• Maureen McPhilmy is a public relations executive, and is the ex-wife of former TV host Bill O’Reilly
• She has an estimated net worth of over $10 million
• She grew up in New York, and began working as a restaurant waitress before entering public relations
• Bill O’Reilly has been accused of numerous sexual harassment lawsuits, resulting in settlements of over $50 million
• Maureen and Bill separated in 2010, and he lost custody of their children due to domestic violence

Who is Maureen McPhilmy?

Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy was born on 11 May 1966, in Chittenango, New York State USA, and is a public relations executive, but perhaps best known for being the ex-wife of former television host Bill O’Reilly. Her ex-husband found fame with CBS and ABC, but his career later degraded after investigations revealed numerous sexual harassment lawsuits from his past.

The Riches of Maureen McPhilmy

Maureen McPhilmy’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million, earned through a combination of her work as a public relations executive, along with a significant divorce settlement from her former husband.

Bill has a net worth estimated to be over $85 million, despite his wealth already taking a blow due to the cost of sexual harassment settlements.

Life and Career

Maureen grew up in New York, where her father worked in the local market while her mother was a gardener. At the age of five, her parents divorced and she spent time with both of her parents separately. She attended St. Peter’s School, and after matriculating, began working as a restaurant waitress to make ends meet.

She eventually landed a job in public relations during the early 1990s, managing the promotion, management, and maintenance of public views of individuals as well as companies. It was through her work that she met Bill O’Reilly in 1992, and the two started a relationship, culminating in marriage four years later. Things stayed quiet for the next two decades as the two worked their respective fields, though she later became more focused on their children.

They then announced their separation, citing surprise revelations that Bill had been an abusive husband. leading to lengthy divorce proceedings and a custody battle.

Ex-Husband – Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly made his start in the media industry during the late 1970s, when he began reporting for local television stations in New York City, his birthplace in 1949. This led to attention from major networks, and he soon worked for companies such as CBS News and ABC. In 1989, his popularity started to increase significantly when he became the anchor for the program “Inside Edition”, which he hosted for the next six years.

The CBS show is the longest-running news magazine program in the US, though they are not strictly focused on entertainment news.

He then moved to the Fox News Channel, which he made his home with his show called “The O’Reilly Factor”, a news show which tackled recent events and controversies. The program was the highest-rated news show on television for 16 years, which made him one of the biggest stars of Fox News. He also hosted the show “The Radio Factor” for seven years, and authored numerous books.

Bill O’Reilly

He later left the company due to numerous controversies and allegations. Since then, he’s started a podcast called “No Spin News”.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits – Bill O’Reilly

The first case that involved Bill occurred in 2004, when he sued one of his former producers Andrea Mackris who was threatening him with a lawsuit unless he paid her over $60 million. She later continued her lawsuit of sexual harassment, claiming that O’Reilly had been telling her his sexual fantasies over the ‘phone. Fox sought permission from the judicial system to remove Mackris from her post, but it was never granted.

She continued to seek recompense for damages until an out of court settlement was made, leaving things quiet for the next decade.

It was later revealed that he had paid her around $9 million and that she would have to make a public statement that he had made no wrongdoing. The information was revealed in 2016 when one of Fox News executives, Roger Ailes became the target of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Ailes was said to be close to O’Reilly, and victims accused both of working together to keep things quiet in Fox.

More women started coming forward with sexual harassment claims, including former host Juliet Huddy and Andrea Tantaros. Journalists started digging, and discovered that he had been consistently covering sexual harassment lawsuits dating back to the early 2000s, and that he had paid six women nearly $50 million in settlements. The biggest was paid to Lis Wiehl who was the victim of a non-consensual sexual relationship.

Bill was soon dropped by his talent agencies, and his show lost half of its advertisers. He was shortly afterwards removed from the show and the network. His other agencies followed suit in cancelling his contracts.

Personal Life

Maureen married Bill in 1996 at the St. Brigid Parish located in Westbury, New York. They have two children together, and they separated in 2010 before settling their divorce a year later. The proceedings from the divorce were kept under wraps for a few years, but court transcripts later revealed that McPhilmy was the victim of domestic violence, even witnessed by their daughter. This led to him losing custody of both his children.

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