• Keisha Chambers is best known as the wife of actor Justin Chambers.
• The couple's joint net worth is estimated to be $18 million.
• Keisha grew up in a financially troubled family and worked in the modeling industry as an agency booker.
• Her husband Justin is an actor, best known for his work in the television series "Grey's Anatomy".
• The couple has five children and are Christians, volunteering in the Pentecostal Christian Church.

Who is Keisha Chambers?

Keisha Chambers was born in 1970, in the United States of America, and is a former modeling agency employee, but best known as the wife of actor Justin Chambers. Her husband is renowned for his work in the television series “Grey’s Anatomy” in which he plays Dr. Alex Karev.

The Wealth of Keisha Chambers

Keisha Chambers’ individual net worth remains undisclosed, as the couple’s wealth is always expressed as joint, at $18 million, benefiting considerably from the success of her husband with a salary reputedly over $9 million for his work in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The couple owns several luxury sports cars and they also have a home in Los Angeles valued $1.5 million.

Life and Career

Keisha grew up as the youngest and only daughter of her family. She is of African-American descent and the family experienced a lot of financial troubles, leading to her two brothers sharing with the financial load to help get Keisha through college. She aspired to find a career as a model but it was particularly difficult as it was a time when prejudice was high towards dark-skinned models.

Nevertheless, she continued her path in the modeling industry, becoming an agency booker. One of her biggest clients was the fashion brand, Calvin Klein – the luxury fashion house is one of the most recognized designer brands in the world, offering ready-to-wear clothes, leather, accessories, jewelry, and much more. She worked numerous advertising campaigns with them, and it was during this period that she met Justin Chambers who was working as a model at the time.

Justin and Keisha Chambers

The started dating and stayed together for a few years while she continued her agency work, which she left after their marriage in 1993 to focus on becoming a homemaker.

Husband – Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1970, where he grew-up alongside his fraternal twin brother – both his parents worked as deputy sheriffs. At a young age, he wanted to pursue a career in dentistry and didn’t think of acting partly because he and his brother had a lot of health problems, and were frequently hospitalized.

He attended Southeastern High School and the family later moved to New York where he developed his interest in the arts, studying at HB Studio for four years. While in New York, he was discovered by a modeling scout who offered him a chance to appear in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, which led to more work with other companies such as Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. He also traveled internationally as a model, spending time in Japan and Europe before returning to the US, intent to transition to an acting career.

After completing his training in acting, he made his first professional acting appearance in the music video for “Ants Marching” by the Dave Matthews Band. This led to more opportunities, including appearances in shows such as “New York Undercover”, “Another World”, and “Seasons of Love”.

Rise to Fame and Grey’s Anatomy – Justin Chambers

As Chambers’ career progressed, he started to get leading and starring roles in films. He worked alongside Adrien Brody on the film “Liberty Heights”, and then alongside Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”.

In 2001, he starred in “The Musketeer” before being cast in the HBO original movie “Hysterical Blindness”. He was also set as one of the lead characters of the show “Cold Case”, but left the series after four episodes. Other projects he had during this period include “The Zodiac” and “Southern Belles”. In 2004, he was cast as one of the series regulars alongside Katherin Heigl, Sandra Oh, TR Knight, and Ellen Pompeo for the medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy”, in which his character was initially a surgical intern.

The show follows the lives of medical employees in a fictional hospital and proved highly successful, leading to a Screen Actors Guild Award. He also appeared in crossover episodes of the spin-off “Private Practice”. He is one of the few remaining original cast members of the show, with only Ellen Pompeo from his batch of interns. He’s been with the show for over 14 seasons, and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Personal Life

Keisha married Justin in 1993 after a few years of dating and she left her job to focus on their five children, two of whom are twins. The couple also owns a beagle and two rescue dogs. They frequent homes in Los Angeles and New York, though mostly stay in LA due to her husband’s work. The couple does their best to follow a healthy lifestyle. They are also Christians, and at times, involve themselves in the Los Angeles Dream Center, which is run by the Pentecostal Christian Church.

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