingly stable relationship with a fellow gym enthusiast, only for the union to unravel amidst allegations of infidelity, leading to a swift and decisive parting of ways after just a brief stint together.

The following summer of 2018 saw Lee embarking on another romantic journey, this time with a woman he encountered during one of his competitive outings.

However, the burgeoning romance faltered under the strain of distance, with both parties ultimately deciding to go their separate ways after a fleeting month of exploration.


While Lee’s dedication to bodybuilding may take center stage, his multifaceted interests paint a vibrant picture of his eclectic personality.

Beyond the weight room, Lee’s heart belongs to animals, evident in his affection for his beloved pet fox, Carlos. A musical soul at heart, he effortlessly tickles the ivories on his keyboard and serenades with his melodious voice.

His love for self-expression extends to the artistry of tattoos, adorning nearly every inch of his body, even his scalp.

Fueling his active lifestyle is a deep-rooted love affair with coffee, an indispensable companion shared with his gym comrades.

While some may collect fashion pieces, Lee’s passion lies in horology, boasting a curated collection of over 100 unique timepieces that reflect his discerning taste and penchant for precision.

Lee’s passion for automobiles runs deep, serving as the driving force behind his foray into the exhilarating world of racing. Over the years, he has cultivated a collection of prized vehicles, each a testament to his automotive aficionado status.

He navigates the streets with style and precision behind the wheel of an Audi R8, a sleek embodiment of his enduring love affair with the open road.

Using steroids

In a field where discussions about steroid use often remain shrouded in secrecy, Lee stands out as a rare voice willing to openly address the topic. He has bravely shared insights into his personal experiences, shedding light on the frequency, methods, and dosages of steroid usage throughout his career.

This transparency not only sparks important conversations but also fosters a deeper understanding of the realities within the bodybuilding community.


Appearance and net worth

At the age of 51, Lee maintains his iconic appearance with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters) and weighing around 230 pounds (104 kilograms).

As the years have passed, he’s adapted his training regimen and dietary approach, now dedicating two hours daily to cardio exercises while following a balanced meal plan that includes both wholesome and indulgent options.

However, Lee’s journey hasn’t been without its setbacks. In 2014, he endured a neck injury stemming from a car accident, followed by a lower back injury in 2021, both of which have posed challenges to his training routine and overall fitness journey.

His estimated net worth is $1.2 million.

Social media presence

Lee has embraced the power of social media to bolster his career trajectory, actively engaging with audiences across popular online platforms.

In April 2014, he ventured into the Twitterverse, amassing a modest following of just over 700 loyal supporters. However, it’s on Instagram where Lee truly shines, captivating an impressive audience of more than 641,000 followers with a staggering collection of over 2,800 captivating snapshots. Complementing his Instagram presence, Lee maintains an active Facebook page, boasting a dedicated fan base of over 75,000 enthusiasts.

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