Who was LaShun Pace?

The late American singer-songwriter and evangelist Tarrian LaShun Pace was born in Atlanta, Georgia USA, on 6 September 1961, meaning that Virgo was her zodiac sign. She’s still remembered for her amazing voice, for which she was nominated for a Grammy Award, while LaShun had also won a Stellar Award; she released 12 albums and was working on the 13th at the time of her passing.

LaShun died on 21 March 2022, aged 60; she had been on dialysis for a couple of years, and was awaiting a kidney donor when she died from organ failure.

Education and early life

LaShun was raised alongside her four older and five younger siblings in Poole Creek, Georgia by their mother Bettie Ann Pace who was a housewife, and father Murphy J. Pace who was a pastor. LaShun and her siblings went to church with their parents at least once every week.

She fell in love with singing while attending Walter F. George High School, which has since been renamed to South Atlanta High School; LaShun was into a couple of activities during her time there, as she sang on the school choir, appeared in a couple of school plays and took creative writing lessons.

She matriculated in 1979 and then focused on her career rather than pursuing a college degree.

LaShun’s career

LaShun was still attending high school when she launched her career as a professional singer, while she and her seven sisters then founded the vocal gospel group The Anointed Pace Sisters in 1988.

In 1988, right before she signed a contract with Savoy Records, LaShun released her debut solo album “In the House of the Lord”, in collaboration with the Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ Choirs and Dr. Jonathan Greer; because she then signed her first contract, her second album “He Lives”, released in 1990, is often regarded as her debut. “He Lives” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Gospel Chart, and its lead single “I Know I’ve Changed” became a hit.

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Her following album “Shekinah Glory” was released in 1993, and was followed by “A Wealthy Place” in 1996, “Just Because God Said It” in 1998, and “God Is Faithful” in 2001; none of these were as successful as “He Lives”.

LaShun’s seventh album “It’s My Time” was released in 2005, and was followed by her eighth “Complete” in 2007 and ninth “Reborn” in 2011.

She released only three other albums: “By Your Word” in 2014, “Joy” in 2019 and “The Spirit” in 2021.

YouTube channel

LaShun launched her personal YouTube channel “LaShun Pace” on 20 December 2018, and uploaded 26 videos onto it, which together amassed more than 400,000 views; the channel’s still today subscribed to by over 16,000 people. Most videos showed her during her everyday life, whether she was praying, going to church or speaking about God, and we’re going to write about three of the most popular amongst these, which contributed to her popularity on the network.

Her #1 video “Evangelist LaShun Pace Praying (2)” was uploaded on 21 March 2021, and has since been watched more than 70,000 times; it features her praying to God through a song, and the video’s close to 17 minutes long.

LaShun’s second most popular video “God’s getting ready to “rumble”” was uploaded on 10 April 2021 and has since been viewed more than 60,000 times; it features LaShun speaking about God in another lengthy video, as it’s over 11 minutes long.

Her #3 video “April 6, 2020” was uploaded on the title date, and has since been watched close to 60,000 times; it features LaShun and her family singing and dancing together.

There’s another LaShun’s YouTube channel for her music, called “LaShun Pace – Topic”; it was launched on 9 July 2013, there are today more than 50,000 people subscribed to it and all its 149 videos combined have been viewed over 25 million times. The most popular video amongst these “There’s A Leak In This Old Building” has been watched over 16 million times.

Love life and husband

LaShun preferred to keep the details of her love life to herself, but it’s known that she had been a married woman. She and American pastor Edward Rhodes married in a large but private ceremony in 1986, but divorced in 1999 for unknown reasons. LaShun gave birth to their daughter Xenia Pace Rhodes on 31 August 1989, and their second daughter Aarion Pace Rhodes followed two or three years later.

LaShun revealed in her 2003 autobiography “For My Good But For His Glory” that Xenia was born with an enlarged heart, and she died from a heart attack on 11 February 2001, aged 11.

There are no other men whom LaShun had perhaps been with, that we know about; she was once married to pastor Edward Rhodes, and they had two daughters together (one deceased).

Interesting facts and hobbies

Although she hasn’t been credited with the appearance, it’s known that LaShun was featured in the 1992 romantic comedy movie “Leap of Faith”, which starred Debra Winger and Steven Martin, and was directed by Richard Pearce; it follows the life of fake faith healer Jonas Nightingale.

There are still over 70,000 people following LaShun’s Instagram today, and she posted close to 750 pictures and videos onto the network, most served to promote her concerts and live events.

She was a philanthropist, and enjoyed volunteering with charity organizations; LaShun mostly worked with those that helped the elderly and underprivileged children.

One of her favorite actresses was Viola Davis, and some of her favorite movies were “The Help”, “Fences” and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.

Appearance and wealth

LaShun would’ve been 61 today. She has brown eyes and short black hair which she occasionally dyed blonde; she was 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighed around 175lbs (80kgs).

At the time of her passing, LaShun’s net worth was estimated at over $100,000.

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