• Suzy Cortez is a 29 year-old Brazilian adult model, fitness expert, television host, and social media personality
• She is best known for winning the Miss Bumbum contest in Brazil in 2015
• She models for Playboy, is an official soccer model for São Paulo, and is a sports TV show host
• She has an OnlyFans account where she sells explicit nudity
• She is active on various social media networks, with over 2 million followers on Instagram

Who is Suzy Cortez?

Born under the sign of Taurus on the 16th of May 1990, in Campinas, Brazil, Suzy Cortez is an adult model, fitness expert, television host, and social media personality. She’s perhaps best known to the world for her significant presence on the TV screen and across media outlets, after winning the Miss Bumbum contest in Brazil in 2015. She has also had various other successes over the course of her often lucrative modeling career over the last decade.

Early life and education: Growing up in Campinas

Cortez was brought up in her birthplace, apparently an only child, by her father and mother of still unknown names and professions. Suzy has never spoken much about her early years, so there is almost no information across the sources to clarify this part of her life. Still, she’s thought to have developed a passion for physical activity and overall fitness even before her teenage years. As for her education, she went to an unspecified high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2008. It’s not known whether she went to college after matriculation, though the general opinion is that she didn’t.

Career: Shooting for the stars

There’s no information about Suzy’s early employment, and she’s thought not to have had a job prior to becoming a model anyway. Around 2015 Suzy had already been going to the gym and maintaining a strict diet for years, all to shape her body exactly as she intended. She entered the Miss BumBum contest against more than 500 Brazilian women, being one of the 16 to enter the finale, and of course the only one to win it. This victory undoubtedly put her in the world-wide limelight, seeing as the competition in question is of vital significance to Brazil’s modern culture.

In doing so, she became the fifth woman to win this contest, which opened up a world of possibilities for the aspiring model.

Suzy was thereupon contracted by Playboy, for  which she models even today. In the years since 2015, she’s also become one of the official soccer models of São Paulo in her home country. Another one of her great successes thus far was becoming a sports TV show host on an unspecified Brazilian channel. In 2024, Suzy generates her income from both modeling and working on television.

The glorious Miss BumBum win

Claiming first place in the said contest meant that Suzy received a monetary reward of approximately $22,000, and it’s well-known that every winner of that competition becomes sought-after by various prominent brands immediately after their triumph. Safe to say, Suzy became both a national icon and a busy model on her first try.

Her relationships: Does she have a boyfriend?

Suzy’s love life will be a mostly unknown part of her personality, until she chooses to shed light on it, leaving the media in the dark for the time being. There has been some controversy though, involving an extremely famous person.

Suzy Cortez

One of the well-known facts about Suzy is that she’s an avid fan of soccer, especially of FC Barcelona, while her favorite player is Lionel Messi. In late April 2016 she posed for several quite revealing photos, which she promptly posted on her Instagram feed in support of FC Barcelona’s Messi winning the Ballon d’Or award. Having been seen in a body-painted FC Barcelona jersey with the number 10, which is Lionel Messi’s, she caused apparent discomfort for the player’s wife. Suzy at one point soon after realized she can’t follow Messi on Instagram anymore because he blocked her out, and that his wife had her blocked too.

Seeing as Messi is followed by sheer millions on the social network, Suzy came to the conclusion that he didn’t actually block her, and that his wife was the culpable one. The famous player didn’t comment on this scandal, and neither did his spouse. For now, Suzy is probably single.

She’s an adult model, but not because of Playboy

Even though Playboy magazine itself does accentuate the nudity of its models, Suzy is referred to as an adult model for another reason. She has an OnlyFans account, which she flaunts on every social network, even going as far as to promote her special offers in tweets, while the full link to her profile there can be seen on each of her social media profiles.

Okay, so what is OnlyFans?

The site onlyfans.com is a type of social network, though with significant differences in comparison with one like Facebook. The site is closest to Instagram when it comes to features, but with an important exception – fans have to pay to follow. Each user sets their individual price for being followed on OnlyFans, and those who agree to provide funds are often allowed access to uncensored content of those they subscribe to. Suzy is no exception to the general rule of OnlyFans, and she openly sells explicit nudity in the form of videos, pictures, and even audio. Without a doubt, her account on this network generates a significant monthly income to her net worth.

Facts about Suzy you probably didn’t know

There are a few intricacies in Suzy’s life that only the most dedicated fans have been able to figure out. The following list will feature most of them.

  • She focuses on four types of exercise during her workouts: donkey kicks, dumbbell squats, Bulgarian squats, and bridges.
  • She follows a strict nutrition plan, but doesn’t subscribe to fitness diets.
  • She mostly enjoys the vegan cuisine.
  • Her favorite foods are fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and soy-based protein foods.
  • She sees her fans as her greatest motivator.
  • She wants to eventually star in Hollywood.

What is Suzy Cortez’s net worth?

Have you taken a moment to consider the potential net worth of Suzy Cortez around the middle of 2024? The most reputable sources at hand provide an estimate of close to $1 million, which she’s gained mostly by lending her appearance to both magazines and the TV screen over the course of her career. Seeing as she is still far from retiring, it’s evident that the said value will grow.

Suzy’s body measurements

So, what are the vital statistics of the Brazilian adult model? Suzy is 5ft 7ins (170cm) tall, weighs about 135lbs (62kg s), with bra size 34DD, while her vital statistics aren’t known, though her body shape is often described as voluptuous. Her hair is dark brown, her eyes are bright green, and her complexion is generally bright with a healthy tan.

Social media presence

Since she is an adult model and TV personality, Suzy makes a great effort to exponentially increase her public reach, engaging with her fans on a daily basis throughout posts about varying subjects. Most frequently, Suzy likes to make her presence known by uploading a new picture of her body, be that on OnlyFans or Instagram, though she remains quite active on all of the most popular social media networks, especially Twitter and Instagram.Her Facebook has more than 450,000 fans.

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