• Robyn Krauthammer is an Australian lawyer and artist, wife of American political columnist Charles Krauthammer.
• She graduated from St. Anne’s College, Oxford University, and started work at an international law firm in Paris.
• She is a painter and sculptor, and is respected among many art circles.
• She and Charles founded a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting lost and forgotten Jewish classical music.
• She is worth over $2.5 million.

Robyn Krauthammer (nee Trethewey) is an Australian lawyer and artist, but is probably more widely known for being the wife of American political columnist Charles Krauthammer.

Early life and education

Robyn was born on 5th September 1952, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Besides Australian, she now also has American nationality. The whole of her life she has been very interested in regulations, law and politics. When the time came, it was pretty clear that she is going to study law, and she ultimately graduated from St. Anne’s College, Oxford University.

She started to work at an international law firm in Paris, France, but in spite of apparently being a good lawyer, her career in law and in that company didn’t last long, as she discovered another passion: art. Because of that, she decided to accomplish her dreams and become an artist, and so went to the Corcoran School of Arts, after which she continued her education at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Robyn’s career

At one point, she was practicing law and started some work as an artist; her art career consists in her being a painter and a sculptor.

She’s had her paintings exhibited at the Washington Foxhall Gallery, and is apparently very much respected and recognized among many art circles. Robyn has another passion, which led her to another successful career: she loves classical music, especially Jewish. Her husband and she founded a non-profit organization “Pro Musica Herbaica”, which is dedicated to presenting lost and forgotten Jewish classical music in concert halls.

Love life and marriage

Robyn met Charles in 1972, when both of them were students at Oxford University, doing some laundry at the same time.

Soon, they started dating, and in 1974 they tied the knot. The couple had a son named Daniel together. They both are Jewish, however, Charles didn’t identify himself as a religious type. Charles stated that his wife helped him throughout his career, and that she encouraged him to chase his dreams and passion. Many of her art works were represented in his office. The two of them loved dogs, and had a border collie which was their first dog. They stayed married until Charles’s death in 2018.

Who is Charles Krauthammer? His family and education

Irving Charles Krauthammer was an American author, political columnist, psychiatrist and a speechwriter. He was born on 13th March 1950 in New York City, and grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family. His father’s name was Shulim Krauthammer and his mother’s Thea Horowitz. He finished Herzliah High School, and then started his college education at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, graduating in 1970 majoring in Political Science and Economics.

Charles Krauthammer

He went on to study at Balliol College, Oxford University, however, he returned and graduated in 1975 from Harvard Medical School. He suffered an accident during his college days, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Charles’s career

From 1975 to 1978 Charles did an internship in the department of psychiatry in Massachusetts General Hospital,. During this work, he identified a different type of maniacal behavior, calling it “secondary mania”, and his observations were published in the “Archives of General Psychiatry”.

Later, he started working on some political articles for “The New Republic”, and eventually became an editor there. Meantime in 1980 he was a speechwriter for the US Vice-President Walter Mondale.

Besides that, he worked as a nationally syndicated columnist for “The Washington Post”, and was writing essays for “Time”. It was his essay about the “Reagan Doctrine” that brought him national recognition. Furthermore, he worked as a contributor for the Fox News Channel, and served as a nightly panelist for the Fox News program “Special Report with Bret Baier”.

In 2013, Krauthammer published a book entitled “Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics”. The book immediately became a bestseller, and was on The “New York Times bestseller list” for nine months, in first place for more than three months.

He won many awards, and among a National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticism, Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from McGill University, People for the American Way’s First Amendment Award, Bardley Prize and the most important a Pulitzer Prize for his column in The Washington Post.

Charles Krauthammer’s illness and death

Krauthammer was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor in August 2017. He had surgery which looked to have been successful, however, almost a year later the cancer returned, and this time it was terminal. He died just13 days after the diagnosis in the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He was 68 years old.

How rich is Robyn Krauthammer? Her Net Worth

Robyn worked hard to achieve what she has now. According to many reports, it is estimated that her net worth is over $2.5 million. However, at his death, her husband was worth around $12 million, from which she presumably benefits.

Vital statistics and favorite things

  • Robyn Krauthammer is 5ft 4ins tall, which is 1.63m, weighs approximately 132lbs or 60kgs, and her vital statistics are 38–27–34. Her shoe size is six (37 EU).
  • She has black hair and brown eyes.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • She likes to eat Italian food.
  • She enjoys movies and her favorite actors are Megan Fox and Eddie Redmayne.
  • She loves to paint and travel – her favorite place is Moscow.

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