• Ann Cabell Standish is the wife of former FBI director Robert Mueller.
• She is assumed to have wealth coming from her husband's achievements.
• She attended Miss Porter's School and Sarah Lawrence College.
• She met Robert Mueller at the age of 17 and the two married in 1966.
• She has been very supportive of her husband's career.


Who is Ann Cabell Standish?

Ann Cabell Standish was born on 2 April 1948, in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, USA, and is best known for being the wife of attorney Robert Mueller, who served as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) sixth director of the from 2001 to 2013. She’s often been referenced by her husband as one of the biggest reasons for his success.

The Net Worth of Ann Cabell Standish

Not a lot has been revealed about Ann Cabell Standish’s career, so the majority of her wealth is assumed to come from supporting her husband, who has a net worth estimated to be over $4 million. He’s had high positions in military, law, and government during his career, so his achievements have helped her live supporting a somewhat luxurious lifestyle.

Early Life and Education

Ann Cabell was raised by her parents in Sewickly and most of this part of her life has not been covered by the media. She attended Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut and this would be at around the time that she was first introduced to her future husband. Miss Porter’s School is a private college preparatory school for girls which has over 300 students enrolled annually. Despite its small enrolment, the school is known for their international diversity, with students from 31 countries and 21 states of the US.

After matriculating from high school, Ann enrolled at the private Sarah Lawrence College, located in New York. It’s identified by its low student to faculty ratio leading to a more individualized form of study, which is modelled after the Oxford/Cambridge system. The college emphasizes independent study, with scholarships in the humanities, writing, and the performing arts.

Husband – Robert Mueller

Robert Swan Mueller III is a graduate of Princeton University and New York University. Following the completion of his education, he enlisted into the US Marine Corps, after he was inspired by the sacrifice of a close friend.

He served during the Vietnam War, where he was deployed to South Vietnam as a second lieutenant rifle platoon leader. He earned a Bronze Star for combat valor after saving a wounded Marine during an ambush which killed half of his platoon, and being wounded himself. He continued to serve into 1969, though was taken away from the battlefield for a while due to a gunshot wound to the thigh. He received numerous honors, and was discharged from active duty in 1970, having achieved the rank of captain. After his return to the US, he enrolled at the University of Virginia School of Law, intent on finding a career in the field. He completed his Juris Doctorate in 1973, and then worked for the firm Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro.

Ann Cabell Standish with Robert Mueller

Afterwards, he served 12 years in the US Attorneys offices, working in California and Boston. In 1989, he became the assistant to Attorney General Dick Thomburgh, leading to his promotion to US Assistant Attorney General in charge of the US Department of Justice Criminal Division. He was responsible for many investigations and achievements while in public service.

Mueller with the FBI and Special Counsel

In 2001, Robert was appointed to become the director of the FBI by President George W. Bush, with him being considered the front-runner for the position. He was unanimously confirmed for the position, becoming a lead figure during the US led invasion of Iraq in response to terrorism in the US; he barred FBI personnel from participating in enhanced interrogations with the CIA.

After the change of presidency with President Barack Obama now in charge, he was asked to helm the FBI for two more years, before he was replaced in 2013 by James Comey.He returned to the private sector, working as a consulting professor and public speaker. In 2017, it was reported that President Trump showed an interest in him serving as FBI director once more, which he declined, as he was not interested nor did term limits allow him. He was later appointed as a special counsel for the US Department of Justice to investigate Russian collusion during the presidential campaign and election of President Donald Trump. He did his duty for three years, uncovering many cases of obstruction of justice, but none that would connect Trump to the Russians.

He concluded his investigation with a statement that clears Trump from Russian connections but in no way exonerates him from every other violation allegedly committed while in office.

Personal Life

Standish met her future husband when she was 17 years old, at a high school party. He invited her for a weekend visit, and the two started dating from there, and the two married in 1966. They have two children and three grandchildren. One of their daughters was born with a spinal cord defect called spina bifida. Mueller has been vocal about her support over the many decisions in his life. She was supportive of him during his stint in the military, and would be supportive of him as he forayed towards a career in law.

Robert mentioned in his University of Virginia profile that his wife is a true saint. She has managed to keep out of the spotlight for most of her life even with his husband’s career. There was only one occasion when she attracted attention, when media sources reported that she stood up for her husband’s employees, seeing as how they were overworked due to the investigation he was doing.

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