“American Pickers”, known internationally as “The Pickers”, is an American reality television series that airs on History Channel, documenting the travels of two hosts and stars of the show, as they scour the US in search of natural treasures, old artifacts, and antiques.

The premise of the show centres on Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, two antique collectors, as they either buy to sell their treasured finds, or decide to keep them for their own personal collection. The show was originally created by Wolfe, who is the proprietor of Antique Archeology, a business he founded with the intention of collecting and selling rare baubles and priceless items.

Fritz also manages his own business, Frank Fritz Finds, though handles most of his sales online, but has been a long-time partner and supposed friend with Wolfe, despite being based in a far-removed locations. Frank hails from Savanna, Illinois, and Mike hosts his business from LeClaire, Iowa, but recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Together with the help of Mike Wolfe’s assistant and shop manager, Danielle Colby, who more often provides the pair of collectors with potential leads, Mike and Frank would search people’s houses, barns, and storerooms, hoping to find some kind of antique valuables.

The series debuted in 2010, and following a popular reception among History Channel’s audiences, “American Pickers” became one of the channel’s most successful shows, attracting three million viewers who tuned in to watch the first season. Although impressive, the show still fell a little short of “Ice Road Truckers” popularity.

Continuing with its initial success, the series expanded into more seasons, currently in its 23rd season, which began its circulation on air in January 2022. However, due to recent developments on the show, it’s likely that “American Pickers” might reach its full time conclusion.

While the show remained popular, there has been no shortage of drama between the two hosts, Mike and Frank, who recently became involved in an escalating feud threatening the possible future of their show.

For those not so clued in on the disagreement between Wolfe and Fritz, we sought out all their dispute’s nasty, hairy details, hoping to clarify the situation for fans and viewers interested in knowing more. In the process, we’ll also discuss what happened between Frank and Danielle, who has firmly decided to side with Mike.

What To Expect

As we dive into this messy affair, we’ll briefly discuss all the parties involved, including Mike, Frank and Danielle, before clearing up the details concerning Frank and Mike’s most recent row.

Following this, we’ll take a look at why Danielle has sided with Wolfe, and exactly what history she shared with Frank that could have motivated her choice, thus closing the discussion.

A Fellowship For The Cameras

Despite the two hosts of “American Pickers”, Mike and Frank, seemingly getting along on camera, their history has been anything but friendly once the cameras stopped filming, or at least, so it is according to Fritz.

In 2020, Wolfe with the “American Pickers” production team, announced that Frank would be taking some time off, and wouldn’t be appearing in the show for a while. As was explained at the time, Frank suffered a back injury during filming which required surgery, and was simply unable to return to work.

Unfortunately, Frank stepped away from the show for nearly two years, with fans, viewers and followers expressing their concern for the reality, antique collecting star, but on set, Fritz’s absence went mostly unnoticed.

In 2022, Wolfe announced that Frank wouldn’t be returning to the show, stating that Frank’s contract hadn’t been renewed, leaving fans with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, the details of Wolfe and Fritz’s dispute remain a mystery, as neither one has taken it upon themselves to speak about it publicly.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that Frank has allegedly been struggling with a drinking problem for many years, as he often caused trouble on set due to being intoxicated. While viewers thought it unprofessional, they never really believed that Wolfe would fire Frank from the show.

Frank, on the other hand, accused Wolfe of abusing his power and conspiring to have him replaced as the co-host. None of Frank’s accusations have been confirmed, though it seemed likely at times that Wolfe would want to replace Fritz with someone more competent, or at least sober.

When questioned about his termination from “American Pickers”, Frank simply stated that he and Mike had not been on good terms for a couple of years. According to Frank, during the time he injured his back, Mike never called to even find out how he was doing, but added its just the way things have always been between him and Wolfe.

Although the details of their feud remain obscure, with fans only being able to speculate at the truth behind Mike and Frank’s relationship, the one person who could reveal more details, Danielle, had been caught between the feuding treasure hunters, but would rather hold her silence.

That was until Colby spoke out during a recent candid interview, and made it clear she had chosen sides rather firmly. Colby expressed her condolences and regrets about Frank’s dismissal, saying that he will be dearly missed on the show, by herself and the viewers. However, Danielle added that Frank is an ailing person in need of help, stating that Fritz caused a lot of pain for people over the years, because of his drinking habits. Colby added that Frank hurt himself more, and that it was difficult to watch him self-destruct over the past ten years.

While nothing nefarious happened between Danielle and Frank, as most of their relationship both on and off camera seems perfectly fine, it simply appears that Danielle supports Wolfe’s decision to let Frank go, perhaps because Danielle and Mike both agree that Frank was in need of professional help.


Although Mike and Frank’s constant feud off camera threatened the future of “American Pickers”, fans and regular viewers can rest assured that it seems the show will go on, even though Frank might no longer be making an appearance.

Nonetheless, if treasure hunting in barns and attics is your preferred kind of entertainment, then feel free to catch the latest episodes of Mike Wolfe’s antique hunts in “American Pickers”.

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