• Chef and culinary director Courtney McBroom has a passion for cooking since childhood
• She worked in Momokofu Milk Bar in New York and founded her own restaurant Casa Blanco
• She believes food can be used to form better human relations and is an advocate for feminism
• She was in a relationship with Aziz Ansari and has a net worth of over $1 million
• Courtney has accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as her own website

Courtney McBroom is a famous chef whose main area of interest is pastry baking. She is also well-known for being in a relationship with American entertainer Aziz Ansari. She was born on 28th June 1980, in Texas where she grew up.

Courtney McBroom’s passion – cooking

Courtney developed her passion for cooking at very young age: in third grade she received a cookbook as a gift – “The Care Bears’ Party Cookbook”. She really loved that book and thanks to it she became very passionate and in love with cooking and kitchens.

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Her first job and career start in the food industry was in Momokofu Milk Bar in New York as a culinary director. She talked about her expertise in the kitchen with some magazines, was having consultancy sessions for her food products, and was in charge of organizing private dinner parties, and events. She also worked out of the kitchen, as a writer for magazines such as: “Lucky Peach”, “Vice Munchies” and “GQ”. She appeared in the show “Chef’s Table”, and gave an interview to the magazine “Food and Wine”.

She later quit her job at Momokofu and opened her own restaurant – Casa Blanco. She used her Texan heritage and brought some recipes from Texan cuisine, as well as creating her own. The restaurant became very popular, and paid off very well.

Courtney considers that eating is something more than just simply feeding and consuming food to just satisfy basic human needs. She thinks that people can bond with each other during eating and sharing food, that family and friends gather over meals and share feelings, connect, talk, etc.

Courtney McBroom

Because of that, she enjoys organizing dinner parties and sharing recipes. She wants to show that eating and food could be used in forming and making better human relations, and their social lives.

Courtney McBroom’s body measurements

Courtney McBroom is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs about 135lbs (61kgs) – her vital statistics are unknown, but her physical aspect and body structure appear very proportional.

Courtney McBroom and Aziz Ansari – their relationship and brake-up

Aziz Ansari is an American actor, producer, director and writer, best known for creating the show “Master of None” which can be found on Netflix. Courtney saw Aziz for the first time in Momokofu Milk Bar, but at the time she had no idea who he was. They didn’t actually meet then – that happened a year later at some event; they were eating a desert named Hokey Pokey cookie, and started to talk it. They started their relationship in August 2013, although Courtney was already in a relationship, and Aziz waited until she broke-up.

Courtney had some influence on Aziz becoming a feminist. He also developed that theme in an episode of his show “Master of None” entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen”. He said that he had learned so much about feminism and women, stating that there are many women who have difficulties in their workplace, that they are exposed to sexism almost every day, and that most people don’t even know about that.

Aziz Ansari is the co-author of a book entitled “Modern Romance”, in which he writes about people’s relationships, but also about his relationship with Courtney. He was very much in love with her, which was obvious from the way he wrote about her in his book, the way he talked about her, etc. They also lived together in his house in Los Angeles. Aziz said that it was love at first sight. She meant a lot to him, and meeting and being with her was worthy. He stated that he just wanted to spend time with her, and that he really enjoyed that.

They had a major influence on each other – he became a feminist, and she started to think about some problems that men face every day. They also tried to strengthen their self-esteem, and beat their insecurities together. Ansari said that sometimes he asked Courtney to write down her insecurities, and was surprised when he saw that they were both afraid of the same things.

Their relationship seemed so strong that everybody thought they were to marry. However, everything ended after two years when they split up – it’s assumed that Aziz didn’t have enough time because of his busy schedule, and that was the main reason.

How rich is she? Courtney McBroom’s net worth

Her restaurant based in the center of New York is doing very well, and it’s obvious that she earns a great deal of money, as she enjoys life and has a pretty glamorous lifestyle. It’s reputably estimated that her net worth is over $8 million, as of mid-2024.

Courtney McBroom on social media

In spite of her not being so popular and not having many followers on social media, she has accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She shares her recipes and posts photos of her dishes on Instagram. She also has her own website, on which she talks about and promotes her brand.

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