• Reed Cross Howard is a 32-year-old Caucasian golf player born in Banksville, New York City, USA.
• He attended Heritage Academy high school and the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, and is an amateur golf player with a few tournament participations.
• He is married to Ashley Gioffre and has no children.
• His middle name is after a famous London street and he is not a part of the entertainment industry.
• His net worth is estimated to be $100,000 and he is not active on social media.

Who is Reed Cross Howard?

Born under the sign of Aries on the 12th of April 1987, in Banksville, New York City USA, of very mixed Dutch, French, Irish, German, English, Scottish, and Cherokee Native American ancestry, Reed Cross Howard is a  Caucasian golf player. He’s most definitely best known to the wide world thanks to his frequent exposure on the TV screen and across the media outlets, owing to the fact that most of his family members are highly successful in the entertainment industry, such as his father – director, producer, writer and actor Ron Howard. He has also had some successes of his own over the course of his golf career in this decade.

Early life and education: Born into opulence

Reed was raised in his place of birth, by his extremely famous father and his mother Cheryl Howard (née Alley), who is a writer.

He is the youngest of four siblings, starting with actress, director and writer Bryce Dallas Howard, who was born in 1981, and his twin sisters – actress and writer Paige Carlyle Howard, and Jocelyn Carlyle Howard of an unknown profession, born in 1985. There isn’t much information about Reed’s childhood interests, but it seems to the crowds that he’s always been interested in sports, while the family-wide involvement in entertainment also played a part. As for his education, Cross first attended Heritage Academy high school in his birthplace, from where he matriculated in 2005. He’s then thought to have attended the University of South Carolina, Beaufort (USCB), from where he graduated with an unspecified degree supposedly in 2009; he is known to have been a member of the USCB golf team in 2007 and 2008.

Career: Earning off-camera

In spite of his family’s massive fame and success in Hollywood, Reed never considered a career in this field. There is virtually no information about any of his professional engagements, beside the fact that he was an amateur golf player with a few tournament participations; word has it that he attended a number of other tournaments, such as the USC Aiken Invitational, Wilmington Island Invitational and Webber International Tournament. Due to his family name, there are a few videos of him playing golf here and there, but Reed himself doesn’t have a YouTube channel, and it looks by all accounts that he prefers to keep his professional life out of the limelight.

This is the only information available about Reed’s career, and his sources of income in 2024 are not familiar to the public. Lastly, most people expected Reed to be employed by his father’s production company, but this hasn’t happened, and he remains unaffiliated with it.

Love life: Does he have a girlfriend?

Being ostensibly rich and famous since he was born, Reed had the opportunity to be a ladies’ man very early on, but he never took it. No sources can offer an insight into his early relationships, and though he is thought to have had a number of girlfriends, their names remain unknown. The one woman in his life who everybody knows is Ashley Gioffre, whom he dated for at least a couple of years prior to marrying her in August 2015.

The ceremony was very private, with only family attending, and the only way everybody found out was his father’s Facebook post; they haven’t announced any plans for having children. There hasn’t been any controversy surrounding their union, and they reside together at an undisclosed location in the US.

How did he get his middle name?

It’s a curiosity for all of Ron Howard’s fans how his children have different middle names, seemingly completely unrelated to anyone from the family. This is precisely because that’s true – Ron’s children got their middle names according to the place where they were conceived. (Bryce) Dallas bears a clear reference to Texas USA, (the twins) Carlyle are named after the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, and Reed’s middle name is after one of the most famous London streets, since according to Ron, ‘Volvo isn’t a very good middle name.

Reed Cross Howard

Who is his uncle?

While everyone knows about Reed’s father and his incredible film-making successes, such as directing the iconic “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind”, Reed’s brother Clint Howard is arguably even more accomplished in the industry. The actor, soundtrack producer/performer, writer and director has 249 credited roles, six of which are yet to be released. He has been acting since 1963, and remains highly active in the lucrative business. Clinton Eagle Howard was born under the sign of Taurus on the 20th of April 1959, in Burbank, California USA. He’s Ron Howard’s older brother, but was still the second to venture into cinematography. Naturally, Clint has been seen in numerous films directed, written or produced by Ron, but also a great many others, owing to his apparently impressive acting skills.

He is the winner of three awards – his first was the MTV Movie Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1998, given for outstanding contributions to the cinema. In 2014 he was nominated for the Leonardo’s Horse award in the Best Supporting Actor category, but won it alongside some others in the Best Ensemble Cast category. In 2017 he ‘won’ the Shocker Award of the Year for “Puppets”.

Debunking the myth: Is Reed an actor?

There have been rumors and incorrect reports that Cross is also involved in the business, as an actor, director and writer. This assumption is by all means untrue, though there is a  basis for it. Both Reed and his sister Jocelyn Carlyle Howard featured in an episode of “Arrested Development” – a very popular comedy TV series narrated by Ron Howard in all 84 episodes since its inception in 2003, still ongoing.

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However, neither were credited with the role of a character, and thus they aren’t actors. Hence, Reed is not an actor, director or writer, and has never been professionally involved in the entertainment industry.

What is Reed Cross Howard’s net worth?

Have you lately taken a second to wonder just how rich Reed could be, as of 2024? Some of the most authoritative sources have estimated the golf player’s current wealth to be over in the millions, but realistically over $100,000, while his father’s impressive wealth exceeds $160 million as of late 2019.

It is unknown how Reed came in possession of this money, while Ron Howard is known to have amassed his fortune over more than five decades of persistent excellence in film-making and character portrayal. Since Reed is still young, there’s no telling when he could enter the movie industry, or progress in his current professional engagement, meaning that the said amount will likely grow.

Social media presence

How active do you think Reed could be on social media? While most celebrities use these platforms to exponentially increase their earnings through constant interaction with the audiences, Cross likes to keep his life to himself. Since he isn’t in the entertainment industry at the moment, there’s no reason for him to follow the popular business trend. He thus can’t be found on any of the three most popular social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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