• Josh Latin is a singer, musician, and songwriter best known for producing most of the songs in Beyonce's fifth album.
• He has a net worth estimated to be over $14 million.
• He aspired to a musical career early in his life, but struggled a lot during his teens.
• He became the main producer of Beyonce's fifth album, and released several music projects afterwards.
• He had a relationship with actress Rose McGowan from late 2016 to 2017.

Who is Josh Latin?

Jordan Asher Cruz was born in Broward, Florida, USA. He is a singer, musician and songwriter, best known for producing most of the songs contained in Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth album. Following his rise to fame, he started to create his own music, and released several music projects. He previously came to notice for being in a relationship with actress Rose McGowan.

The Net Worth of Josh Latin

Josh Latin has a net worth estimated to be over $14 million, earned through his success in the music industry, particularly as a songwriter, and for his music releases.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Josh aspired to a musical career early in his life, but struggled a lot during his teens as he tried to gain his big break, while living in his own car; his experiences during this time would help fuel his songwriting later on. He first tried working as a lead singer for several bands, including Blond Fuzz, Young Circles, Stonefox, and Blonds, but none of these ever achieved the breakthrough he was looking for. In 2013, he finally got the opportunity he wanted, as he was offered a contract with Roc Nation.

The entertainment company is owned by rapper Jay-Z, and has offices in several locations in the country including New York City. The company has a record label, concert production company, touring company, talent agency, as well as other business endeavors. After signing, he remained silent about the details of his work with the company, and worked away from the limelight. During the same year, the album “Beyoncé” was released, and he soon gained credit for being responsible for writing about 80% of the material on it.

Josh Latin

Success and Music Career

Beyoncé’s fifth album was marketed as a visual album, and as such was accompanied by short films that showcased the themes the music represented during its production. Some of the themes include relationships, sex, and monogamy; while it is noted to be an album in which the singer expressed her creative freedom fully. Latin became the main producer, despite being relatively unknown, and after it was released, he started taking credit under the name Boots. He was responsible for writing four original songs, and contributed production to other Jay-Z projects.

Beyoncé began promoting his work and his personal website, which contained original compositions featuring himself as the lead vocalist. In 2014, he started releasing more songs, including “Howl” and “Autumn (Lude I)” which featured the artist Kelela. Australian singer Sia was reportedly involved in another song entitled “Ride Ride Ride”, while Josh accepted the achievements of Beyoncé’s fifth album as his own. He continued releasing more singles in the coming months, before showcasing a track list featuring artists such as Shlohmo, Jeremih, and Son Lux.

Later in the year, he released a single entitled “Mercy” through iTunes and SoundCloud, and appeared alongside Run The Jewels in the “Late Show with David Letterman”, performing the single “Early”. In 2015, he released a trailer for the film entitled “Motorcycle Jesus”, which turned out to be an EP featuring five of his original songs. Following the announcement of an album in production, he performed the single “I Run Roulette” in an item of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, which gained positive reviews.

Former Partner – Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan rose to fame during the 1990s, gaining a lot of recognition for her work in the film “The Doom Generation” which helped her nomination for an Independent Spirit Award. In 1996, she had a starring role in the film “Scream”, which led to a string of film projects such as “Jawbreaker” and “Devil in the Flesh”. In the 2000s, she established herself on television, playing the character Paige Matthews in the show “Charmed”, which she stayed with for five years until the series ended, then starred in the film “Grindhouse”, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

She’s been featured in numerous high profile publications, including “Maxim”, “GQ”, “Rolling Stone”, and “Seventeen”. In recent years, she’s been active in speaking out about sexual harassment and assault, being one of the women who came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misdeeds towards women in the entertainment industry during his career.

Personal Life

Josh started a relationship with Rose in late-2016, after the actress confirmed through a post on Instagram that they were dating.

However, their relationship didn’t last very long as they stopped posting about one another within the span of a year. Prior to their relationship, she was married to artist Davey Detail which lasted for three years before their divorce settlement – many believed that her relationship with the songwriter was on the rebound. McGowan has attracted her share of controversy in the past, mainly due to her actions as an LGBTQ activist, having previously identified herself as non-binary.

However, she has also been critical of the LGBTQ community for insensitive statements, criticizing them for not doing anything to help with the women’s rights movement. She also criticized Caitlyn Jenner for statements she made after she was named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour. Her criticisms were considered transphobic by the community, from which she defended herself, saying that a bad statement doesn’t make anyone immune to criticism, regardless of gender identity.

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