• Tiffany Del Real is a YouTube personality, co-producer and manager of the Just Kidding Films channel
• She married her colleague Casey Chan and is raising Tiffany's son, Isaac, from her previous relationship
• Tiffany has appeared in many videos and TV shows and holds the position of producer for Just Kidding Films
• Tiffany and Casey have a family YouTube channel, Tiff & Case, with over 325,000 subscribers
• Tiffany and Casey's combined net worth is estimated to be around $27 million

Tiffany Del Real is a YouTube personality, co-producer and manager of the popular channel Just Kidding Films. She has recently married her colleague, Casey Chan; they are both bringing-up Tiffany’s son, Isaac, from her previous relationship.

Early life and family

Tiffany Del Real was born on 29 November 1990, in San Francisco, California USA – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she holds American nationality. Tiffany was the only child of her parents, who divorced when she was seven years old. Her mother, who is a model, later sent her to live with Tiffany’s father, as she had to take care of her three children from her new marriage, and continue working as a model at the same time. Tiffany’s father is a business guide in Mexico, and had five children in his new relationship, so Tiffany soon understood she was just another child he would have to take care of in his big family.

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So she decided to live an independent life and found her first work in the age of 15. As her father moved a lot when she lived with him, she once changed six cities in one year, and overall she had to move more than 35 times, which was exhausting for the young girl. Tiffany shares that her parents’ divorce made her suffer a lot; she faced depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Educational background

Tiffany had to change schools frequently, and it was pretty hard for her to make friends. Tired of getting to know so many strangers, Tiffany chose to close-out everybody, and didn’t trust anyone for a long period of time. However, this wasn’t completely the case, as she matriculated in 2008 and the same year gave birth to her son, Isaac.


Tiffany joined Just Kidding Films YouTube channel after an event they held in Los Angeles. The team invited Tiffany to become the writer and actress for the main channel, and two other channels which Tiffany helped to create and develop – Just Kidding News and Just Kidding Party. As an actress, she appeared in around 25 videos on the main channel Just Kidding Films. In the beginning of 2014, she appeared in her boyfriend’s short movie “Gun Fu”. In November 2014 she was invited to appear in one of the episodes of the popular TV show “Access Hollywood”, and then appeared in another episode of the show in July 2015, as well as in another TV documentary series “Inside Edition” in the same year.

Tiffany Del Real

Tiffany landed the role of Sophie in the short comedy film “My K-Pop Boyfriend” (2017), then played Darlene in “How I Became an Adult” (2018). She could be seen in Amber Liu’s music video “Other People”, the video posted in November 2019, and as of early 2020, it has gained over four million views and counting. As of 2020, Tiffany holds the position of the producer of Just Kidding Films, and other daughter channels of the franchise. She also acts in some recent episodes of her YouTube shows, and takes care of merchandising and the PR of the brand.

Personal life, husband Casey Chan. Is he the father of Tiffany’s son?

Tiffany met her future husband, Casey Chan when she started working for Just Kidding Films, as Casey was one of the creative producers of that YouTube channel.

They dated for four years before becoming engaged in 2016, and the couple married on the fifth anniversary of their relationship on 19 May 2017, in a private ceremony in Los Angeles to which only family members and close friends were invited. Tiffany wore a traditional Chinese wedding dress of red and gold colors, and they included a tea ceremony for guests as one of the main parts of the wedding.

According to the old Chinese tradition, Tiffany and Casey were on their knees and offered the tea for Casey’s parents first (and Casey’s mother gifted Tiffany their family relic – a golden bracelet), and then to Tiffany’s mother, who also congratulated the newlyweds.

When the traditional Chinese part was ended, Tiffany changed her dress to the classic white, and the celebration continued. Later they celebrated their first wedding anniversary in Paris. Tiffany’s son Isaac was born on 12 January 2008. She has never shared any information on his father – Casey is obviously not Isaac’s biological father, however, they apparently get on well.

In the wedding video Tiffany said that she knew too well what it was like to grow up without a father by her side, so she was very happy Isaac now has such a step-father as Casey. Isaac actually gave the bride away to Casey, walking down the aisle with his mother.

“Tiff & Case” family YouTube channel

Tiffany and Casey started their family YouTube channel entitled “Tiff & Case” in 2016 – the channel was previously Tiffany’s, so they renamed it and began uploading routine videos of their trips, cooking, leisure time, etc. As of 2020, their channel has more than 325,000 subscribers. Among their most popular videos there are “Finally Some Extra Help” (a sponsored video with 1.8 million views), in which Tiffany and Casey share the news of their house cleaning helper – a robot cleaner; their video “Will You Marry Me? (Proposal Video)” also got pretty popular (1.3 million views).

Who is Casey Chan?

Casey Winghoe Chan was born on 6 May 1988, in Dallas, Texas USA – his parents are of Chinese descent, who moved to the US in late ‘80s. Casey graduated from Full Sail University, located in Orlando, Florida, where he studied in the film school to become a professional director and filmmaker. He was an intern at “The Institute”, Michael Bay’s production company, in which Casey learnt how to become popular on YouTube, and what kind of videos he should create to get highly paid. As of 2020, he is the producer of Just Kidding Films and all branch channels of the brand.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Tiffany’s husband is allergic to dogs, so they have two cats, Zo and Maya, and a snake named Pickle.

Tiffany thinks she is a very adventurous as she has tried so many dangerous sports such as skydiving (which she considers the best experience she had in her life), parasailing, jet skiing, etc. She even swam with dolphins and hugged with an octopus she found in the ocean while she was swimming.

Tiffany shared she had vivid dreams since she was a child, apparently having to sleep on her back not to have nightmares, as she noticed she got a lot of them when she slept on her side or face down. Tiffany once shared a fun fact about her shaving part of her brows when she was in her third grade – she wanted to look older and didn’t manage to change her appearance in the right way.

She also once said that she was afraid of firecrackers, as she had her first firecracker when she was already 11 years old, and was very scared of it. Tiffany is a fan of lip balms, so she has plenty of them she takes everywhere she goes. She also has a big collection of souvenir magnets she puts on the fridge; every time she goes somewhere she hasn’t been before, she buys a magnet there and takes it home. Tiffany’s favorite number is three. Her favorite singer is Michael Jackson.

Tiffany’s favorite cuisine is Mexican. As Casey is allergic to various foods – tomatoes, dairy products, mushrooms – they try to cook new dishes and taste new foods, checking if Casey has an allergic reactions, so that he can enjoy what they cook together.


Tiffany has long naturally dark brown hair which she likes dying various colors, especially blue and pink. She also shared that she had to use various hair products to keep her head from daily washing, as water made the bright colors of her hair washed away. Tiffany has dark brown eyes, but she enjoyed wearing green contact lenses. She is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall and weighs around 112lbs (51kgs); her vital statistics are 32-24-33.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Tiffany’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She earns up to $1,600 per sponsored post on her Instagram account. As to her husband, Casey Chan, his net worth is estimated to be around $26 million.

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