“90 Day Fiance” is an American reality television series that airs on TLC Network, and is perhaps one of the most popular documentaries currently on air, but such can only be expected from the most popular genre of reality television – romantic documentaries. In recent years, reality television has certainly been dominated by such series focused on supposed romance, earning a vast fan base that can’t get enough, and “90 Day Fiance” happens to be one of the most popular shows of the genre, often called romdocs.

Not only has “90 Day Fiance” been on air for several years now, currently airing its 9th season, but it also birthed the creation of several spin-off series, all based on the popular premise of the original documentary. As many would possibly know, “90 Day Fiance” documents the journey and events in the lives of couples who’ve applied for a K-1 Visa, a travel document extended to foreign partners set to marry an American citizen.

The series not only documents the couples’ initial meetings, and how they develop romantically, but also follows them as they prepare for their nuptials and make arrangements for the ceremony. As per the agreed extension of the K-1 Visa, the foreign partner has 90 days to marry their American partner – if they fail to do so, they have to leave the US, or will unfortunately be deported and returned home.

The spin-off series, which all enjoyed the same popular reception among TLC’s audiences, follow the same premise, with minor exceptions such as checking in on the couple after the 90 days, and one series documents the romance between couples still deciding to apply for the K-1 Visa, on “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days”.

Over the course of the show, and its spin-offs, many couples were introduced to the viewers – some experienced blissful success, while others failed to comply with the Visa’s conditions, and often ended up separating. Either way, the show has played host to many celebrated romances that kept the audience glued to their screens, but the show also provided space for several antagonistic characters who provided thrilling drama.

One such couple was Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo, who shared their story and marriage with “90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise”, and their later experiences with the cameras of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way”, and became a celebrated couple on the show due to their sweet and adorable relationship, although the couple’s romance was riddled with difficulties, including a dispute about Daniele’s ongoing friendship with a former partner.

Towards the end of their appearance in season four of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” it seemed that Daniele and Yohan would be separating due to the dramatic closure of the season’s tell-all finale, leaving fans and viewers wondering what has happened to the couple since their appearance on “90 Day Fiance”.

What To Expect?

As we dive into Yohan and Daniele’s journey, briefly revisiting their time on the show and sharing their love story, we will begin the discussion by providing some background about both partners. Following this we’ll detail their journey, documenting all the difficulties and disagreements the couple has had, as well as the romance they once shared.

Following this we’ll discuss the dramatic ending to Daniele and Yohan’s appearance on the show, specifically detailing the possibility of Daniele and Yohan’s marriage ending in divorce. Of course, we will then look in on the couple to see how they are doing today, and will perhaps deny or confirm the couple’s separation.

A Match Made To Miss

Daniele Gates, a 42-year-old history teacher from New York, first made her reality television debut in “90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise” during its second season, starring opposite her love interest, Yohan Geronimo, who would later become her husband.

As explained in the show, Daniele met Yohan during one of her lone vacations to the Dominican Republic, where Yohan lived, and worked as a fitness instructor at the hotel where Daniele stayed.

According to Gates, the first time she met Yohan, during her fourth vacation to the country, she crossed paths with him in the hotel lobby, and they instantly connected. As Daniele would describe their romantic spark, it was love at first sight founded eventually on a deep, spiritual connection.

As the single mother of a now grown adult, whom Daniele birthed when she was 21 years old, the former history teacher had a lot of time on her hands, as well as the freedom to travel. Considering her loathing of New York City, which Daniele describes as dirty and expensive, and because of her interest in culture and mysticism, she often travelled to the Dominican Republic, doing a lot of self-reflecting.

Aside from formerly working as a teacher, Danielle also works as a fitness influencer on social media apps, including Instagram, and actively practises holistic medicine. According to Daniele, her main source of income is drawn from Instagram, as well as the notable checks she received as a cast member on “90 Day Fiance”.

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Yohan is a 32-year-old personal trainer who has lived most of his life in the Dominican Republic, where he also pursued a profession as a butcher, and is not only much younger than his now wife, Daniele but also much taller. Throughout his life, Yohan expressed an interest in visiting America, perhaps even moving there one day to help provide for his impoverished family living in the Caribbean.

His romance with Daniele, however sweet it began, seemed like a promising means by which Yohan could attain his dream of living in the United States, but unfortunately, Daniele’s antagonistic behaviour diminished her Dominican partner’s hopes. Despite their initial difficulties, based on Daniele’s deception, the couple eventually married and settled in the Dominican Republic. The couple was then eventually invited to appear on “The Other Way”, in which it became apparent that there was plenty of trouble in paradise between Daniele and Yohan.

According to most viewers and fans, however, it seems as though they singled out Daniele as the villain of their romance, blaming the biggest disagreements between the couple on her selfish choices, and perhaps even suggesting that the defamation of the relationship was her own fault.

According to fans, their difficulties started when Daniele refused to live in the US, and in doing so crushed Yohan’s dreams of a better life. While a considerable offence, it was the fact that Daniele chose to hide her true intentions, by not telling Yohan about her desire to move away from New York, and her neglecting to apply for his visa, which made fans and viewers consider her a villain.

Despite being devastated by the turn of events, Yohan nonetheless decided to marry Daniele, even hoping to raise a family of their own, but again, Daniele chose to be difficult. First, she began complaining about Yohan’s choice of profession, and expressed plenty of criticism about him.

However, the real disturbance between Yohan and Daniele came in the form of Taylor, a former partner and friend of Daniele, with whom she continues to have contact. Despite Yohan’s obvious protests, Daniele continued seeing Taylor, even spending time with him while Yohan was out of the country.

Naturally, this upset Geronimo, who requested that Daniele end her friendship with Taylor, and refuses to work out their difficulties through therapy, saying it would not work for him. Of course, there are many, especially among their fellow reality stars, who agree with Yohan, believing that ex-partners and former lovers should not be a part of Daniele and Yohan’s relationship.

Naturally, the reality romantic documentary would do their best to milk the drama for all it is worth, and thus invited Taylor to join the season finale’s closing conversation. According to the show’s premise, they hoped that Taylor and Yohan could settle their differences, but of course, it caused plenty of entertaining drama to unfold. Yohan greeted Taylor with a cold expression, and shortly afterward began expressing his anger and disappointment, even claiming that his marriage to Daniele will end.

As Yohan stated during the tell-all interview, as soon as their rent lease expires, Daniele can go her own way, and he will go his own way. As he said, Yohan simply seemed tired, and no longer cared, stating that Daniele can have all the friends she wants. Yohan also explained that he was previously hurt by similar circumstances, and simply will not stand for it again.

Yohan, quite visibly upset, went so far as to admit that he no longer loves Daniele, at least not the way he used to, and that things will most certainly end between them. Taylor, however, came onto the show to clarify that nothing romantic still lingers between him and Daniele, and said that Yohan can let go of his insecurities.

The series concluded on a rather shocking, dramatic, and cold note, though most fans wanted to believe that it was all fabricated to add spice to “90 Day Fiance”s closing episodes. Considering that shortly before the episodes aired, Daniele also decided to air dirty laundry, they might very well be correct.

In now viral posts published by Daniele on Instagram shortly before the season finale of “90 Day Fiance”, she openly accused Yohan of cheating on her, and even made allegations that he acted abusively on one occasion. None of Daniele’s accusations were ever confirmed, and the only evidence she was able to produce were screenshots of Yohan’s chat history.

While reason for suspicion, it seemed more likely that Daniele might have wanted to heat up the fire before all the drama unfolded on camera, or so fans have speculated. As of yet, none of her allegations has been confirmed.

How Are They Doing Now?

With the couple now mostly staying out of the spotlight since their last appearance on “90 Day Fiance”, other than making shy or cryptic posts on social media, it’s difficult to tell what they are currently up to. As such, Daniele and Yohan’s separation can neither be completely confirmed or denied.

However, the couple’s exchanges on social media made it seem that the entire final recording of “The Other Way” might as well have been fake. According to Daniele and Yohan’s activity on social media, they still seem to be together, and although cryptic, it doesn’t seem likely that they would be splitting up any time soon.

So for those wondering what happened to Yohan and Daniele, despite their many differences and difficulties, it appears that they decided to try and make their relationship work. For now, it might be safe to say that Daniele and Yohan will remain married.


During the last couple of decades, romantic documentaries and reality television shows based on dating culture, have really taken the platform by storm. The popularity enjoyed by shows such as “90 Day Fiance” and others is proof of romdocs intent to control reality television.

Of course, if this kind of entertainment suits your interest, and you’re one of those who simply can’t get enough, feel free to catch the latest episodes of “90 Day Fiance”.

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