• Kevin was born to Jacqueline Ray, formerly a model and actress
• Kevin attended high school in Los Angeles and was in a rock band
• Tom Selleck helped Kevin get into the film industry, appearing in the "Magnum, P.I." TV series and the "Scream 2" horror movie
• Kevin and Annabel Selleck reportedly met in high school, and they have six children together
• Kevin was sent to the Betty Ford rehabilitation center due to his drug addiction

Who is Tom Selleck’s son? Kevin Selleck Wiki Bio

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 in the USA as Kevin S. Shepard – he is an actor, but best known for being the adopted son of Tom Selleck, a famous American actor.

Early life and education

Kevin was born to Jacqueline Ray, a former model and actress, while the only thing known about his biological father is his surname – Shepard. Kevin was adopted by Tom Selleck on 7 August 1987 when he was 21, after Tom married his mother Jacqueline – the two divorced in the summer of 1992 but Tom remained part of Kevin’s life, and has helped him win roles and make his way into the film industry. Kevin has a step-sister named Hannah.

Kevin attended a high school in Los Angeles, California, and then joined a local rock band, not enrolling at college.

Career as an actor and a drummer

Kevin launched his career as a drummer in 1993, when he and four of his friends formed the Tonic rock band, including Emerson Hart who is the lead vocal and rhythm guitarist, Jeff Ruso who is the lead guitarist, Dan Lavery the bass guitarist, and Dan Rothchild who is a bass guitarist as well. Their debut album was released in July 1996 entitled “Lemon Parade”, and its singles “Open Up Your Eyes” and “Soldier’s Daughter” both entered the Billboard 200 as well as Hot 100 – the album eventually became platinum.

In December 1996 after a fight with another member of the band, Kevin quit the band citing family problems. He tried forming another band after leaving Tonic, but it wasn’t successful and the venture was short – lived. His stepfather Tom Selleck helped him launch his acting career in 1980, when he appeared in the “Magnum, P.I.” TV series of which Tom was the star. In 1997, he helped him appear in the “Scream 2” horror movie while Kevin also wrote the soundtrack for the film.

Love life and relationships

Kevin and Annabel Selleck reportedly met while they were attending the same high school – they dated for more than a decade before marrying sometime in the ‘90s.

Kevin and Annabel are trying to keep their family away from the media’s attention – they apparently have six children together.

Hobbies and other interests

Kevin has done a bit of modelling throughout the years, but only as a hobby rather than as a job. He has been interested in music and acting since he was a kid, and is a big fan of the old rock music scene, with some of his favorite bands being Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses.  Being raised by his stepfather Tom got him into the film industry which he is very fond of today – he mostly enjoys watching comedy action movies which star actors such as Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp – some of his favorite movies include “Ace Ventura” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Kevin has travelled a lot throughout the years, with his dream travel destination being Berlin in Germany – he has also been to several countries in Asia with his father, such as Japan and China among others.

Drug addiction

After he turned 22, Kevin was sent to the Betty Ford rehabilitation center due to his drug addiction – while he refused to go at first, he was persuaded by Tom and it appears that the rehabilitation program has helped Kevin get clean. In 2011, Kevin was facing charges after he had a $6,000 accumulated bill with a credit card company.

Appearance and net worth

Kevin is 53 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 139lbs (63kgs) – his net worth is over $1 million, while Tom’s net worth is over $45 million as of late 2019.

Who is Tom Selleck, Kevin’s father?

Thomas William ‘Tom’ Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan USA on 29 January 1945 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius and he holds American nationality. Tom is an actor, movie producer, and a California Army National Guard veteran, who became famous thanks to his role as Thomas Magnum in the “Magnum, P.I.” TV series which aired from 1980 to 1988.

Tom was raised in Detroit and Sherman Oaks, California by his father Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor, and his mother Martha Selleck who was a housewife. He attended Grant High School before enrolling at Los Angeles Valley College – he switched to the University of Southern California, but dropped out during his final year to pursue a career in acting, and studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. He received a draft notice during the Vietnam War, and joined the California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment in 1967, which he was a member of until 1973.

One of his first appearances on TV was in “The Dating Game” TV series in 1965, which he reprised in 1967. After returning from his infantry regiment, he began appearing in movies such as “Coma” and “The Seven Minutes”, but didn’t gain recognition until he began playing Lance White, a private investigator, in “The Rockford Files” TV series in the ‘70s. In 1972, he appeared in the “Daughters of Satan” film, and eventually won his first lead role in 1979 in the “Concrete Cowboys” film – in 1980, he began portraying private investigator Thomas Magnum in the “Magnum, P.I.” TV series, actually having to pass on the role as Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” which eventually went to Harrison Ford.

“Magnum, P.I.” was a huge hit, and the Ferrari 308 GTS car which Thomas drives in the series has become so popular that it is known as the “Magnum” Ferrari.

Tom is also famous for playing Richard Burke in the critically acclaimed TV series “Friends” in 1995 – he played Monica Geller’s boyfriend but the two broke up after Monica could no longer accept the fact that Richard doesn’t want to have children. He’s also known for appearing in other TV series such as “The Closer”, “Jesse Stone”, and “Las Vegas” among others.

Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray

After divorcing Kevin’s mother Jacqueline Ray in 1982, Tom married Jillie Joan Mack on 7 August 1987 with whom he has a daughter named Hannah born on 16 December 1988 – they are currently living in Thousand Oaks in Westlake Village California on Tom’s 60-acre avocado ranch. He is an avid volleyball player who was part of the All-American volleyball team in 1990 – he is also good at ice hockey, and can often be seen attending Los Angeles Kings’ games.

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