• Nadine Caridi is the former model and wife of Jordan Belfort, "The Wolf of Wall Street".
• She holds British and American nationality, and is now a family and marriage therapist.
• She met Jordan at a party and they married in 1991, until their divorce in 200•
• She has overcome two cases of cancer and has a net worth of $5 million.
• She is 5ft 8ins tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nadine Caridi is best-known for being the wife of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort. She is a former model who is now a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychotherapy; she is also a licensed family and marriage therapist.

Early life and family

Nadine Caridi was born under the sign of Scorpio on 6 November 1962, in Bay Ridge, London, England UK – she now holds British and American nationality. When Nadine was a child, her parents moved to Brooklyn, New York City USA to develop their careers and find new chances to earn more money, so she spent almost all her childhood and youth in the US. From her early years she was interested in sports, and enjoyed dressing-up and making various hairstyles on herself and her friends. As she got older, she realized that she wanted to become a model.

Educational background

Nadine attended John Dewey High School, located in Brooklyn, matriculating from there in 1980. She didn’t enroll at any university, but pursued her dream to become a model, so she started working right away. However, after her divorce from Jordan Belfort, she decided to obtain a degree and to start a new life, in which she would work for herself, so she entered Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2008, getting her BA in Clinical Psychology in 2010 and eventually Ph.D. in 2015.


Nadine started her career as a print model, appearing on the posters of “Miller Lite” beer. Her career developed quite successfully, until she met Jordan Belfort at one of the parties, married him and quit the modeling industry.

However, starting from 2015 Nadine has been working hard in the position of marriage and family therapist, and a blogger. She uses her Instagram account entitled “Dr. Nadine Macaluso” to promote her services, encouraging her followers with motivational quotes and mindful advice on various life situations and relationships: ‘A wounded healer with strong emotional and relational intelligence, I help individuals struggling to map their own journey and overcome their own self-doubt’, as she describes her methodology of working with people.

Personal life, ex-husband Jordan Belfort

Nadine met Jordan for the first time at one of the parties he constantly had at his mansion. She attended that party with her then-boyfriend Alan Wilzig, who is an entrepreneur and amateur race driver.

Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Alan introduced Nadine to Jordan, who was married to Denise Lombardo at that time. Even though both of them had someone in their lives, they attracted each other from the moment they met, so Jordan eventually divorced Denise, Nadine left Alan, and Nadine and Jordan married in 1991. The couple welcomed two children – older son Carter and younger daughter Chandler. Nadine quit her modelling job and stayed at home, bringing up the children and enjoying the lavish life the family lived in those times. In June 1996 Jordan, Nadine and a few of their friends went sailing on the yacht Jordan presented to Nadine – the yacht was earlier owned by Coco Chanel, but Jordan renamed it to “Nadine”.

The yacht sank in the middle of the night near the east coast of Sardinia, while Jordan and Nadine were having party on it, ignoring the opinion of their captain that they shouldn’t sail in such bad weather with a strong wind and high waves. Luckily, all the people who were on board were saved. In 2003 Jordan was sent to prison as the investigation into his businesses led to his jailing for four years. However, Jordan only spent one year and 10 months in prison, released on a probationary period for his good behavior. He also owned over $110 million to his victims. However, due to consistent physical abuse and his multiple affairs with other women, Nadine divorced Jordan in 2005, accusing him of alcohol and drug addiction.

In 2008, Jordan married Anne Koppe, his long-term girlfriend.

Who is Jordan Belfort? Is he The Wolf Of Wall Street?

Jordan Ross Belfort was born on 9 July 1962, in The Bronx, New York City USA. Graduating from American University with a BA in biology, Jordan started his career as a door-to-door seafood and meat salesman, though he wanted to become a dentist to make a lot of money, and even enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. However, the dean of the college told him the age of dentists’ good income was over, so Jordan left the school the very same day. After that he developed his controversial career of a stockbroker, the results of which eventually gained him more fame, despite his notoriety.

After he was released from the jail, he wrote the book “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2007 and the second memoir book in 2009, entitled “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison”. Both books were translated into 18 languages and published in over 40 countries.

Jordan also started delivering motivational speeches, participating in various forums and events. He revealed his secrets in the sphere of entrepreneurship, business ethics, etc. He also travelled around Australia with his motivational seminars – “The Truth Behind Success”. Jordan admitted in one such seminar that he was sad for all the people who lost money because of his fraudulent behaviour.

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie

In fact, the story of Jordan Belfort and his book “The Wolf of Wall Street” persuaded Martin Scorsese to adapt it into a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie playing Jordan and Nadine. The movie had great success, and DiCaprio was nominated for the Academy Awards for his role, but the Oscar went to Matthew McConaughey for “Dallas Buyers Club”.  The movie amassed $392 million at the box office around the world. However, Nadine doesn’t like talking or answering questions about the movie.

Current husband John Macaluso

Nadine subsequently married John Macaluso, an entrepreneur and former CEO of Wizard World Entertainment; he left his position in 2016, replaced by John Maatta. John is 22 years older than Nadine, but she’s shared that the age gap doesn’t impact their marriage. John Macaluso has three daughters from his previous relationship. The couple haven’t had any children, living in their mansion at Hermosa Beach, California. They even shared a photo of their Halloween pumpkins, carved with a laser and depicting Nadine and John’s portraits.

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Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Nadine’s favorite cuisine is Italian, she likes pasta, pizza and ravioli.
  • She also enjoys traveling, cooking, painting and reading.
  • If she could choose the destination she could visit more often, she would name the Alps in Switzerland.
  • Her favorite music performers are Kevin Sousa, Joshua McClain and Ben Myers; she also likes the bands called “Bahari” and “Virus Nine”.
  • Her favorite actor is Tom Hanks; her favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.
  • Her favorite films are “Dinner with Leatherface” and “Food Matters”.
  • Nadine’s favorite TV show is “Hollywood or Bust”, she likes to watch it whenever she has a spare evening she can spend in front of the TV.
  • Her favorite colors are orange and red.
  • One of her favorite books is “My Two Bedrooms” by Christopher Pulitano.
  • Nadine revealed that she’s fought two cases of cancer, healing successfully.

Appearance, clothing style

Nadine has long blonde hair with side bangs; she has blue eyes. Nadine is 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall, weighs around 142lbs (64kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-30-37. She likes wearing classic clothes – her favorite piece is a coat. She wears shoes size seven.

Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Nadine’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. She’s earned the whole sum working hard as a therapist, and didn’t take a dollar from her ex-husband, Jordan Belfort.

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