• Cayetana Elizabeth Hutchenson (Tana Ramsay) was born in Croydon, Surrey, England in 1974.
• She is a broadcaster, author, and the wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
• She is worth an estimated $45 million, and her husband has an estimated net worth of $190 million.
• She is a former Montessori schoolteacher, and appears in television shows such as “Dancing on Ice” and “MasterChef”.
• She and Gordon have five children, and they do charity work with organizations such as UNICEF, VSO, and the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.

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SpouseGordon Ramsay
Fact(June 13, 2016) Had miscarried a son at 5 months of pregnancy. He was due to be her 5th child with her husband Gordon Ramsay.

Who is Tana Ramsay

Cayetana Elizabeth Hutchenson was born on 23 August 1974, in Croydon, Surrey, England, and is a broadcaster as well as an author, but probably better known for being the wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Her husband is widely known, one of the most influential chefs from the UK, with his restaurants having been awarded 16 Michelin stars.

The Riches of Tana Ramsay

Tana Ramsay has earned considerable wealth thanks to success in her various endeavors such as on television and in publishing cookbooks. She has a net worth estimated at close to $1 million, but  she also likely enjoys more thanks to her husband, who is reputedly worth close to $200 million.

Early Life and Career

While Tana was born in Croydon, her family later moved to Kent where she was raised on a farm. Her father is a businessman and for many years she worked under her father before deciding to pursue a career in education, and eventually trained to become a Montessori schoolteacher. Later, she retired from teaching, to support her husband in his career endeavors, taking advantage of the attention afforded to her by their marriage.

In 2010, she made an appearance in the television show “Dancing on Ice” in which she partnered with professional skater Stuart Widdall, and managed to make it to the fourth week before being eliminated. In recent years, she’s been a presenter of the TV food show “Market Kitchen”, which features seasonal cooking, including visits to a local market to obtain produce only available during that season. She has also appeared alongside her husband in the American version of “MasterChef”, and in her daughter’s show entitled “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch”, which aired on CBBC.

Gordon and Tana Ramsay

Husband – Gordon Ramsay

At a young age, Gordon wanted to pursue a career in football/soccer, but was often derailed through injuries. Despite that, he continued to try and make it to the professional scene, but seriously injured his knee at one point, tearing a cruciate ligament as he tried to continue to train after smashing his knee. He was later released by his team Rangers, but at around this time, he’d already set his sights on cooking.

He studied hotel management at North Oxfordshire Technical College, and after completing his degree worked at Wroxton House Hotel as a commis chef. Due to difficult circumstances with the owner, he moved to London and worked in a series of restaurants before settling at Harveys under the temperamental Marco Pierre White. After more than two years of work there, he grew tired, and decided to learn more about French cuisine, working at Le Gavroche for Albert Roux. He was then sent to Paris to work with Michelin-star chef Guy Savoy who would become his mentor. He worked there for several years, before the stress led him to take a break from it all. He was hired to work on a private yacht, which travelled to Italy, where he learned more about the country’s cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay’s Success

With his return to being a chef, his career went upwards, with numerous achievements in the field. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total, and he currently holds seven, which makes him one of the top chefs in the world; he hasn’t gone lower than three Michelin stars since 2001, and his signature restaurant is called Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, located in Chelsea, London.

In 1998, he made his television debut in the miniseries “Boiling Point”, which would establish him as a television personality. On television, he often depicts himself as very strict with a fiery temper and a constant use of expletives. He often makes blunt comments, including insults towards the cooking abilities of the people he works with. Some of the shows he worked on include “Hell’s Kitchen” and “MasterChef”. Outside of television, he does a lot of food industry work, and promotes the work of various chefs who worked under him. Despite his temper, he’s known to be more sensitive and patient towards children.

Personal Life

Tana married Gordon Ramsay in 1996 in London; they have six children together, also having suffered a miscarriage. In an interview, her husband admitted that they had trouble conceiving due to her being afflicted with polycystic ovarian syndrome, occuring due to elevated male hormones in women, which leads to heavy periods, excessive hair, difficulty getting pregnant, and even a lack of menstrual periods. It has no cure, so treatment advised for it involves lifestyle changes such as weight loss and exercise. Birth control pills are also used to help improve the regularity of periods.

Her husband mentions that they maintain a semi-competitive form of exercise for their well-being; this came from his experience seeing unfit chefs having difficulty moving around quickly in the kitchen. Her husband competes regularly in marathons, triathlons, and ironman competitions – she doesn’t share the same competitiveness. He’s also been involved in numerous feuds with chefs, critics\, and journalists, though she has done her best to stay out of it, preferring to just support her husband from the background, while raising their children.

During their free time, they do charity work with such as UNICEF, VSO, and the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.

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General Info

Full NameTana Ramsay
ProfessionTeacher, Author


SpouseGordon Ramsay
ChildrenMegan Jane Ramsay, Matilda Ramsay, Holly Anna Ramsay, Jack Scott Ramsay
ParentsGreta Hutcheson, Chris Hutcheson
SiblingsOrlanda Butland, Victoria Hutcheson, Adam Hutcheson, Chris Hutcheson

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