• Diane Clohesy is the now third ex-wife of Stephen K. Bannon, a controversial politician
• She was a model when she was younger and obtained American citizenship in 1990
• She was arrested numerous times for assaulting cabin crew, smuggling and using drugs
• Stephen and Diane married in 2006 and their marriage lasted three years until they divorced in 2009
• Diane enjoys partying, consuming drugs and is part of the Tea Party. She has a net worth of over $200,000.


Who is Stephen K. Bannon’s ex-wife? Diane Clohesy Wiki Bio

Diane is well-known for being the now third ex-wife of Stephen K. Bannon, a controversial politician, while she was a somewhat famous model when she was younger. She is believed to have been born in the late ‘60s in Ireland.

Education and early life

Diane grew up in Ireland alongside her parents and her brother Declan. She began working as a model when she turned 16 and moved to the US in 1990 where she eventually obtained American citizenship.

Career as a model and criminal record

She began searching for modelling opportunities as soon as she came to the US, and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing – soon afterwards she began working for the Rose of Tralee International Festival as a model.

Diane’s modelling career lasted for only a couple of years – she became somewhat reckless and broke the law on numerous occasions. In December 2002, she assaulted cabin crew after being barred from bringing alcohol on board a flight – the court made her pay $1,000 for the attack and an additional $800 for the damage caused, while she was also permanently banned from flying with Aer Lingus company.

In 2013, Diane tried to smuggle a phone and drugs to a burglar who was then serving time in a jail in Miami. Shortly afterwards, she was arrested in her condo for using drugs and being violent towards the police – at the time, Diane and Stephen had been divorced for several years but he was still paying for her condo, and their strange relationship raised suspicions of them still being together.

Diane Clohesy

During the US presidential elections on 8 November 2016, she tried to vote twice for Donald Trump, but was caught – during the interview with the Iowa Public Radio, Diane contended that the electionswas fixed anyway.

In March 2017, police came to Diane’s house in the Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami after numerous people called to complain of a loud argument coming from her house – the police found Diane’s gun stolen, she appeared to be under the influence of drugs, and was once again arrested for being violent with the cops.

Marriage with Stephen K. Bannon and other relationships

Stephen met Diane sometime in 2004 while she was still working as a model. The two dated for two years before marrying in 2006 – the marriage lasted for three years until they divorced in 2009 on Stephen’s initiative. Stephen has been supportive of Diane throughout the years, both materially and mentally, as he has been helping Diane work on her drug problems and her mental issues – he has been paying for the houses she has lived in, and is giving her money each month.


Stephen married two times before Diane – to Cathleen Suzanne Houff who gave birth to his first daughter Maureen in 1988, but the two divorced shortly afterwards. He married Mary Louise Piccard in April 1995, and she gave birth to their twin daughters three days later – they divorced in 1997 – Mary Louise accused him of domestic abuse, and after once calling the police, they found red marks on her neck and on her wrists, however, as Mary did not appear in court, the charges were dismissed.

Who is Stephen K. Bannon?

Stephen Kevin Bannon was born in Norfolk, Virginia USA on 27 November 1952 – he holds American nationality, and was born under the birth sign of Sagittarius. He is a politician and a media executive – including having served as the executive chairman of Breitbart News – and was also an investment banker. Stephen was born to Martin J. Bannon Junior who was an AT&T lineman, and Doris who is a housewife; he has no siblings. He studied at Benedictine College Preparatory private school in Richmond, Virginia, and then enrolled at the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning in 1976. After graduation, he joined the Navy, enrolled at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, and graduated with a master’s degree in national security – he also holds a Master of Business Administration degree, which he obtained from the Harvard Business School in 1985.

He began working at Goldman Sachs multinational investments bank in 1986, and left in 1993 while doing the job of a vice president. He then became a director of the Biosphere 2 Earth system science research facility in Arizona, while he produced movies from 1991 until 2016. He became involved in politics in the summer of 2016, when he served as the chief executive officer for the Trum presidential bid – after Donald Trump became the President, Stephen served as his Chief Strategist, but quit on 18 August 2017. As soon as he left the White House, he started opposing the Republican Party, and has since been supporting national populist conservative movements not only in the US but all around the world. Stephen hasn’t married again since his divorce from Diane, so is single.

Diane’s hobbies and interests

Diane enjoys partying and consuming drugs, although apparently still trying to get rid of her addiction. She is a big fan of the film industry, and has been part of the Breitbart News Agency together with her ex-husband Stephen – she serves as a producer and a social media manager while she also makes movies with Stephen such as “The Undefeated”, based on the “Going Rogue: An American Life” book. She is part of the Tea Party, an American fiscally conservative political movement within the Republican Party.

Appearance and net worth

Diane is around 50 years old, with long black hair and brown eyes. Her net worth is over $200,000, while Stephen’s net worth is close to $50 million.

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