• James Maby is the CEO of Sports Logistics and a consultant for sponsoring brands, working with sporting bodies in 70 countries.
• He has been married 3 times and has 2 children, daughter Lola born from marriage with Stacy Dash, and son Markus from marriage with Kam Heskin.
• He is known for winning the British reality show “Lost” several times, where participants were dropped in remote places and had to find their way to a specified location.
• His hobbies include skiing, horse-riding, and outdoor activities.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $12 million.

James Maby is the CEO of Los Angeles’ Sports Logistics, where he takes care of producing, designing and running the logistics of worldwide sports events. He was born in London in 1976, and his ancestry is British, but he was raised in Brazil for most of his childhood. However, James is an Eton College and University of Edinburgh graduate, although other details of his education are lacking. He claims to have worked in more than 70 countries, and his lingual prowess allegedly spans five European languages. He is now based in Los Angeles.

In celebrity circles, he is known for marrying three times, and being the father of two, and now lives a sophisticated lifestyle of fortune. However, a low profile seems to be James Maby’s preference in recent years, as he keeps his family and himself away from the limelight. During his rise to popularity, he lived a latter day James Bond lifestyle. From the photos he shares with fans when he is not doing great things at Sports Logistics, he owns or lives in some lavish mansion. The photos also give occasional glimpses into his personal life.


James Maby has been in one career for most of his life. His participation in sports and sporting events started with the FIFA World (soccer) Cup of 1990 held in Italy. He has since then been involved in tens of tournaments and sporting events. His work sees him deliver sports tournaments while working with various sporting bodies. At Sports Logistics, James Maby is a consultant for sponsoring brands, and his experience has seen him rise to the top ranks in the sports sponsorship industry.

Family life

James Maby has been in several relationships, including marriage. He is now married to Kam Heskin, as the two got hitched in 2018. James had previously been married to Landon Clement from 2008 to 2013, and his shortest marriage was with Stacey Dash from 2005 to 2006 only. Stacey Dash was to later emerge as a survivor of sexual violence and abuse in 2016.

Lola Maby and Markus Maby are the two children of James Maby – daughter Lola was born from the one-year marriage to Stacy Dash, while Markus is the product of his marriage to Kam Heskin.

Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash was born on the 20th January, 1966. She is an actress and former talk show hostess. Stacey was also in the 1995 “Clueless” feature film, and her other works include television series, music videos and film appearances. She is in Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” music video. She was married to James Maby between 2005 and 2006, the second in her life, but she’s been in a marriage relationship four times.

Stacey experienced sexual abuse and violence while growing up, and with various partners.

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She also had a problem with drugs in her 20s. She lives her life as a survivor, not a victim. In her later life, Stacey Dash has dedicated a lot to build a secure background for her family. She believes her dark days are behind her, but promises to make her children aware of the life experiences she has faced. She is also supportive of the provision to keep and bear arms in America, as she credits it to allowing her to repel a sexually violent (now ex-) boyfriend. In the incident, she retrieved her revolver and fired a warning shot at him.

Landon Clement

At 37, James met Landon Clement while skiing. The two bonded well and dated for several months before sharing the news of their relationship with friends and family. They married on 24th October 2008. Landon said it was James Maby who filed for the 2013 divorce which ended the marriage. Despite enjoying the lavish house and lifestyle while married to James Maby, Landon apparently walked away from it all when she went separate ways with James.

Landon Clements and James Maby

Kam Helskin

Kam Helskin and James Maby started dating in early 2013, and tied the knot on 12th September 2013 after dating for about six months. She bor him a son, Markus Mabey in the course of their more than half a decade of marriage, as they divorced in 2018.

Net Worth

James Maby has a net worth of over $12 million. Most of his fortune came from the British reality show “Lost”. In the game, participants were dropped in remote places with little rations and money, and would have to find their way to a specified location while racing against other teams. James became a repeat winner on the show for the single season it aired.

Winning in the show severally gave James Maby loads of screen time, which saw his popularity rise during the show and then recede when the show ended. On the show, Maby was a popular flirt and charmer.

The other significant portion of James Maby’s wealth is from his work at Sports Logistics, which he has been in since 2001. They are so big in sports that they have worked with organizations and international bodies for sports such as cricket, athletics, rugby and soccer.


Unsurprisingly, James is a known lover of sports. He indulges in skiing, and met one of his wives while skiing in Colorado, at Telluride when he met Landon Clement.

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