• Julian Corrie Broadus was born in 1994 and is the son of rapper Snoop Dogg
• He has a net worth estimated to be over $100,000 due to his father's support
• He was born of an extramarital affair and did not meet his father until he was nine years old
• He attended Diamond Bar High School and the University of California and has appeared in various projects
• He is currently single and not interested in a relationship, but has not done anything significant career-wise since then

Who is Julian Corrie Broadus?

Julian Corrie Broadus was born on 21 August 1994, in Long Beach, California, USA, and is an actor, but possibly best known asthe son of rapper Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) He was thrust into the limelight after it was revealed that he was the son of the famous rapper, conceived from an extramarital affair.

The Riches of Julian Corrie Broadus

Julian Corrie Broadus has a net worth estimated to be over $100,000, primarily thanks to the support of his father. While he has been involved in various projects, he lives a lavish lifestyle, apparently mainly benefitting from the net worth of his father, reputedly over $135 million.

Family, Early Life, and Education

Julian Corrie was conceived during a tumultuous time in Snoop’s life, as he had apparently filed for divorce from his wife Shante Taylor, and was in an ongoing battle for custody of their two children. During this time, he had an affair with a woman named Lauri Holmond, Julian’s mother. Snoop eventually reconciled with his wife, not going through the divorce, at least at that time. Corrie, on the other hand, didn’t get to know his real father until he was nine years old.

At first, his father did not want to believe that it was his child without proof, so a paternity test was conducted which confirmed that he was indeed the biological father. Lauri accused him of not being present for their son during his early years, but the two eventually reconciled, and started building a relationship, such that the two became very close.

He attended Diamond Bar High School, and during those years he had two goals – a career in sports and/or a career in music.

He played American Football during high school, and after he matriculating, enrolled at the University of California.

Further Studies, Career, and Lavish Lifestyle

The University has a good track record when it comes to athletics, though Broadus didn’t stand out like other prospects. After graduating he shifted his focus, and in 2012 became a part of the film entitled “We the Party”, which featured his father, and starred Mandela Van Peebles and Simone Battle.

The story takes place in a diverse high school, with a group of friends dealing with various aspects of their life, including romance, college, money, and finding themselves. He then appeared in the music video for the song “Drop it Like It’s Hot” by his father and featuring Pharrell Williams, which was released in 2014.

Father – Snoop Dogg

Calvin Broadus Jr. started his music career in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre, leading him to featuring on the album “The Chronic”.

Snoop Dogg

He took on the name Snoop Dogg – his mother called him ‘Snoopy’ as he resembled the cartoon dog in Peanuts – and would become one of the top-selling artists of this generation, beginning with his album entitled “Doggystyle” released in 1993, which reached the top of the Billboard 200. and sold almost a million copies during the first week of its release. Its popular hits include “Gin & Juice” and “What’s My Name?” The following year he worked on the short film “Murder was the Case”, before recording music for his second album entitled “Tha Doggfather”.

This effort also reached the top of the Billboard charts, gaining double-platinum certification.

He later left his label Death Row Records and signed with no Limit Records, where he produced his next three albums including “No Limit Top Dogg”. Afterward, he worked with EMI Records in 2002 for the album “Paid Tha Cost to Be da Boss”, before signing with Geffen Records, and producing his next three albums including “Doggumentary”, and “R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.”

Aside from music, he’s appeared in films and television shows including “Dogg After Dark”, “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle” and “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood”. In 2012, he released a reggae album called “Reincarnated”, which came with a documentary of the same name. The following year, he released his 13th album entitled “Bush”, before working on “Coolaid”.

Snoop has accumulated 17 Grammy nominations during his career, but has yet to win the Award.

He is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and one of his latest projects is the gospel album entitled ‘Bible of Love”, reflecting his affiliation to the Christian faith. His latest album release is entitled “BODR”, in 2022.

Personal Life

Julian Corrie is single, and has mentioned during an interview that he isn’t interested in committing to a relationship at this point in his life; he still wants to pursue his career in music or sports. Although it has been a few years since the interview, he hasn’t done anything significant yet that has been covered by the media.

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