• Elvira Wayans is a member of the multi-talented Wayans family, born in New York City in the late 1950s
• Has two children, a son named Damien and a daughter named Chaunté Wayans
• Elvira’s brother Shawn Mathis Wayans was born in New York in 1971 and is an actor, writer, and producer
• Her son Damien has 19 acting gigs and has also worked as a writer for “My Wife and Kids” and “Second Generation Wayans”
• Her daughter Chaunté has worked as a production assistant, appeared in the reality TV series “Trading Spaces”, and played a role in the movie “Fifty Shades of Black”

Elvira Wayans Short Bio

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the exact birthday of Elvira Wayans, except that she was born in New York City, USA, probably in the late 1950s, and is a member of the multi-talented Wayans family. She is the daughter of Elvira Wayans Sr. and Howell Wayans and a sister of Damon, Shawn and Marlon Wayans. Her mom was a social worker and a homemaker, whereas her dad served as a supermarket manager. Unlike her siblings, Elvira remains low profile about her personal life, nonetheless, we know that she has two children, a son named Damien and a daughter named Chaunté Wayans.


Following in the footsteps of her artistic family, Elvira decided to tackle writing an,d wrote three episodes of her brother Damon’s television series “My Wife and Kids”. In addition, she was an assistant to writers for 27 episodes of the show through 2004 and 2005.

Brother Shawn Wayans

Elvira’s brother Shawn Mathis Wayans was born on 19 January 1971, in New York, USA, which means that his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he is 48 years old.

Shawn spent a large portion of his early years as a Jehovah’s Witness. He was a student of Bayard Rustin High School, situated in Chelsea, New York City. His most prominent work is as an actor, writer and producer, including “The Wayans Bros”, “In Living Color” and “White Chicks”.

Shawn Wayans Career

Wayans made his acting debut in 1988, and in 1991 he had a smal role in “MacGyver”.

At that time, he was best known for being engaged with “In Living Color”, in which he appeared in various roles, spending more than a decade on that project before leaving in 2001. In the following period, the actor went on to work on “Hangin with Mr. Cooper” and “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood”. In 1995, he finally had his breakthrough, having joined the cast of “The Wayans Bros”, alongside his male siblings. He was dedicated to the series over the course of the next four years, besides which in 1996 he was cast in “Waynehead”.

Latter Career

In 2001, Shawn had his perhaps most notable project, portraying Ray in “Scary Movie 2”, a comedy horror film that parodies clichés in that genre. Despite receiving generally mediocre and negative comments from the critics, “Scary Movie 2” lived up to the expectations of the fans of the original movie, and is still considered one of the best horror parodies. Three years afterwards, he joined the cast of “White Chicks” as one of the leading characters, Kevin Copeland, which follows the story of two African-American detectives who go undercover as two Caucasian girls to solve a crime involving a kidnapping.

Shawn Wayans

Shawn’s most recent work includes “Dance Flick” and “Animals.” Overall, he has had 19 acting gigs.

Son Damien

Elvira’s son Damien Dante Wayans was born on 29 April 1980 in New York City, and is widely known as an actor, producer, director. He began his career as early as seven years of age in “Eddie Murphy Raw” in 1987. In 1995, he had a small role in “Major Payne”, acting alongside his uncle Damon, and in the following year worked on “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood”.

Throughout the rest of the nineties, he appeared as a guest star in several television series, such as “Norm” and “NYPD Blue”. His most recent work includes “Second Generation Wayans” and “Single Ladies”, portraying David Berenger in nine episodes of the latter. In addition to having 19 projects as an actor, Wayans has also worked as a writer for “My Wife and Kids” and “Second Generation Wayans”.

Elvira’s Daughter Chaunté

Chaunté Wayans made her debut in the entertainment field as a production assistant on “Americanizing Shelley” in 2007, and in the following period went on to work on her uncle’s projects – “My Wife and Kids” and “Scary Movie 2”. The audience was able to see her in the reality TV series “Trading Spaces”, broadcast on TLC. In 2009, she debuted as an actress, appearing in “Dance Flick” alongside some of her family members.

In the next year, Chaunté was cast to play the role of a Comedy Club Host in the short movie “Hollywood Misconceptions”, and in 2016, she played Charlese in “Fifty Shades of Black”, a parody of the worldwide famous movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, based on the book of the same title by E.L. James. Despite receiving a generally negative response, the movie attracted the attention of the media.

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