• Chandie Yawn-Nelson is a former employee of InterCall and is married to actor/singer Joey Lawrence
• She was born in the US in 1975 and graduated from Auburn University
• She and Lawrence met in 1993 and married in 2005; they have two children
• They filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2017 and settled in 2018
• She has an estimated net worth of over $6 million from her husband's career

Chandie Yawn-Nelson is a former employee of the biggest service provider company in the United States known as InterCall. She became famous after she married actor and singer Joey Lawrence. She currently lives happily with her husband and two children.

Early life, family and educational background

Chandie Yawn-Nelson has kept her life private and away from the public eye, as a result there is not much information on her early life and family. Even her birth date is kept a mystery and she does not own any social media accounts, making her more interesting to the public.

However, it is known that Chandie was born in 1975 in the United States, and has family living in Florida and Georgia. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Auburn University in Alabama, US from where she later graduated.


In terms of her professional career, Chandie Yawn is known to have worked with one of the leading service providers in the United States, InterCall. She was keen on reinventing the company during her time there. Otherwise it seems that she has concentrated on family rather than fortune.

Personal life, Relationships

Meeting with spouse Joey Lawrence

The story of her meeting with spouse Joey Lawrence is fascinating and sounds like a fairytale. The couple met in 1993 while on vacation at Disneyland during their teenage years, and had an ice-cream date. Afterwards, they went their separate ways and went on with their respective lives, in fact Joey was married but then divorced. On the 3rd of July 2005, almost thirteen years after their initial meeting, he and Chandie exchanged wedding vows at the same place they first met, Disneyland after six months of dating.

Joey Lawrence

In an interview with YourTango, Joey shared the beautiful details of how he proposed to the love of his life. He says, ‘…We looked at each other in the car and she started crying. We set a date and a year later we got married’. Their love story is a remarkable one and it seems that the couple are a match made in heaven. Almost a year after becoming husband and wife, the couple welcomed their first child into the world on the 10th of May 2006 and named her Charleston Charli Lawrence. In 2010 their second daughter, Liberty Grace Lawrence was born. Unfortunately she was born with Rh disease, but after a month she had recovered.

Who is Joey Lawrence?

Joey Lawrence Mignogna was born on the 20th of April 1976, in Pennsylvania, USA to Donna and Joseph Mignogna – who subsequently changed his name to Lawrence – and is of English, Scottish and Italian descent. He is the oldest of three siblings – brothers Matt and Andy are also actors. After matriculating from Abington Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he enrolled at the University of Southern California.

He has a career in both acting and singing, which began in his early childhood when he was in a commercial for “Cracker Jack” and then appeared in “The Johnny Carson Show” at the age of five. Some of his most prominent roles on television include “Gimme a Break!”, “Summer Rental”, “Oliver & Company”, “Brotherly Love” and “Run of the House”. He also participated in ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” partnered with professional dancer Edyta Śliwińska with whom he ranked third in the competition.

In 2009, he appeared in the hit film “My Fake Fiance” alongside Melissa Hart, and again in the sitcom “Melissa and Joey”. In 2013, he began co-hosting the show ‘Splash’ with Charissa Thompson.

Joey’s music career began when he released his debut album at the age of 16 in February of 1993. He co-wrote the international song, “Nothin’ my love can’t fix” which played as the end-title theme in the film “Cop and a Half”. In 2017, Joey formed a band with his brothers called ‘Still 3’, and they released their first song, “Lose Myself”.

Joey’s ex-wife

Before his marriage with Chandie, Joey married artist Michelle Vella in 2002, but they divorced less than three years later in 2005.

Chandie’s interesting facts

  • Chandie is one of the few celebrity wives who instead of staying in the spotlight remains as far from the public eye as possible. The only public appearances she makes are by her husband’s side in his many public appearances.
  • Media sources remark that Chandie has an everlasting charm and beauty about her that makes her seem younger than her actual age.
  • In July of 2017, Joey and Chandie filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after failing to pay off millions in loans, unpaid rent, automobiles and credit card bills. Subsequently the couple had to sell some of their belongings such as clothes, accessories and furniture to help their financial situation to settle the matter in early 2018.

Chandie’s appearance and clothing style

Chandie is a white Caucasian female with short dark brown hair and silver eyes. She wears elegant and stylish clothes that can be seen when she is out and about with her family, or at red carpet events.

Net worth and salary

There is no information on Chandie’s personal net worth, since she apparently hasn’t worked for a number of years. However, she does share her husband’s net worth, which despite the aforementioned bankruptcy is estimated by sources at over $6 million. The family apparently enjoys a comfortable lifestyle in Southern California.

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