• Brittany Ann Watts is the director of sales for the Ritz-Carlton Resort in Half Moon Bay, California.
• She is the wife of politician Eric Swalwell and was born in the early 1980s in Columbus, Indiana.
• She and Eric married in October 2016, and now have two young children.
• Eric graduated from the University of Maryland with a law degree and was elected to the US House of Representative in November 201•
• Eric and Brittany have been using social media to promote his political career, and Brittany is supporting the family financially.


Brittany Ann Watts is the director of sales for the Ritz-Carlton Resort in Half Moon Bay, California, and publicly known as the wife of politician Eric Swalwell. She is 5ft 6ins tall (167cm), and has black hair and black eyes. She has been publicly supporting her husband throughout his political career via social media, and she was very vocal about the Alabama abortion ban, where she pointed out the unfairness of men deciding what’s right for women.

Early life

Brittany was born in the early 1980s, the daughter of Dr. Kathryn L. Watts and Dr. H. William Watts III, who are both dentists in Columbus, Indiana where they own their practices. Brittany graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Love life and marriage with Eric Swalwell

Brittany and Eric met in September back in 2015, introduced by mutual friends – an interesting fact about those “mutual friends” is that they actually got together twelve years earlier because Eric introduced them to each other.

They married around a year later in October 2016, after Eric’s proposal in a resort in West Virginia, in a ceremony in Oakland, California at the Rene Davidson courthouse.


Brittany and Eric now have two young children, a boy named Nelson, who is two years old and a girl Cricket, born in 2019. Even though having a family and being involved in politics is very challenging, they both claim that they are very happy about the fact that they have kids. They often post content on social media about their family life which backs this claim.

Brittany Watts and Eric Swalwell with their children

Who is Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell is a son of Eric N. Swalwell and Vicky J. Swalwell who reside in Discovery Bay, California. He was born on 16 November 1980, and he spent his childhood in Sac City, Iowa, and Dublin, California. His mother still works as an administrative assistant at Chevron in California. Eric’s father is retired police chief of Algona, Iowa, and after retirement from the police, worked as a security consultant ifor retail companies in North California.

Eric graduated from the University of Maryland with a law degree. He was elected to the US House of Representative in November 2012, defeating Pete Stark who held the position for almost forty years. He is also a senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Subcommittee on the Central Intelligence Agency. In April 2019 Eric announced during the “Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert” that he will be a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. He formally launched his campaign on 14 Aprilh at an event at Dublin High School in Dublin, California. However, a few months down the road he decided to drop out of the race.

Social media

Even though we do not have any information about Brittany’s personal social media profiles, as she wants to keep her privacy, luckily for us she often appears on her husband’s public social media profiles. At one point during the Alabama abortion ban vote, she actually hijacked her husband’s Twitter account to make a bold statement regarding the protection of human rights, and the fact that women are supposed to be able to make decisions for themselves.

She’s also proved to be very supportive of her husband’s political endeavors, claiming that he is a very genuine and just person and as such an ideal candidate to lead the US as president.

Furthermore, we can see a lot of photos of Brittany and her family on her husband’s Instagram account. Obviously, Eric has realized the power of social media and he is trying his best to show that Brittany, their children and him are just a regular American family.

They had a very interesting slogan during the time when he was running for Democratic presidential nomination, “Pass the Torch”, which meant that it is time for the new generation of politicians to take charge and lead the US into the new era.

Eric has also been using his social media to raise awareness about gun control, since he is campaigning to end gun violence. In addition, Eric often uses his Twitter account to comment about the Trump impeachment process that is currently going on, and other current political affairs.

How much are they worth

Brittany Watts’ net worth is minimal, probably because she is supporting the whole family – her husband has been identified as one of the poorest members of Congress. He has declared that he has negative worth because of his student loan debt, explaining that he can understand better than anyone what millions of Americans are going through.

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