• Jean Currivan Trebek is an American entrepreneur, television host, former real estate manager and philanthropist.
• Raised in Long Island, she studied Business at an unspecified college.
• Built a successful real estate career and is a notable philanthropist.
• Married to Alex Trebek with two successful children.
• Has a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Jean Currivan Trebek?

Born in Huntington, Long Island, New York USA, under the earth sign of Virgo, on 3 September 1963, Jean Currivan Trebek is a 56-year-old American entrepreneur, television host, former real estate manager and philanthropist. Unlike other people who become celebrities through marriage to a celebrity, Jean is the polar opposite.

Alex Trebek and Jean Currivan Trebek

Not only has she built a proper real estate empire during her marriage, but she is also a notable philanthropist and activist for the availability of education to all. Together with husband Alex Trebek, she’s raised two children to be entrepreneurs and experts in their respective fields. When he was facing health problems, Trebek also credited Jean for being there for him, no matter what was going on. She is one of those superwomen that aren’t talked about that much.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Long Island

Jean was raised in her birthplace by parents about whom we know nothing – she politely changes the queries to something related to her work. She went to Harborfields High School and matriculated in 1982. Afterwards, it is believed that she studied Business at an unspecified college. There is also no information about her siblings, either.

Career in Real Estate

After completing her business studies, Jean wasted no time and quickly entered the real estate business. It didn’t take long before she received a promotion, which lead to a move to New York. She reveled in this opportunity, and was a key factor in her company’s dealings with several hotels and apartment complexes in Manhattan.

Her peers described her as a pleasant, but always determined woman who would stop at nothing to make her dreams come true. Apart from these qualities, everyone respects her because she never stopped working, even though her husband is affluent enough to support her – she made a conscious decision to prioritize her career, which Alex respected and supported. Jean built a lucrative career out of her negotiation skills and persuasive charisma. Those qualities possibly helped her to win over her now-husband, all those years ago.


Other Ventures

Jean is a notable philanthropist. Together with her husband, she organized fundraisers aimed at improving the quality of education for children in the US. Additionally, she is a contributor and member of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

Marriage to Alex Trebek

Jean and Alex met way back in 1988 at a party organized by a mutual friend. Even though she was only a rookie in the real estate business, Jean often brushed shoulders with the rich and famous, which lead her to that particular party.

Even though he was 23 years her senior, Alex didn’t know what hit him. He mustered the courage to ask her out, and the rest is history. It didn’t take long for them to realize they were right for each other, and subsequently throw a lavish engagement party in 1989. The next year, they had a dream-like wedding at the Los Angeles Regency Club, in front of 150 people. This was definitely new to Trebek, as he mostly had short flings with women such as Rona Barrett, Stefanie Powers and Susan Sullivan. ‘I know Alex really well and, man, Jean Currivan is the girl he was looking for his entire life’, said Bob Murphy, Trebek’s close friend. It’s worth mentioning that this is his second marriage. His first, with Elaine Callei from 1974 to 1981 – they didn’t have kids.

Jean’s Children

The untold truth of Jean Currivan Trebek, and most important thing is how good a mother she is. Together with Alex, she has two – Matthew (b. 1990) and Emily (b. 1993). The boy is not very fond of publicity, but it’s known that he is a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. Together with a business partner, he co-owns a Mexican restaurant called “Oso”, located in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Unlike her brother, Emily is fonder of public appearances. In 2017, she even surprised her dad by appearing in “Jeopardy”, the show he has been hosting for decades, as a special Father’s Day gift.

Jean was precisely the person responsible for getting the kids on the right path. Matt graduated from Fordham University, while Emily went to Loyola Marymount. This is just a testament to how much of a mother she is and why she deserves to be even more famous.

Net Worth: How Rich is Jean Currivan Trebek?

According to AffairPost, Jean Currivan Trebek has a net worth of around $10 million.

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