• Louise Anstead is the ex-wife of reality television personality Ant Anstead and has a net worth estimated to be over $500,000.
• Louise and Ant began their relationship in the late 1990s, had two children, and married in 2005.
• Rumors of marital problems between the two surfaced in 2017 and Ant began dating another reality television personality, Christina El Moussa.
• Ant Anstead attended Richard Hale School, Haileybury School, and worked for the Hertfordshire Constabulary.
• He is best known for his work on television, such as "For the Love of Cars" and "Wheeler Dealers", and is currently married to Christina El Moussa.

Who is Louise Anstead?

Louise Anstead was born in July 1980, in the United States of America, and is best known for being the ex-wife of reality television personality Ant Anstead. Her former husband is the co-host of a couple of television shows, which are “For the Love of Cars” and “Wheeler Dealers”.

The Wealth of Louise Anstead

Louise Anstead has a net worth estimated to be over $500,000, though her main source of income remains undisclosed. She probably benefitted from the success of her ex-husband during their time together, and through the divorce, as Antstead has a net worth estimated to be over $5 million.


Life, Relationship, and Career

Louise lived in obscurity for most of her life – she met Ant in the late 1990s while both were college students. They began their relationship and dated for the next eight years, having a child during their sixth year together, and eventually married in 2005 in a ceremony attended only by close family and relatives, with few details revealed to the public. A year after their marriage they had another child. As her husband started to gain fame thanks to work on television, she mainly stayed in the background supporting him while raising the children.

Things were quiet for many years, but in 2017 rumors started surfacing that there were problems in their marriage. Ant quickly went to social media to clarify that he had been separated from Louise for a few months, but despite that, the former couple still planned to prioritize their children. While the reason for the separation was never confirmed, there were rumors that Ant was unfaithful, leading to the breakdown of their marriage. Shortly after announcing their separation, he began dating another reality television personality, Christina El Moussa, seemingly confirming the rumors.

Ex-Husband – Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead was born in Devon, UK, but raised Cambridgeshire before moving to Hertfordshire. He attended Richard Hale School and later went to Haileybury School.

During this time, he aspired to become a police officer, and joined the Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1999, becoming a Police Constable and assigned to Bishop’s Stortford. He worked his way up and became a member of the Tactical Firearms Unit or the TFU in Welwyn Garden City.

This was a big achievement for him as he became one of the youngest to join the unit. He received two commendations during his career. While working with the police, he discovered his passion for automobiles and building cars. Wanting to pursue a career in the craft fully, he resigned from the police in 2005 to start working as a restoration and building expert. He worked with private clients, and also expanded his artistic repertoire. Some of his artworks have been sold to museums and private collections.

He also played football (soccer) semi-professionally with the team Ryman.

He was initially a goalkeeper but later became a striker, helping his team win on several occasions.

Ant Anstead’s Television Career

In 2014, Anstead expanded to television, and created his own production company. His first project was called’ The World’s Most Expensive Cars”, and during the same year, he was approached by Channel 4 to host the show “For the Love of Cars” alongside Philip Glenister, showcasing popular British and European cars. They showed two sides of an automobile – its engineering and how it has affected society.

With this work, more projects started coming his way, and he also hosted “Building Cars Live” alongside Kate Humble. Aside from television work, he’s become a guest in many car shows in the UK, often hosting events. His success has also led him to be invited to charities, school events, and various speaking duties. He also created the show called “Ant Anstead Master Mechanic” in which he uses spare and donated parts to create an Alfa Romeo 158, consulting with many experts in the automotive industry to achieve the feat.

In 2017, he was hired to replace Edd China as the new permanent host of the 14th season of ‘Wheeler Dealers”, airing for the Discovery Channel and Motor Trend. The show aims to save and repair car enthusiasts’ favorites, ranges from repairing to improvements or enhancements, but restricted by a budget ranging from $1,300 to $26,000. The cars worked on in the show are often sold to a new owner. He works alongside Mike Brewer in the show, who is a former car trader, and is the main source for finding used cars to restore and re-sell for a profit.

Personal Life

Since separating from Ant, Louise has remained quiet and it is not known if she remarried or is in another relationship. Ant, on the other hand, continued his relationship with Christina El Moussa who is known for his work in “Flip or Flop”, and so is a television personality as well as a real estate investor. The two married in 2018, and have a son.

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  3. Very sad to see that Ant and Christina have separated this past weekend (September 18, 2020) And when it all seemed the couple were happy in their marriage. I wondered why HGTV have pulled the new show
    “Christina on the Coast”

  4. Ant, has to still love his first wife, and probably married Christina because his wife did not fight fot his marriage. Christina, was ready to get married to Ant just to prove to her first husband that she is starting a new life with another man. Christina married a man who is still married to his first family. Rebound marriages don’t work any way. especially when men and their wives have children together. Christina, is heart broken because she rushed into a marriage to a man who don’t belongs to her.

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