-James Westbrook is the husband of beauty guru and YouTuber Tati Westbrook
-He was born on 10 September 1970 in the USA and is of Virgo sign
-He previously dated someone and has a son named Taylor
-Tati and James have been together since 2012 and married in 2017
-There was a controversy involving James Charles, a fellow beauty guru, which Tati spoke about and gained more subscribers from the attention it brought.

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The untold truth of Tati Westbrook’s husband, James Westbrook

Best known as the husband of beauty guru and YouTuber Tati Westbrook, James Westbrook was born on 10 September 1970 in the USA, under the Virgo sign. We don’t have any relevant information about his career, as he and his wife only reveal a limited amount of information. Some people believe that he might be in the legal field, as he advised one of his friends to find a lawyer, but for now his profession remains a secret.

Family Life and Son Taylor

Although James has shared some details from his personal life in Tati’s videos, not much can be said about his education and formative years. He became famous when he began dating Tati, and their relationship and some moments from their everyday lives have been featured in her videos. James previously dated – some reports say married – a lady whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, with whom he has a son named Taylor. James and Tati began dating in 2012, and married in 2017. James’ son has also appeared in some of Tati’s videos, in which he tried to do her make-up, and drew her using her makeup.

Tati and James often get questions about children of their own, and the YouTuber spoke about that issue in a heartfelt YouTube video, letting her audience know that she has fertility problems. Many people opened up about fertility issues of their own, and wished James and his wife the best of luck.

Wife Tati Westbrook Wiki

Tatiana Alexsandra Krievins was born on 14 February 1982, in Seattle, Washington, USA, into a family of Latvian ancestry. She is best known as a YouTube make-up guru and a businesswoman.

In the latter field, she gained the attention of the media and the audience for her beauty line – Halo Beauty – which has also been a subject of several controversies. She has nine million subscribers on YouTube, and releases new videos about three times a week, usually attracting millions of views per each video. She also gets paid to promote and review make-up brands. Tati is often regarded as one of the most honest and unbiased make-up YouTubers in the media.

Tati Career

Tati made her debut in 2011, uploading the video entitled “REVIEW | Buxom Smoky Eye Stick” and subsequently made videos such as “TOP 10 | Physicians Formula” and “BOYFRIEND TAG | On The Beach Maui”, with the latter featuring James for the first time on her channel. The video has been watched by 260,000 people and her subscribers are supportive of their relationship, judging by the comments. “Every girl needs a James in their life. He’s so sweet and adorable”, one person wrote. Over the eight years of her YouTube career, Tati has made numerous successful videos – “JLo’s MAKEUP ARTIST Does My MAKEUP”, with 9.4 million views, “OUR WEDDING | Tati and James Wedding”, and “PUTTING MY SON IN DRAG ft. James Charles”, with 5.7 million views.

Tati Westbrook

She has recently decided to go back to the basics with her content, and began testing new make-up and uploaded “I’M BACK to TESTING New MAKEUP”. In late October, she featured one of her sisters in her video “SISTER ERIKA tests TATI BEAUTY … is it Beginner Friendly?” She is also working on the promotion of her own makeup line. So far, her videos have been watched 1.3 billion times and she makes money every time an ad is displayed with her video.

According to SocialBlade, she can make as much as $980,000 solely from her channel. As of late 2019, her net worth is estimated at over $1.2 million.

Halo Beauty

As she has stated multiple times, Tati finds self-care very important, and often gets complimented on her skin and hair. In March 2018, she began selling vitamins as a part of her inclusive vegan brand, Halo Beauty. The reviews she got were mixed – some people say that her product changed their lives, while others weren’t as impressed.

The YouTuber has said that taking two pills every day helps with hair growth, glowing skin and better nails, adding that she has been working on the formula for the vitamins for years.

James Charles Drama

Both James and Tati Westbrook were subjects of a controversy regarding one of their ex-friends and fellow beauty guru, James Charles. In one video, Tati spoke about Charles’ behavior towards one of the waiters at her birthday party. The support she got from the YouTube community was overwhelming, and for a couple of weeks, numerous media outlets covered the story.

As Tati stated, Charles was continuously flirting with a straight waiter and made inappropriate sexual comments about him. Shortly afterwards, Charles came out with an apology, but then deleted it from his channel, and uploaded a video in which he told the story from his perspective. Other YouTubers, such as Tati’s friend Jeffree Star, spoke about the events, but ultimately all of the people involved decided to let the matter drop. The situation brought Tati to the attention of a wider audience, and she even gained more subscribers.

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