• Amanda Martin is a businesswoman and reality TV star
• She has a net worth of over $300,000, mostly earned via her business
• She worked in the banking industry previously and competed in the “Biker Build-Off”
• She stars in “Iron Resurrection”, a show where she and her team restore old vehicles
• She is married to Joe Martin and they have three children together

Who is Amanda Martin?

Amanda Jill Keathley was born on 11 December 1973, in Red Oak, Texas, USA. She is a businesswoman, but also a reality television personality, best known as a regular cast member in the show entitled “Iron Resurrection”. She featured in the show alongside her business partner – her husband Joe Martin – as well as their team.

The Wealth of Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin has a net worth estimated to be over $300,000, primarily earned thanks to the success of her business.

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Her work on “Iron Resurrection” and previous work in the banking industry has also contributed to this wealth. She also probably benefits from the success of her husband, who has a net worth estimated to be over $700,000.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Amanda grew up in Red Oak alongside three siblings, all of whom attended Red Oak High School. After matriculating, details of her college education are not known, except that she pursued studies related to finance.

Afterwards she began working in Plano, Texas for Wells Fargo, rising in the ranks to become a bank manager in the banking and financial services company, with offices around the US. It is one of the largest banks in the country, consistently ranked among the top companies in the Fortune 500 in earnings, with over $2 trillion in assets competing with the likes of JPMorgan Chase, ICBC, Bank of America, and Citigroup. She served in the company for five years, and this helped her build wealth.

Amanda Martin

Banking Work and Transition

Martin was then hired by Pioneer Bank in Austin, Texas, where she became the Assistant Vice President of the company for two years. She was in a much smaller bank compared to her previous job, and her experience proved valuable. After those two years, she was promoted to become the Vice President of Deposit Operations, a position she held for another two years before becoming their Product Manager. She eventually left the company in 2017, wanting to find better opportunities than working at an office job.

At around the same time, her husband had just won a television competition which helped him gather enough attention and funds to start his own business, with his wife as a business partner – this business would be called Martin Bros Customs. As the name denotes, they are known for customizing cars, specializing in resurrecting or refurbishing old vehicles. They had a third business partner in Jason Martin, Joe’s brother, and a close family friend, Jayson Arrington, who specializes in marketing.

Iron Resurrection and Recent Projects

To help with the business, the partners pitched a show to Velocity Network which was successful, leading to the creation of “Iron Resurrection”. In the show, the couple along with members of their team of restoration specialists, look for abandoned or damaged cars and bikes and restore them, selling them for a profit. The show started airing in 2016 and brought a bit of fame Amanda’s way, thanks to her personality and looks. The show has aired for three seasons and 23 episodes, and the team is currently busy working on a fourth season, traveling around the country.

The business has been doing well boosted by their television content, partnering with other automotive companies. They are a regular feature on car shows where they meet a lot of prospective clients. They’ve had a few celebrity and high profile clients thanks to the exposure. Some of their recent projects include work on a 1964 Lincoln Continental, Big Red Bobber, and a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, all of which have all been featured on “Iron Resurrection”.

They also buy vehicles and do custom builds, depending on the budget of their clients. She’s also been busy promoting merchandise that features their company logo. Some of their car builds have gone on to be auctioned off for charity.

Personal Life

Amanda is married to Joe Martin, though very few details about their relationship and marriage have been made available to the public. The two are very close, evidenced by even trusting one another when it comes to business.

The idea for the business came to Joe after he had won the “Biker Build-Off” competition held by the Discovery Channel.

The couple have three children together, with their youngest reportedly diagnosed with cancer. She keeps the privacy of her children intact by not giving them a lot of media exposure. The family mainly reside in Johnson City, Texas, though travel around the country frequently, thanks to their work.

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  1. This article was obviously written by a Brit since plural verbs were used twice in the last paragraph with singular subjects. Couple and Family are singular in this country and require singular verbs (couple has, not have, and family resides, not reside). Other than this, a good article.

      • gary andrus Reply

        I didn’t find anything wrong with the grammar in the article.
        R.B. just wanted to say something.
        I would say that Joe is a VERY LUCKY man.

        • Bob Mcquillan Reply


          Thanks so much for that, and here I was worried about Covid 19, China aggression, the collapse of the economies of so many world nations and the fact that in so many places good people are lining up for groceries for hours on end .

          BTW – NO NEED TO CORRECT MY GRAMMER OR SPELING , I think I nailed this .

      • Why are you encouraging small thinking grammar nazis? The only reason they choose to comment is to tell everyone how much smarter they “think” they are than the person who wrote the piece.

        Tell him to piss off

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      To the above written by Mr Grammar checker, I say BFD. I suggest you get a life or go back under your rock.

  2. Derreck C Smith Reply

    Just simply amazing.
    I believe you did “Nail It”. I now feel that much better about my FAVORITE Heroes in reality television.
    Derreck from Cali.

  3. I love Joe Martin and Mandy Martins show. I have seen everyone of them. Surprising because I am an older Lady. Mandy is a ray of sunshine, she is so perky and sweet and makes me laugh. Her personality really is very special. You can see the love and respect Joe and her have for each other.
    All the workers seem to be very compatible with each other. They are very fortunate to be employed at this business.
    I am looking forward to Season Four, would like to know when it will be aired.
    Keep up the great work guys you rock!

    • Sandy the show airs here in Canada as well (Yes we have TV and I am a Canuck) and I could not agree more. If Joe is as he appears he has formed a very compatible team. I did not care for the colour of that Nova ss but everything else is just great. Amanda adds a lot to the show and shorty as well.
      I sincerely wish their Son well and want nothing but the best for all of them. This should drive RB nuts, but probably a short drive.

  4. All I would like to say is thank you and GOD BLESS their children.

  5. Thanks to Mike Z. on the show, I’m back into lifting weights at an older age. Lady friend saw Mike and flatly told me “you could look like him if you tried” So I’m trying but doubt if I’LL ever look that good. Thanks Mike!! Love the show!

  6. I did amanda in high school. She was a very bad lay and smelled like fish. Hope she improved for good old hat wearing joe.

    • Ze Cabeleira Reply


      Seriously, man… go outside and try have a life without writing something so stupid and clearly false

    • I like the show pretty well. I am amazed at how anyone can completely break a car down, clean, repair and refurbish the parts and put it all back together. How do you ever organize that many parts? Oh, and Randy, you are pitiful and stuck in a junior high mentality! If you ever knew Amanda, you are just jealous.

    • Randy, probably the crudest comment I have seen on any board. I am surprised it has been left up for so long.

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      what a load of crap Randy, your a dreamer and wish you had but truth is you wouldnt get to first base with her or anyone else for that matter. what a dead beat you are.

  7. I record all of Iron Resurrection, I’m in love with Amanda (Mandy) she has it all, wit, looks, that smile and a great walk!

    • I believe Joe and Shag (why else the name?) have an understanding.

  8. Painkilllazzzz Reply

    As she has gotten older, ol muphy now smells like a catalytic converter off an old Ford

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    I’d love to see Joe one handed rip the throats out of these rude assfaces and watch them shake shudder and bleed out on the floor!!!!!!

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