• Savannah Soutas is an Instagram sensation and YouTube fashion blogger.
• Her sister, Chantelle Paige Soutas, is a pop singer and member of the R&B group “Flipsyde”.
• She married Cole LaBrant, another Internet personality, and has two daughters.
• She is active on various social media platforms, and earns up to $19,000 per post on her main Instagram account.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Savannah Soutas is now best known as Savannah LaBrant, an Instagram sensation and one of the most popular YouTube fashion bloggers, having recently married Cole LaBrant, another Internet personality. They share details of their family life on various social media platforms, followed by millions of people. Let’s find out more about her previous relationships, net worth, age, measurements, etc.

Early life and family

Savannah Rose Soutas was born on 2 March 1993 Orange County, California USA, so under the sign of Pisces, and holding American nationality. Her mother’s name is Deborah Soutas, though her age, occupation and any other details are not available. Savannah has a sister whose name is Chantelle Paige Soutas; she is a pop-singer and member of the R&B girls band “Flipsyde”. Savannah shared that she is in very good relationship with her mother and sister; they often meet and can discuss any issue or problem – Savannah says that she could tell her mother anything, and she would get unconditional support and love in any situation.

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Savannah started dancing when she was only two years old, and impressed the whole family with her skills and subtle hearing and sense of rhythm. By the age of 11, Savannah had developed her photography skills, taking pictures of everything and everybody surrounding her, improving her photographic vision and focus. This passionate attitude helped her a lot when she started her photographic career.

Celebrity sister, Chantelle Paige Soutas Mulligan

Savannah’s older sister, Chantelle Paige Soutas was born on 3 February 1988, in San Francisco, California USA. From her childhood she enjoyed dancing and singing, so her mother took her to performing classes, where she improved her skills and started participating in dancing competitions and singing contests. Before she even turned 18, she collaborated with The Pussycat Dolls, Tommy Lee, Robin Thicke, etc.

After she joined the alternative hip-hop group from Oakland. California, she reached new levels of fame, as their song “Champion” from their album “State of Survival” was chosen as one of three theme songs for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Later the song was also made the theme for the video game “NBA Live ‘09”, and the same year the band was featured in Lady GaGa’s music video “Just Dance”. In 2016 Chantelle became engaged to Coulter Mulligan, who holds the position of GoPro’s Social Marketing Manager. The couple married on 12 May 2018, giving birth to their daughter Senna Paige Mulligan on 20 January 2019. Interestingly both Savannah and Chantelle gave their first daughters the same second name as they have. As of 2019, Chantelle is an Instagram model and personality. Her account there has almost a million subscribers.

Educational background

Savannah was studying at home, as her mother helped her to learn the elementary school program by herself. Later she matriculated from a local high school in Orange County, but had to drop any further education as she became pregnant and later gave birth to her first daughter, Everleigh, when she was 19 years old. She is said to be pursuing her University education now, even as the mother of two daughters, but hasn’t given any update on her field or progress, neither has she mentioned the name of the University she is now studying in.


Musical.ly aka TikTok application successful profile

Savannah started her online career when the application Musical.ly (later renamed to TikTok) was very popular. She uploaded her lip-sync videos with her daughter, Eveleigh, and soon had thousands of followers.

The number of her subscribers kept growing as many people liked watching them having fun in the videos. In 2016 she became one of the most followed “Musers” of the year, and as of 2019 has 14 million followers. Savannah admitted she would have never reached such amazing results if there wasn’t her daughter, Everleigh.

Taking over Instagram

Instagram became a goldmine for Savannah, as she created several accounts which have millions of subscribers each. Her own account was created in 2013, on which she’s posted more than 1,300 pictures and videos, mostly selfies with her daughter, while her husband Cole LaBrant is taking a very active participation in the photo shots. Besides her main and backup Instagram accounts, Savannah created separate profiles for both of her daughters, Everleigh and Posie Rayne, even though Posie is not even one-year-old, but already has 1.5 million subscribers following her Instagram account, while her “big sis” has 4.7 million subscribers to her Instagram account, which is 200,000 more than her father has.

Savannah also collaborated with her friend, Michelle Foley, and ran an Instagram account for her daughter and Michelle’s daughter Ava. The account is called “ForEverAndForAva” and has more than 1.2 million subscribers, featuring the photos of two besties – Everleigh and Ava. The girls were noticed by many people and celebrities, and the girls were invited to advertise The Kardashian Kids Clothing Line; they also have commercial contracts with “Carters”, “OshKosh” and “SkipHop” clothing lines. Adding to these profiles, Savannah has an account for her photography portfolio called “LittleRedRosePhotography” and the account for her clothing line, “SavLaBrantStyle”; both accounts have thousands of subscribers.

Personal life, husband Cole LaBrant

As to her previous relationship, Savannah had a romance with her boyfriend, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Everleigh.

Savannah has never shared any details upon the biological father of her daughter, saying only that he was of her age, and they just fell in love, not thinking about future circumstances which could follow their passionate affair. The only thing that is known about him is that his name is Chris (according to other sources – Tom) Smith, but Savannah could easily have just make it up to answer rumors.

Meeting and marrying Cole LaBrant

Savannah met Cole LaBrant in 2016, as they were both TikTok stars and Vine personalities – Cole was a member of the Vine channel “Dem White Boyz”. The couple became engaged on 22 January 2017, and married the same year. During their wedding ceremony Cole exchanged vows not only with Savannah, but also with her daughter Everleigh, promising her he would be the best dad for her. He officially adopted her, and treats her as his own.

The LaBrants welcomed their daughter named Posie Rayne on 28 December 2018. Savannah  shared about their relationship in one of her Instagram posts: ‘He took me when I was broken and took in my baby girl as his own when she needed him most. He never goes a day without making us feel beautiful & worthy’.

Who is Cole LaBrant?

Born on 21 August 1996, in Troy, Alabama, Cole LaBrant is also an Instagram personality; he has more than 4.5 million subscribers on his profile, and often posts personal photos of his daughters and wife. Cole is a very religious person – he mentions God and Jesus in all his posts, writing words of gratefulness for everything he has, thanking only God for granting him such a life. He has four brothers and a sister.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Savannah’s favorite hobby is photography, which helps her to make her Instagram pictures look professional and smooth. She also likes travelling.

As a child, she enjoyed gymnastics.  She always sticks to a healthy diet, preferring vegetables and fruits. Savannah is passionate about make-up and treats it as an art. She prefers gold jewelry.

Social media presence

Savannah made social media platforms her main income source, and she is rather successful there. Her main Instagram account has around 5.7 million subscribers, while her backup account is coming close to the one million milestone. Her Twitter account is read by more than 720,000 people, while her Facebook page is liked and followed by 570,000 users. The YouTube channel “The LaBrant Fam” she manages with her husband has attracted over 10.2 million subscribers, while another YouTube channel called “Everleigh Opens Toys” has more than 2.8 million subscribers, and features various videos on Everleigh making slimes, opening presents and toys, pranking her mom and many others. The channel has more than 365 million views in total.

Appearance, clothing style

Savannah has long bleached platinum blonde hair which is naturally light brown; she has blue eyes. Savannah is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 126lbs (56kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-24-32. As to her clothing style, she likes light and feminine dresses, and adores matching outfits with her daughter, so they often wear similar clothes, dresses and suits.

Net worth and salary

Savannah managed to make social media networks work for herself, from which she gets an impressive cash flow. According to authoritative sources, their YouTube account “The LaBrant Fam” brings up to $186,000 per month, estimated to attract around $11 million and having almost three billion views in total.

Savannah Soutas

Her another channel “Everleigh Opens Toys” bring her up to $24,500 per month, around $1.5 million in total. Her main Instagram account earns up to $19,000 per post, while her backup account which has only 12 posts and not even a million subscribers, but can still bring up to $4,000 per post. Her husband Cole Labrant earns up to $15,000 per post on his Instagram account, while her older daughter’s account brings up to $15,800 per post, adding up to $4,000 per post on Everleigh’s account with her best friend, Ava Foley. Their youngest daughter’s Instagram account earns up to $5,000 per post. So Savannah’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, but her wealth is growing rapidly, as she has several income sources which make her one of the highest paid Instagram models in the world.


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