• Middle daughter of Howard Stern and his ex-wife Alisson
• Former actress, appearing in films such as "For the Boys" and "Nudist Colony of the Dead"
• Now a businesswoman, founding partner at Debra Stern Association providing counselling and therapy services
• Married to Colin Christy, founder of Hapa Inaba Designs and Geographical Expeditions
• 6ft tall with brown eyes and brown hair.

Who is Deborah Jennifer Stern?

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the middle daughter of Howard Stern and his ex-wife Alisson. She’s a former actress, having appeared in such films as “For the Boys” and “Nudist Colony of the Dead”, both in 1991, and is now a businesswoman, the founding partner at Debra Stern Association, through which she provides counselling and therapy services.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Age, Childhood, and Education

Deborah Jennifer Stern was born on the 9th May 1986 in Manhattan, New York City USA, and has an older sister Emily Beth Stern, while Ashley Jade Stern is the youngest child of Howard and Alison.

Howard and Alison were high school sweethearts, and married in the late ‘70s, but divorced after 23 years of marriage. This had a negative effect on all three girls, and the youngest one didn’t even talk to her father for years. Following high school, Deborah enrolled at the University of Chicago, from which she obtained a degree in Master of Arts of Teaching, and later continued her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, which awarded her a PhD in Reading, Writing, and Literacy.

Acting Career

Deborah is a former child actress, who made her debut at the age of four in 1990, in the TV series “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”. She continued with minor roles throughout the ‘90s, appearing in such B-production films as “For the Boys” (1991), “Nudist Colony of the Dead” (1991), and “Wide Awake” (1998), which was her last appearance.

Counseling Company

Deborah has since been focused on a career as a counsellor, and is working with children, helping them choose the right school.

She started the company Debra Stern Association back in 2007, and since then has been successfully leading her own company.

Personal Life, Marriage, Husband, Appearance

Deborah has also been successful  on a private level. She’s a married woman, and is apparently enjoying her life to the fullest. Her husband is Colin Christy – the two married on the 8th October 2016 in San Francisco, California USA, after a year of living together. Her husband is a successful businessman, and the founder of Hapa Inaba Designs, Geographical Expeditions.

Deborah stands at 6ft (1.82m) tall, while her weight is currently unavailable. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

Howard Stern Bio

Born Howard Allan Stern on the 12th January 1954 in Queens, New York City USA, he is the son of Polish and Austrian-Hungarian parents, Ben Stern and his wife Ray. He has an older sister, whose name is Ellen. During his childhood, the family moved a lot, and he lived in Roosevelt and Rockville Centre. He first went to Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School, and also attended the Hebrew School.

Howard Stern

Once the family relocated, he started attending South Side High School when he was 15 years old. Following his matriculation, Howard wanted to enroll at Boston University and study for a Communications degree, however, he was less than an excellent high school student, and his average grades meant that he needed him to attend College of Basic Studies for two years before he could become a university student. After several years as a radio intern, and studies at the Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics in Fredericksburg, Virginia, he obtained a first-class radio-telephone operators license.

He eventually graduated magna cum laude after four years at the School of Public Communications, Boston University.


He had previous experience as a radio host before his graduation, working for several stations starting with WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, New York, then transferring to WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut. Before he landed a position at WXRK in New York City, Howard also worked for WWWW in Detroit, Michigan, then WWDC in Washington, D.C. and WNBC in New York. It was in 1985 that he was fired from WNBC, and joined WXRK to be given his own morning show, which entered syndication the following year.

After 20 years, his show was also picked-up by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and is syndicated by the broadcasting company.

Howard has become one of the most recognizable radio hosts, and for his work has won numerous awards, such as Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year, which he won eight times in a row. His show had more than 20 million listeners at its peak, and was aired in 60 media markets.

In addition to radio, he is also popular on television, having served as the judge of the show “America’s Got Talent” from 2012 to 2015, and being a guest in many of the late-night shows, including with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, and others.

Howard Stern Net Worth and Personal Life

Howard Stern is one of the highest-paid radio hosts, with an annual salary reputed to be $90 million, while his wealth is estimated at over $650 million, as of late-2019.

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I really enjoyed watching @SternShow talk on @ColbertLateShow about how much he values his experience with psychotherapy. It’s so important for celebrities, who are regarded by the public as having an idyllic life, to bring attention to the fact that no matter how rich, famous and successful someone is, everyone benefits from examining themselves. Psychotherapy helps us learn why we are the way we are, and how we can get to where we want to be. . I have been honored to be the therapist to many of Hollywood’s elite, and can attest to the fact that everyone experiences challenges that can serve as opportunities for growth, through the use of Positive Psychology methods and tools. . I look forward to reading his new book, Howard Stern Comes Again. . #HowardStern #Psychotherapy . . . . . . . . . . . #HowardSternShow #HowardSternFans #HowardSternComesAgain #SternShow #TheHowardSternShow #HowardSternBook #Hollywood #Therapy #StephenColbert #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #MentalHealth #DecideAndThrive #YouAreWhatYouThink #PositivePsychology  #PositivePsychologyCoaching #PositivePsychologyCoach #DrDonna Therapist  #BeverlyHillsTherapist  #TVPsychologist #CelebrityTherapist #LosAngeles #BeverlyHills #howardsternrules #robinquivers #worldstar #blackhowardstern #stern

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Some of his most notable possessions include a $4.9 million 4,000 square-foot apartment in Millenium Tower, and a home in Palm Beach, Florida, valued at $52 million.

Howard and Allison separated in 1998, and officially divorced in 2001. While separated Howard was in brief romances with Angie Everhart and Robin Givens, before starting a romance with Beth Ostrosky in 2000, and the two married on the 3rd October 2008.

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