• Sue Ane Langdon is a famous American actress mostly known for her role in the "Arnie" series
• Born in Paterson, New Jersey, she was inspired by her artistic mother to pursue a career in entertainment
• She has appeared in numerous comedies, Broadway musicals, and had her first big screen role in "The Great Impostor" with Tony Curtis
• She starred alongside Elvis Presley in two movies, "Roustabout" and "Frankie and Johnny"
• Her current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million

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SpouseJack Emrek
FactIn July 1997, she was a guest at the Western Film Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with Will Hutchins, James Drury, Ted Markland, Donna Martell, Jane Adams, Robert F. Hoy, Don Collier, Henry Darrow and Justin Tubb.

Sue Ane Langdon is a famous American actress, mostly known for her appearance in numerous comedies, such as “The Great Impostor”, “A Fine Madness” and “Three’s Company”. Her most notable work is her role of Lillian Nuvo in the “Arnie” series. She finished her acting career in 1990, but her fans still watch her movies over and over again.

Early life and family

Born under the sign of Pisces on 8 March 1936 as Sue Lookhoff, the famous actress spent her early years in her hometown of Paterson, New Jersey, so holds American nationality. Her parents’ were Albert G. Lookhoff – profession unknown – and Grace Huddle Lookhoff who was an experienced singer. Her family is of Austrian and Dutch descent.

When Sue Ane was only two years old, her father died, and her mother had to take care of herself and her daughter, so Sue’s mother took her to New York, where she found a job as a singing instructor, and could bring up her child. Being a graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis and also of the Juilliard School, one of the most prestigious conservatory of performing arts, Grace soon started earning enough money to give her daughter a good education. Sue was always interested in performing, so she started acting when still a young girl, participating in school productions and local children’s theatre clubs, inspired by the example of her artistic mother.

Educational background

Sue attended a local high school in Paterson, matriculating in 1954. She enrolled at the University of North Texas, but then switched to full-time study in Idaho State University.


First steps

After her graduation Sue Ane headed to New York and start working as a singer after getting a stable job at the Radio City Music Hall. Sue Ane later started her acting career, debuting in the series “Summer Playhouse” in 1954, in which she played the role of Marge. She then landed several more roles in such TV series as “Gunsmoke”, “Tales of Wells Fargo”, “Bachelor Father” and “Perry Mason”, playing Bonnie Dunbar in the latter in 1959. She had her first big screenrole in the movie “The Great Impostor” in 1961, sharing the screen with Tony Curtis, and playing the role of Eulalie Chandler. Becoming noted as a comedy actress, she got more and more roles in such movies and series, rarely landing roles in dramas.

Sue Ane Langdon

Her former experience of performing in school productions paved the way for her appearances in several Broadway musicals, such as “Apple Tree” and many others, particularly at the beginning of her career.

Rise to prominence

Sue Ane benefitted considerably from her marriage with Jack Emrik, who introduced her to Hollywood executives, so she started getting more roles in big movies. She appeared in “Room for One More” (1962) as Lisa, “The New Interns” (1964) as Stella, and “The Rounders” (1965), playing the role of Mary. Playing characters with so-called ‘innocent sexiness’ in such movies as “A Fine Madness” (1966), “A Guide for the Married Man” (1967) and “A Man Called Dagger” (1968), Sue Ane was invited to appear on the pages of the Playboy magazine to which she agreed and participated in a nude photoshoot.

One of her biggest successes in her acting career was starring in the series “Arnie” (1970 – 1972), the story of a regular blue-collar worker who was promoted to becoming an executive, and he and his family try to adjust to new circumstances, money and responsibilities. In 1971 Sue Ane was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her work in this series, and won it next year in the category “Best Supporting Actress in TV Series”. Her other major parts include “Three’s Company”, “Hart to Hart” and “Without Warning”.

Appearing in Elvis Presley movies

A special milestone in Sue Ane’s career was her participation in the two movies “Roustabout” (1964) and “Frankie and Johnny” (1966), sharing the screen with the legendary Elvis Presley.

In the former movie, Elvis played a romantic character who travelled around the country on his motorcycle, and got a job in a struggling carnival, and fell in love with a local celebrity, while Sue Ane played the role of Madame Mijanou, a fortune-teller at the carnival. The movie received mixed reviews from both the critics and the audience, as it was another film with Elvis Presley as a romantic singer and handsome dandy. “Frankie and Johnny”, on the contrary, got more positive reviews, as the plot was considered to be more thoughtful and logical. Sue Ane played the supporting role of the girl named Mitzi, while Elvis and Donna Douglas play the titles roles. After Elvis’ death, Sue Ane was often invited to various talk shows in memory of the talented performer, and shared her impressions from working with him, including in an episode of “The Joan Rivers Show” in 1992.

Personal life, late husband Jack Emrek

Sue Ane married her long-term boyfriend, her college sweetheart Jack Emrek, on 4 April 1959. He was born as Josef Hanusek on 20 January 1920, in Hamilton, Ohio USA, and was also an actor, famous for his appearance in the “Men Into Space” series, aired from 1959 to 1960. He also served as a theatre producer for more than a decade. Jack passed away on 27 April 2010 at the age of 90, leaving his wife alone, as they didn’t have any kids. Sue Ane has been single since the day of his death – no rumors have emerged about any new relationship.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Sue Ane has always had a passion for breeding horses, being a fan of the Arabian breed in particular. She shared in one of her interviews with Bette Rogge that she was impressed by the fact that such horses got along with her, as she was a female, and Arabian horses were well-known for their being in “good relationship” only with males. She also shared that she talked a lot with her horses and liked their reaction to her communicating with them, finding it very relaxing and nature-like. Sue Ane had six horses at her farm.

Appearance, clothing style

Sue Ane has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 121lbs (55kgs); her vital statistics are 37-23.5-36. Sue Ane has always loved dresses and blouses with floral patterns, as could be seen in such clothes in TV interviews. She also always wears something gold – necklace, earrings, bracelets or other accessories.

Net worth and salary

Sue Ane’s current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which is now unlikely to grow much, as she probably doesn’t work at the moment, since she doesn’t appear in TV series and movies anymore.

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General Info

Full NameSue Ane Langdon


SpouseJack Emrek
ParentsGrace Wallace Lookhoff, Albert G. Lookhoff


MoviesFrankie and Johnny, Roustabout, The Rounders, The Cheyenne Social Club, A Guide for the Married Man, Zapped!, Without Warning, UHF, A Fine Madness, The Evictors, A Man Called Dagger, Zapped Again!, The Great Impostor, Hold On!, When the Boys Meet the Girls, The Vals, Hawken's Breed, The Victim, The ...
TV ShowsArnie, Grandpa Goes to Washington, When the Whistle Blows

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