• Cindy Costner is the first wife of actor Kevin Costner
• She is of Portuguese descent, and worked at Disneyland as Cinderella after graduating from California State University, Fullerton
• She had minor roles in the films "Dances with Wolves" and "LiteWeight"
• She received $50 million in alimony when she divorced Costner
• Since then, she has largely remained out of the limelight.

Who is Cindy Costner?

Cynthia “Cindy” Silva was born on 29 October 1956, in California, USA, and is an occasional actress, but best known for her marriage to actor Kevin Costner. She was his first wife, before his big break in Hollywood. Her former husband is known for his award-winning work in projects such as “Hatfields & McCoys”, “Dances with Wolves”, and “Molly’s Game”.

The Net Worth of Cindy Costner

Cindy Costner probably benefitted from the success of Kevin during their time together, and reputedly from alimony of $80 million when they divorced, reputedly her net worth as of mid-2024. Kevin has a net worth estimated to be over $250 million, earned thanks to decades of work in the entertainment industry.

Life, Education, and Career

Cindy is of Portuguese descent; it’s not known if she developed an interest in acting at a young age – she only saw acting as an occasional hobby when she was an adult.

After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at California State University, Fullerton where she would meet Kevin Costner, and the two began a relationship. After completing her studies, she worked in Disneyland, portraying the character Cinderella.

After three years with Costner, the two were married, at the time when he was aspiring to find success in acting. During the late 1980s, he was gaining a lot of success with high profile film projects, and she was even invited to have a minor role in the 1990’s film “Dances with Wolves”.

The film is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Michael Blake, and tells the story of a Union Army officer traveling in the US to deal with the Native American Lakota tribe. She also had a role in 1998’s “LiteWeight”, on which she worked with Beque Serra and Jeffrey Garcia.

Husband – Kevin Costner

Kevin grew up in Compton, California, the youngest among three children; his father worked as an electrician while his mother was a welfare worker.

At a young age, he developed an interest in films thanks to the family going to the movie house frequently. He moved around due to his father’s work, and attended Mt. Whitney High School before later moving to Villa Park High School from where he matriculated. He then enrolled at California State University, Fullerton where he completed a degree in marketing and finance.

His path towards acting was established during his final year in college, when he started taking acting classes in secret.

Kevin Costner

He initially worked as a marketing executive, but eventually got the support of his wife to continue acting. In 1981, he began his career with the independent film “Sizzle Beach, USA” in which he worked alongside Robert Acey. However, the film was not released until much later, when he had risen to celebrity status. During this period, he had a string of minor roles, before portraying Eliot Ness in 1987’s “The Untouchables”.

Kevin Costner – Success in Acting

In the late 1980s, Kevin started gaining a lot of attention, becoming the lead in numerous films.

Some of his most successful films came out during this period, as he starred in “Field of Dreams”, “Bull Durham”, and “No Way Out”. His work in “Dances with Wolves” is considered one of his greatest, as he won two Academy Awards in the process. Other projects he had during this period include “The Bodyguard”, and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. In 1995, he starred in “Waterworld” a film he also co-produced. The film failed at the box office, only gaining a small profit, but espite that, the film would eventually achieve cult status, and remains a popular attraction in theme parks such as in Universal Studios.

During the late 1990s up to the 2000s, he had a bit of a lull with his career thanks to a string of unsuccessful films in which he was cast as the lead. Later in his career, he preferred working in supporting roles which helped him gain back positive critical reception. A couple of his most popular projects in recent years include “Man of Steel”, and “Molly’s Game”. He also worked on the show “Hatfields & McCoys”, for which he won his first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Personal Life

Cindy married Kevin in 1978 and they had three children together during their marriage of 16 years.

Later on, he commended her for being the better person in the relationship, saying that she was smarter, sweet and beautiful. However, the temptations of fame soon got to their relationship, and things turned sour during the peak of his success in the late 1980s. He later admitted that marriage is a very difficult thing for him. It was during Cindy’s work with him in “Dances with Wolves” that she began to notice his erratic behavior.

During their divorce proceedings, he was accused of being unfaithful during their marriage, and she reportedly walked away with $50 million from the settlement.

Since then, things have been quiet on her end; apparently she hasn’t remarried, but reputedly has a partner known only as Larry.. Her former husband became connected to numerous women in the entertainment industry, including Elle McPherson, Bridget Rooney and Birgit Cunningham. He later settled with model Christine Baumgartner, whom he’s been married to since 2004.

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