Taylor Nicole Dean is:
• A 22 year-old Caucasian animal enthusiast, pet care expert and YouTuber
• Born in San Antonio, Texas USA and raised alongside two brothers
• Gained fame in 2015 when she began regularly posting videos about animal care on her eponymous YouTube channel
• Has over 170 million total video views, with her most popular one garnering 15 million views
• Was in a relationship with former Slaves lead singer Jonny Craig from 2017 to 2019

Who is Taylor Nicole Dean?

Born under the sign of Aries on the 25th of March 1997, in San Antonio, Texas USA, Taylor Nicole Dean is a Caucasian animal enthusiast, pet care expert and YouTuber. She is probably best known to the world for her frequent exposure across social media and news outlets, mostly due to the popularity of some of her video content. She’s also had a number of other successes over the course of her career in entertainment since 2015.

Early life and education: Growing up in Texas

Taylor was raised in her place of birth, alongside an older brother named Justin Dean, and a younger brother, name unknown, by her father Matt Dean and mother Jennifer Dean, both of unknown professions.

There isn’t much information regarding what she liked as a child, though she’s thought to have always been passionate about animal care. As for her education, she attended O’Connor High School in Helotes in her birth state, and later went to the Texas Connection Academy, from where she matriculated in 2015.

Career: Sharing the love

Nicole created her social media accounts in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she started becoming famous, and actually turning her social media presence into a career. She created an eponymous YouTube channel, and began posting videos about her pets and stuffed animals. Her first video was posted in July 2015, entitled “Life From a Hedgehog’s Eyes”, featuring an introduction to how hedgehogs interact with the environment, thus hinting at her knowledge about future topics.

Her second video is “Tour of My Personal Petting Zoo”, and its contents gained her great success among the masses. She then began regularly posting videos about animal care, meanwhile also offering invaluable advice on which exotic animal to purchase or not, and why. Taylor can also be seen on the fairly new social streaming network YouNow, where she naturally expanded her audience by offering her fans live interaction on a regular basis. Her social media accounts are full of posts about animals, so as to bolster her YouTube audience. She’s also a vlogger of sorts, keeping everyone updated on the most important occurrences in her personal life, which does add to her income over time.

Her YouTube success

She’s managed to garner a much greater number of regular viewers, and now enjoys a fairly popular presence on YouTube – her most popular one is entitled “ALL OF MY PETS IN ONE VIDEO (I know, I have a lot)”, posted in May 2017, with over 15 million views. Her top 10 most popular videos are all about her pets, and due to their exotic nature, has gained many more viewers than such content would accumulate with ordinary household companions. In her channel description, she simply states ‘welcome to my channel, where I invite you into my lil world of animals’.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

When it comes to Taylor’s romantic involvement, though she’s chosen not to divulge too many details about this part of her life, a few bits are well-known to the masses.

It’s unknown whom she dated prior to starting her YouTube career, but that she dated a PetCo employee, which she also sometimes helped with money. Once her YouTube channel began generating a better income, she left PetCo as well as the unknown man. She was supposedly single for two years, then in 2017 began dating former Slaves lead singer Jonny Craig. The relationship brought greater popularity to both of them, and they were considered a couple until August 2019, when she admitted a few things to the public, one of them being that they weren’t together anymore. Since then, Taylor is thought to be single. There has been no controversy surrounding her relationships; apparently she currently resides  alone, in an undisclosed location.

Taylor Nicole Dean

The drug-induced drama

In August 2019 Taylor was subjected to a number of accusations, most of them centering on the fact that she needs to care for her animals, and that failure to do so classifies as animal abuse. This occurred after Nicole admitted to the audience that she underwent a relapse with heroin, and that she is now ready to go back to her normal life and continue vlogging. She offered the truth after months of not being online, and behaving very strangely before disappearing. Her most dedicated fans were able to tell how she changed over the last two years, and for now, the alleged addict who caused her to begin using is Jonny Craig.

Since Taylor is popular in the “PetTube” society, meaning those who follow animal enthusiasts on YouTube, this admission caused disturbance among fans, and a backlash against her ex-boyfriend, whom she also called abusive, stating that he cheated on her as well. In the aftermath of the scandal, Taylor posted a message to the public on Instagram, detailing how she plans to continue caring for her animals, and move on from the experience.

Who are her animals?

Since Taylor’s animals are even greater stars that she is, they are highly significant contributors to her success. Her most famous pet was a hedgehog named Nala, which initially brought her great fame, with its own Twitter account boasting almost 40,000 followers.

Nala died in 2015, presumably due to cancer, while her passing inspired Taylor to continue vlogging about herself and animals. Some of her other famous pets involve a tarantula named Cersei, and a frog called Jupiter. In total, she has over 30 animals, and most of them have been featured in her videos.

Who is her ex-boyfriend?

Johnathan Monroe ‘Jonny’ Craig is a former lead vocalist of Slaves, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Ghost Runner on Third, and westerHALTS. He’s also a solo artist with two studio albums, a live album and two EPs. His career took a downward tumble in 2019, after he was let go by Slaves because of his heroin addiction. At the moment, he’s thought to be undergoing rehabilitation, and has for now not commented on whether he will be continuing his musical career any time soon.

What is Taylor Nicole Dean’s net worth?

Have you ever taken a second to consider the current wealth of Taylor Nicole? Some of the most authoritative sources offer an answer to this question, estimating her net worth to be over $1 million. She earned this amount by lending her appearance and animal advice on social media and YouTube for approximately four years of her career. Since she recently stated she’s returning to the business, the said amount will very likely grow.

Body measurements

So, what do you believe to be the physical specifications of the young YouTuber? Taylor is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, but her weight and vital statistics, are unknown, though her body shape is generally considered busty.

She often dyes her hair, but its natural color is thought to be dark brown. She has light blue eyes, and a generally bright but tanned complexion.

Social media presence

Being the animal enthusiast and YouTuber that she is, Taylor is supposed to be very dedicated to social media, right? To grow her audience means to increase her income, and the best way to do so is to maintain daily updates on YouTube and social media regarding her private and professional life. With the exception of her heroin addiction-induced pause in social networking, it looks like Taylor is well aware of how this works. She is ubiquitous on all three of the most popular social media networks.,Twitter and Instagram, while most impressively, her YouTube channel has close to two million subscribers. Her Facebook page has almost 1,000 fans.

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