• Topper Mortimer is an American banker and financier, currently 43 years old.
• He is the great-grandson of Henry Morgan Tilford, past president of Standard Oil.
• His parents are John Jay and Senga M. Mortimer and his siblings are Peter Davis, Minnie and Stephen Gaghan.
• Topper is married to shoe designer Tabitha Simmons and they have one daughter, Violet Elizabeth Mortimer.
• He is trying to avoid the media and has a net worth of over $3 million.


Topper Mortimer Wiki Bio

Topper Mortimer is trying to avoid the media’s attention in every possible way, and hasn’t shared his exact date of birth with the public, while some sources say that he was  born in 1976,  in New York so holding American nationality, and is popular on the internet thanks to his former marriage with TV personality Tinsley Mortimer, nee Mercer, while he’s currently married to Tabitha Simmons, a well-known shoe designer.


Childhood, family, and education

Topper spent his entire childhood in New York alongside his parents John Jay and Senga M. Mortimer – his father was a much respected person in the US as he worked as a financier – he died in 2013 at the age of 78; his mother works as an editor for “House Beautiful and Elle Décor”. Topper is a great-grandson of Henry Morgan Tilford, who was the president of Standard Oil company and was one of the first residents of Tuxedo Park in New York.

Topper’s half-brother named Peter Davis served as an editor-in-chief for the “Avenue” magazine, while he’s now working as an editorial director of “Express” – his sister Minnie is a fashion designer, and is married to Stephen Gaghan, an Emmy Award-winning screenwriter and director. Topper grew up being interested in finance just as his father; he attended the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, where he met his future first wife Tinsley Mercer.

Topper was physically very active during his high school years, and as his father pushed him to work on his education, he was also one of the best students there. Topper hasn’t talked about the college he attended and the bachelor’s degree he has obtained, but it’s known that he’s a well-educated man.

Topper’s career

There is not much to be said about Topper’s career – he followed his father’s footsteps as he launched his career in finance soon after he graduated from college, working for the Guggenheim Partners wealth management company, where he stayed for several years.

Topper is currently working for the private investment company called Focus Point Private Capital Group.

Personal matters, wife, and baby

Topper married Tinsley when they were both 18 years old, as they ran away from home together and exchanged their wedding vows in secret, however – their parents found out, and the marriage was annulled, however, they kept dating for the next eight years, and finally exchanged their wedding vows in 2002 (and they did it right this time), but the marriage lasted for just seven years as the two divorced in 2009 – the alleged reason behind the divorce was the difference of their personalities.

After the divorce, Tinsley won her role in the “Real Housewives of New York City” reality TV show, which made her popular, however, she lost many of her fans after she was arrested for trespassing in April 2016, when she entered her ex-boyfriend’s house in Palm Beach. On 9 June 2018, Topper married shoe designer Tabitha Simmons, after nearly four years of dating, in the Church of the Resurrection – some quite popular artists attended the show including Brooke Shields, Tory Burch, Lauren Santo Domingo and Liv Tyler.

Several months before their wedding on 29 January 2018, the couple welcomed their daughter – Violet Elizabeth Mortimer – and while this is Topper’s first child, Tabitha has two sons from her first marriage, named Dylan and Elliott.

Topper’s secrecy

Topper has never wanted to be in the media, to have tabloids and newspapers write about him. He explained in an interview he gave to the “New York Times” magazine that he sees no point in going to clubs every night just so someone could shoot pictures of him, and upload them onto the internet.

Tabitha Simmons and Topper Mortimer

However, he also remembered that his former wife Tinsley was one of these people, as she loved being mentioned in the newspapers and on the social media networks.

Hobbies and interests

Topper is a serious man who is completely focused on his career in finance, as it’s a very demanding job, however, he still finds time to do the things he likes. Topper is a big fan of golf, and spends some of his free time playing it with his friends – some people have described this hobby as a ‘thing for rich people’.

He’s a family man who enjoys spending most of his free time with his wife Tabitha and their daughter Violet. Topper traveled a bit while he was younger but settled down years ago and is enjoying the life he’s made for himself. He enjoys fishing while sailing his boat together with his wife, and the two occasionally take their daughter with them. While he was quite a fan of movies and TV series when he was younger, Topper now sees this as a waste of time, as there is always something more productive to be done.

Appearance and net worth

Topper has short curly brown hair and green eyes, while his height and weight are unknown. According to authoritative sources, Topper’s net worth is estimated to be more than $3 million, as of mid-2024,and is steadily rising thanks to his job in finance.

Social media presence

Topper cannot be found on any of the popular social media networks, as he tries to stay away from media in every way possible. On the other hand, his ex-wife Tinsley has kept his last name, and if one searches for Topper’s social media accounts on the internet, he/she will only find Tinsley’s several accounts, as she’s made herself quite a career online.

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