• Frederic Thiebaud was born in Switzerland on 8 January 1970 and holds Swiss citizenship.
• He is an executive at the Nestle company.
• He was married to Marie-Anne Thiebaud before marrying Shania Twain in 2010.
• His interests include sports and traveling with his wife.
• He has a net worth of over $3.5 million.

Who is Shania Twain’s husband? Frederic Thiebaud Wiki Bio

Frederic Thiebaud was born in Switzerland on 8 January 1970; he holds Swiss citizenship and his birth sign is Capricorn. He is popular for being the husband of Shania Twain, a Canadian singer; he works for the Nestle company as an executive – the company makes around $10 billion per year.

Early life, education, and career

Frederic spent his childhood in Switzerland, an only child in a middle-class family. He finished his high school in Switzerland, and then moved to the US to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, however, he didn’t make it in the music industry, but rather became a businessman.

Frederic Thiebaud

Love life and marriage with Shania

Frederic has been married twice – his first wife was Marie-Anne Thiebaud who worked as a secretary to Shania Twain, and was also her best friend, while Shania was at the time married to Robert Lange, her record producer. In 2009, Shania found out that her husband was cheating on her with her best friend Marie-Anne since the summer of 2008, leading to their divorce being made official in June 2010.

On 20 December 2010, Frederic and Shania became engaged after both of them divorced their wife and husband respectively, and married in Rincon, Puerto Rico on 1 January 2011. They are parents to their daughter named Johanna Thiebaud, and are living together in Canada, while Frederic spends a lot of his time in Switzerland as well.

Who is Shania Twain?

Eilleen Regina Edwards was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on 28 August 1965, under the zodiac sign of Virgo, and now holds both Canadian and American nationality. She rose to prominence thanks to her career as a singer, actress, and a songwriter.

Shania grew up in Windsor, with parents Clarence and Sharon Edwards, and two sisters named Carrie Ann and Jill. At the age of two, her parents divorced, and her mother Sharon remarried to Jerry Twain, who adopted Shania and her two sisters, while Sharon gave birth to Shania’s stepbrother Mark. Shania began singing in bars when she was eight, and mainly did it to help her family as they often had little to no money – she wrote her first songs such as “Just Like the Storybooks” and “Is Love a Rose” when she was 10. At the age of 16, Shania was offered support to record her first album in Nashville in the US, and obtained her US papers thanks to Jerry Twain, her stepfather, as he is a Native American (Ojibway).

Shania’s childhood was not easy, as her mother and Jerry were often fighting, and they occasionally had no money for food leading to Sharon taking her children to a homeless shelter for help in the summer of 1979, but returning to Jerry in 1981. Shania was studying at the Timmins High and Vocational School when she was invited to perform in the “Tommy Hunter” CBS show, which helped her become part of the Longshot local band.

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Her career was officially launched in 1983, when she left Longshot and became part of the Flirt cover band – they went on to tour Ontario together, until Shania was noticed by Stan Campbell, a Canadian DJ, and he took her to record free demos. She signed a contract with Stan, and practiced singing and playing the guitar for several hours each day – she began singing country music, although she tried unsuccessfully to switch to rock and pop. Shania’s mother and stepfather died in a car crash on 1 November 1987, and Shania moved back home to take care of her sisters and brother, while simultaneously performing at the Deerhurst Resort to provide money for them.

She released her self-titled debut album in 1993, which reached #67 on the US Country Albums Chart – the album was not an instant success, but steadily sold more over the years, and was certified platinum after six years as it had sold more than a million copies. Her second album “The Woman in Me” was released on 7 February 1995, and two of its singles reached #11 and #40 on Billboard Country Chart and Billboard Hot 100 – by 2007, more than 12 million copies of the album were sold. She released her third album “Come on Over” in 1997, and fourth – “Up!” – on 24 December 2003, in which she officially switched to pop music – her “Greatest Hits” album was released in 2004, then she took a six-year break before recording her next single, “Today Is Your Day”.

Shania’s latest album is entitled “Now”, which in September 2017 reached top place on the Billboard 200 chart.

Frederic’s interests and hobbies

Frederic is known to be very sporting, and participated in several sports while attending high school – he maintains his looks and his figure by going to the gym several times per week. He enjoys going to clubs with his wife, but also likes being in nature, which is why the two chose a beach in Puerto Rico for their wedding. He loves the Swiss mountains, and spending time on his boat on Lake Geneva.

Both Frederic and Shania have traveling as their hobby – the two have been to numerous European countries together, while they’ve also been to South America, Canada, and several states in the US.

Appearance and net worth

Frederic has curly brown hair and brown eyes. As of mid-2024, his net worth is estimated at over $3.5 million, and Shania’s at an impressive $400 million.

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