• Sota Fukushi was born in Tokyo, Japan on 30 May 199•
• He was encouraged to pursue an acting career from a young age and attended an acting school when he was nine.
• He gained recognition after appearing in the “Kamen Rider” series, and has won two awards for his performances.
• He has appeared in a number of movies and TV series, and is dating Seiko, a comedian in the Amakou Inter comedy duo.
• He is a fan of K-pop music, manga, animated movies, and enjoys travelling. He has a net worth of over $2 million.

Who is Sota Fukushi? Wiki Bio

Sota Fukushi was born in Tokyo, Japan on 30 May 1993 – his zodiac sign is Gemini and he holds Japanese nationality. He is an actor who gained recognition after he was cast to play Gentaro Kisaragi in the “Karmen Rider” series, which is a mix of manga and tokusatsu TV programs and films.

Early life and education

Sota was raised in Tokyo by his hard-working parents, who encouraged him to pursue an acting career while he was still very young, enrolling him at an acting school at the age of nine.

While he was attending high school, he was very sporting as he played basketball and double Dutch – a form of skipping – while he still occasionally plays basketball with his friends today. He has always been good at English, having taken his Level 2 English examination. With further support from his parents, Sota focused on an acting career after matriculation, and didn’t enroll at college. He also considered becoming a writer or a comedian, but eventually went for acting.

Appearances in movies

He made his debut film appearance in “Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals” in 2011 portraying Gentaro Kisaragi and Kame Rider Fourze, although he only auditioned for these roles to satisfy his parents, as they are huge lovers of the “Kamen Rider” franchise.

Having been praised for his performance, Sota was chosen to portray the lead role in “Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max” as well as in the next four “Kamen Rider” movies in 2012 and 2013.

The “Kamen Rider” franchise significantly helped Sota to become a popular actor in Japan, and led to him winning lead roles in movies such as “Enoshima Prism” in 2013 portraying Shuta Jogasaki, and as Shun Takahata in “As the Gods Will” in 2014.

He was praised for his portrayal of Takatoshi Minamiyama in the “My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday” film shot in 2016, and he went on to appear in the last film of the “Kamen Rider” franchise entitled “Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider”. Two of his latest roles in movies have been in “The Fable” in 2019, and “Kaiji: The Final Game” in early 2020.

He has won two awards so far – an Elan d’Or Award for newcomer of the year in 2014, and the 38th Japan Academy Film Prize for the newcomer of the year.

TV series appearances

Sota made his debut TV series appearance in “Misaki Number One!!” in 2011, and then in the same year appeared in “Shima Shima” and “Kamen Rider Fourze”. He was invited to star in “The Clinic on the Sea” in 2013, and then portrayed Kimiyasu Akaiwa in “Baseball Braniacs” and Yuto Tanokura in “I’m Taking the Day Off” both in 2014. In 2015, he was cast to play Aoi Miura in “Koinaka”, which follows Aoi who has an indecisive personality and doesn’t like summer, and who meets Akari Serizawa, his childhood friend and first love, right before she suddenly disappears.

Sota Fukushi

Some of his most recent appearances in TV series have been in “My Lover’s Secret” in 2017, “Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant” and “Marigold in 4 Minutes” both in 2019.

Love life and girlfriend

Sota kept the details of his love life hidden for years until he uploaded a picture with his girlfriend onto his Twitter account in May 2019, saying the two are dating. The girl is Seiko, a comedian who is half of the Amakou Inter comedy duo. Sota uploaded the picture only as a response to numerous female fans who have asked him about whether or not he is seeing anyone, and if not, if he would mind going out with them.

In his blog where the picture is also uploaded, Sota wrote ‘Hello, everyone! I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend. Uchi no Kanojo ga Sumimasen. (I’m sorry about my girlfriend.) Yes, Seiko-san of Amakou Inter.’ While many believe that this is just a joke that Sota and Seiko came up with, others believe they are together and have left them comments such as ‘I want to be in that position lol’ and ‘If this is true, I give you my blessings’.

Hobbies and other interests

Sota is a huge fan of K-pop music, while his favorite band is Mamamoo, which he has had a chance to watch perform live.

He is keen on reading mangas and watching animated movies such as “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira”, while he is a big fan of Studio Ghibli and their movies “Porco Rosso” and “Princess Mononoke”. He enjoys watching live action movies as well, with his favorite actors being Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and their movies “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Inception” (Leonardo), and “Meet Joe Black” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Sota loves Tokyo the most out of all the places he has so far visited, but he also likes to travel, and has been to the US on several occasions, primarily as some of the movies he has appeared in were shot there.

He has also been to several European countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain, mostly because he likes their beaches. Sota has several training sessions at the gym each week, and he also occasionally plays basketball, goes running, and has ran a half-marathon, setting a goal for himself to run a full marathon of 42.195km in 2020.

Appearance and net worth

Sota is 26 years old. He has short brown hair which he often dyes black, and brown eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall, and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs). As of early 2020, Sota’s net worth is estimated at over $2 million.

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