• Takumi Kawahara is the CEO and co-founder of KonMari Media Inc. and the husband of Marie Kondo.
• He is 35 years old, born in Osaka, Japan, and matriculated from Kure Miyamura High School in 2004.
• He manages his wife's social media accounts and is the executive producer of the Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo."
• He and Marie have two daughters, and they currently reside in Los Angeles.
• Takumi Kawahara's net worth is estimated to be over $5 million.

Who is Takumi Kawahara?

Takumi Kawahara is an established Japanese producer, businessman, and the CEO of KonMari Media Inc. However, Kawahara is best known as the husband of the famous tidying-up guru, Marie Kondo.

Takumi Kawahara Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Takumi was born in July 1984 in Osaka, Japan, making him 35 years old in 2019. Nothing is known about his parent’s names and what they did for a living. However, Takumi has a brother, name unknown, who married in 2013. Takumi is Japanese by nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity.

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Takumi matriculated from Kure Miyamura High School in 2004. While in high school, he was a soccer player, and captained the team. For his higher education, Kawahara attended Kanagawa University in their Department of Autonomy Administration in their Faculty of Law.

Takumi Kawahara Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

Upon graduating, Takumi began working in a corporate organization, in the sales and marketing departments, and as a consultant. After marrying, he left his job to join his wife as her company manager.

In 2015, Takumi’s wife, Marie launched KonMari Media Inc. together with Takumi, who is the CEO and the co-founder of the organization. In 2018, the two signed a deal with Netflix, and Takumi is the executive producer of their series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The series premiered on 1 January 2019.

Takumi accompanies his wife frequently in her interviews, and he also helps her handle her books’ deals. Additionally, he works as his wife’s photographer from time to time.

Marie Kondo and Takumi Kawahara

Takumi Kawahara Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this CEO and producer:

His daughters have started learning the art of tidying up at an early age. In an interview, his wife stated that Miko and Satsuki have begun learning how to fold clothes properly.

Kawahara handles all of her wife’s social media accounts. Their company KonMari signed a deal with Netflix to produce a series. This deal was also linked with the Jackal Group.

While working in companies in Osaka, Takumi’s job involved a lot of traveling around the country.

Takumi Kawahara Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, and Children

Takumi and Marie’s engagement has a beautiful story. When Takumi proposed, he didn’t have the money to buy Marie a ring. However, Marie told him that she didn’t need a ring. She gave him her late grandmother’s ring, and Takumi used it to propose to Marie.

Although it is not known how Takumi met his wife, the two tied the knot in 2012. At that time, Takumi was working in the marketing and sales support department at a company in Osaka. Once his wife’s decluttering method kicked off, Takumi resigned from his job to join her.

Takumi also follows the famous KonMari Method. In an interview, his wife was quoted saying, ‘He was able to clean and became very organized even before he read my book. However, it was certainly even more pronounced after he read my book.’

The couple is blessed with two daughters, Satsuki, who is three years old, and Miko, who is two years old. Before his wife gave birth to Satsuki, they held what Marie referred to as a decluttering festival. They were worried that once the baby came along, the two wouldn’t have enough time to do a top-bottom clean.

Once they had their second child, Marie realized that she needed to adjust her approach slightly. Marie confessed that she became more forgiving once the baby was born since she had limited time and too many things to handle. At first, Marie thought she would teach her daughters everything about the KonMari Method once they turned three. However, they beat her to it, and she was shocked to see Satsuki putting stuffed animals, books, and toys back in their place more accurately than her mother anticipated. She also started copying Marie folding clothes, although her mother fixes them secretly when she is not aware.

The couple agrees that this doesn’t sound like a child’s idea of fun, but it’s a helpful thing that keeps the kids occupied for some time. Marie states that it’s never too early for a child to learn how to tidy up. She recommends parents to get their children involved the moment they start walking. This means that both Miko and Satsuki are KonMari consultants already.

Takumi and his wife lived in Tokyo and San Francisco previously before relocating to Los Angeles where they now reside with their children.

When Takumi is not working, he loves tidying up and traveling, with his favorite destination being Rome. Takumi’s favorite food is Japanese cuisine, while his favorite actor and actress are Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.

Takumi Kawahara Net Worth

Takumi gets his wealth from working as the CEO of KonMari Media Inc., as well as his wife’s social media strategist and manager. As of 2019, reputable sources estimate Takumi Kawahara net worth to be over $5 million.

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