• Qimmah Russo is an African-American fitness instructor, Instagram model, Viner, and entrepreneur.
• She was raised in New York by her parents and an older brother who were all involved in sports.
• She initially wanted to be an obstetrician-gynecologist, but after she started posting seven-second videos on Vine in 2010, she gained a great number of followers and decided to focus on fitness.
• She has her own company and sells dieting and fitness advice, and occasionally models for fitness magazines.
• She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and is well known in the bodybuilding community.

Who is Qimmah Russo?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on the 16th of December 1993, in New York City USA, Qimmah ‘Qim’ Russo is an  African-American fitness instructor, Instagram model, Viner and entrepreneur. She is probably most familiar to the world due to her significant presence across media outlets and fitness magazines, owing to a massively coveted physical appearance. She has had a good number of successes over the course of her often lucrative modeling career since 2010.

Early life and education: Growing up in New York

Russo was raised in the state of New York, by her baseball player father Kenneth Russo, and her field hockey player mother Rayietta Russo, alongside her football player older brother Tamir Russo.

As a child, Qimmah initially wished to be involved in medicine, aiming to one day become an obstetrician-gynecologist, showing little to no interest in sports with the rest of her family. In the latter part of her teenage years, she began to notice the attraction of physical activity, became involved in numerous sports, and ultimately took to the gym. As for her education, she attended an unspecified high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2011. Immediately afterwards, she enrolled into the College of Canyons in Santa Monica, California, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and kinesiology in 2015.

Career: An unexpected rise

Unlike many colleagues, Qim didn’t initially plan on weight-lifting or being a fitness model.

Her earliest employment is not yet familiar to sources, though she’s not thought to have worked prior to obtaining social media fame. In 2010 she began posting seven-second videos on the then-popular Vine video network, showcasing her athletic achievements and daily workout routines. Unexpectedly at the time, she garnered a great number of followers in a short period, thus finding the inspiration to continue her uploads throughout college. Though Qimmah initially just played in the college basketball team, her Vine and later Instagram fame drove her to begin lifting weights, but after graduating. In the latter half of 2015, Russo started up her own company, and began selling dieting and fitness advice to workout aficionados.

Qimmah Russo

Since then, she’s occasionally modeled for fitness magazines and prominent photographers, but the entrepreneurial venture has remained her highest source of income. She can be seen sharing free fitness tips on her social media networks, all of which mostly serve to promote her product. Qimmah at rare times signs an advertising contract with a food supplement or fitness equipment distributor, and promotes it to her fans.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend? Is she starting a family?

When it comes to Russo’s romantic involvements, it looks like she’s chosen to remain completely invisible on the matter since becoming famous. She was asked in an interview why she took this decision, explaining that publicity can have a negative impact on one’s love life, though she  personally wouldn’t expect anything to change even if she revealed the information.

There have never been any rumors about her in this regard, and she’s never been seen attending a public event in particular male company. For the moment, she’s thought to be single and heterosexual; she resides supposedly by herself at an undisclosed location in California.

She’s been on the big screen too

In 2016 Qimmah was seen in an episode of the TV series “Ask Dr. Nandi”, entitled “Be Your Own Health Hero”. The show heavily focuses on improving the health of its viewers, by sharing lifestyle advice through its hosts and interviewees, one of whom was Qim, owing to her unquestionable fitness achievements and inspired, engaged audience. So far, this is her only appearance in a television show.

Famous among bodybuilders

Naturally, Russo is widely recognized in the bodybuilding community, and she was even asked to divulge some of her thoughts and secrets regarding fitness. The interview from August 2015 can be found on the bodybuilding.com website, in which various important aspects of the model’s perspective were revealed. Among other important questions, she was asked what she deems the greatest mistake people make at the gym, replying ‘Socializing more than working out. It’s OK to have fun while you’re training, but once you’re talking more than you’re lifting, it’s annoying for the rest of us who are more serious.’

Facts about Qimmah you probably didn’t know

Many of Russo’s fans are highly committed to keeping up to date with everything she posts, but not all of them are familiar with all of the facts about her life that have surfaced over the years. Being a former Viner, Qimmah has over the years collaborated with quite a few other stars, including Klarity, Melvin Gregg and Alphonso McAuley. One of her favorite hobbies is singing, and she also loves to play basketball again, years after giving it up.

What’s her secret for staying in shape?

To keep looking the way she does, Russo meticulously and constantly rearranges her workout routines, sometimes between weeks, sometimes months. She believes that changing exercise regularly is one of key requirements for maintaining persistence.

Still, she does have her favorite type of exercise – Qimmah always greatly focuses on squats and general cardio. Her favorite squat rep routine is simply to do as many as possible in a short time frame, usually no longer than 30 seconds. Though she does keep a mostly plant-based diet, she’s not vegan. Some of the foods that always find their way into the model’s dieting plans include raw vegetables, peanut butter, avocados, low-fat cheese, nuts and eggs.

Her only contest so far

Though Qim is fully committed towards physical betterment, she isn’t considered a bodybuilder, and is generally not interested in such competitions.

She’s only been seen in one body-shape contest – in August 2017 Russo made an appearance in the VBL Bikini Dunk Contest, ultimately claiming the prize and being featured on ballislife.com – a website dedicated to basketball aficionados, of which the star is a part.

Does she have any assets?

Qimmah is known to have spent portions of her net worth on improving certain parts of her life. One such case is when she gave just over $43,000 to purchase a BMW 435i. She also bought the home she resides in now, though its location and price will remain unfamiliar to the public until further notice.

What is Qimmah Russo’s net worth?

Have you found a moment to consider just how rich Qimmah could be in late 2019?

Some of the most authoritative sources estimate that her wealth amounts to a;most  $2 million, as of mid-2024 which she earned by selling fitness advice, lending her appearance to magazines, and promoting products on social media throughout her career. Seeing as Russo is far from abandoning the business, the said amount is bound to increase.

Body measurements

So, what exactly are the Instagram star’s physical specifications? Russo is 5ft 4ins (163cm) tall, weighs 120lbs (54kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-25-35, with a bra size of 32B – her body shape is often described as fit. She has pitch black hair and dark brown eyes, coupled with a dim complexion.

Social media presence

Since Qim is both a model and entrepreneur, she’s expected by many to maintain high activity on social media, luring in an ever-greater audience by constantly keeping her fans informed about nearly every aspect of her life. Qim has been aware of this business strategy from the start of her career, and has since been undeniably devoted to growing her fan base on two of the three most popular social media networks – Twitter and Instagram.

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