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The Spanish actor and model Marc Clotet Fresquet was born in Barcelona, Spain, on 29th April 1980. The handsome celebrity is mainly known in the entertainment industry for his short-lived marriage to Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas, although is also recognized in his home country thanks to roles in teen dramas and soap operas such as “Física y Química” and “El Cor de la Ciutat”.


After obtaining a Business Administration and Management degree from Barcelona’s prestigious Esade Business School, Marc kickstarted his acting career with minor appearances in local series such as “Tocats de l’ala” and “Estació dénllac”. In 2007, he joined the long-running Catalunyan series “El cor de la Ciutat”, playing one of the main characters, Iago, during the show’s eighth and ninth seasons.

The following year, Marc joined the cast of the Antena 3 series “El comisario”, playing Barcelonese police agent Pau Montaner in season ten. His next role, playing the sports teacher Vicente Vaquero in “Física o Química”, helped him earn the mainstream recognition and wider fanbase that he’d been working towards for years. Despite Marc leaving the show after three seasons to focus on other projects, his role as Vicente remains his most notable work to date.

In 2011, Marc starred in one of his most important film roles to date, “La voz dormida”, alongside the well-known Spanish actresses Inma Cuesta and Maria León. His portrayal of Paulino in the movie, which is based on the Dulce Chacón novel of the same name, earned him a prestigious Goya Award nomination in the Best New Actor category.

The Barcelona native was also the leading man in the 2012 miniseries “Gernika bajo las bombas”, an historical drama set in April 1937, and focused on the bombings suffered by the city of Guernica. However, 2013 was a far busier year for the actor, as he starred in “La estrella” opposite Ingrid Rubio and Carmen Machi, and also joined the cast of “Amar es para siempre”, playing Mauro Jiménez during its first season.

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Marc had less luck with his role as Gerardo in the fiction drama series “El caso. Crónica de sucesos”, which premiered in 2016 but was cancelled after just one season, despite receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Nevertheless, in 2019 he joined the cast of the Televisa series “Por amar sin ley”, as well as the TV3 show “Les de l’hoquei”, which is now available to view on Netflix.

Personal Life

Although most people outside of Marc’s home country are only vaguely aware of him thanks to his former marriage to Ana de Armas, the actor comes from a prestigious family. His father, Bonaventura Clotet, is a doctor and respected figure in the AIDS research field, whereas his sister, Aina Clotet, is also an actress who has graced the casts of many Spanish movies and series. Marc and Aina take their father’s field of research seriously and have appeared in many AIDS fundraising campaigns over the years in an effort to eradicate the illness.

In summer 2011, Marc tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Ana de Armas in a lowkey Costa Brava ceremony. However, the relationship between the handsome couple was far from idyllic, as they were often plagued by break-up rumors and gossip, and rarely attended red carpet events together. With time, the actors confirmed their separation at the Goya Awards ceremony, finalizing their divorce in early 2013 after just a year and a half of nuptial “bliss”.

The next year, Marc embarked on a relationship with the “Los Serranos” star Natalia Sánchez. The couple were strongly criticized for attending a 2016 Catalonian independence get-together which was held by Pilar Rahola and Carles Puigdemont, who was at the time the Mayor of Girona. Fans of both actors with opposing political views were disappointed in Marc and Natalia; however, the incident did little to hamper their careers.

In August 2018, Marc and Natalia announced the actress’s pregnancy via social media, and their daughter Lia was born in January 2019 in Barcelona, welcomed into the world a month before Natalia’s due date. Neo, the couple’s second child, was born in May 2020, also in Barcelona. In May 2022, having been in a relationship with Marc for eight years, Natalia explained in an interview with Divinity her reasons for not wanting to become married to the handsome actor.

“We don’t need to,” Natalia shared. “It’s not in our plans right now.” During the interview, the actress also discussed the challenges of having two children in quick succession and juggling parenthood with her busy career; however, she didn’t rule out the possibility of marriage in the future.

Natalia Sanchéz

Natalia was born in March 1990 in Madrid and is one of Spain’s most recognizable actresses thanks to her long-running role as Teté in the family sitcom “Los Serranos”. Her career in the entertainment industry began in 2001, with a secondary role in the short “Clara y Elena”. Then at just 13 years old, she became a household name due to the popularity of “Los Serranos”, which aired from 2003 to 2008.

Natalia’s latest projects include a role as Marta Destorrent in the 2022 series “Los herederos de la tierra”, but the actress has made it clear that parenthood is her number one priority right now, and hadn’t accepted any film or theater roles since 2018.

From 2005 to 2012, Natalia was in a relationship with her “Los Serranos” co-star Víctor Elías, who played her stepbrother in the series. In a case of life imitating art, Natalia and Víctor’s characters were in a controversial on-screen relationship. Although the couple broke up years ago, they remained friends, and have even been seen on group outings with Víctor’s current girlfriend, the Spanish singer Ana Guerra.

Moving on to Natalia and Marc’s net worths, Natalia reportedly has a $5 million net worth from her current ventures and “Los Serranos” royalties. Meanwhile, Marc is said to be worth $1.5 million..

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