• Hang Mioku has a net worth estimated to be over $100,000, earned through her career in singing and modeling.
• She became increasingly concerned about her aging looks and sought plastic surgery to preserve her beauty.
• After repeated surgeries, doctors advised her against going for any more due to the potential of permanent damage.
• She proceeded to inject her face with cooking oil, resulting in a grotesque form that changed her appearance entirely.
• Currently, she lives in her hometown in South Korea and works in a local shop.

Who is Hang Mioku?

Hang Mioku was born on 8 July 1963, in South Korea. She is a former model and singer, who rose to fame – or infamy – as a result of botched plastic surgery on herself, resulting in a grotesque form that has changed her appearance entirely. Her story remains as a warning for people who don’t consult experts when it comes to such procedures.

The Riches of Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku has a net worth estimated to be over $100,000, earned through her career in singing and modeling. The majority of her wealth was used during her addiction to plastic surgery – the aftereffects greatly diminished her earning potential.

Life, Career, and Plastic Surgery

Hang’s life was mostly normal before she discovered plastic surgery. She was working as a model in South Korea, and had a few singing gigs. She did commercial work with several local brands though never really made it big.

As she grew older, she became more concerned about her aging looks, and searched for options to preserve her beauty and hopefully slow-down the aging process. After initial successful surgery, she decided to go under the knife once more to enhance her looks. After repeated surgical procedures, doctors advised her against going for any further, as it could result in permanent damage. The maintenance would also become too laborious and costly, both for her as well as for medical professionals.

Wanting to find more opportunities, she then moved to Japan and started consulting with doctors there, followed by a few more operations. The Japanese doctors eventually caught on, and also advised her against going for any more. Doctors noted that she may be addicted, and may have a mental disorder, which was causing her to relentlessly chase after constant physical changes.

Plastic Surgery Aftereffect

Mioku continued to ignore the advice of the professionals, and sought out help from doctors in private, although even her parents could no longer recognize her.

She then listened to a doctor who told her that if she couldn’t get any procedures done, then she could learn to self-inject. She started buying silicone and injecting her face with it to supposedly help maintain the effects. She then ran out of silicone, and suppliers did not want to sell to her anymore due to her condition.

Not wanting to give up, she thought that cooking oil could be a good substitute for silicone, and started injecting it into her face. What followed was irritation, swelling, and the body rejecting what she was trying to put in.

Her face became unrecognizable, and she writhed in pain as the swelling grew. She could no longer function properly, and her looks became so horrendous that people started mocking her, particularly her unusually large face. The media covered her story, and some of those who took pity on her situation started donating.

Recovery and the Dangers of Plastic Surgery

After a few tests, doctors decided to operate once more on Hang’s face to try and remove all the foreign substances that had been absorbed.

A combination of cooking oil, silicone, other substances and chemical reactions were removed – around 60 grams was taken from her face initially, while 200 grams were taken from her neck area. A total of 10 operations were done to help put her face back to a normal size, however, the damage had been done, and the way her face has changed is irreversible, especially since she’s already endured a lot of surgeries on her face and neck area.

Plastic surgery is promoted by some as a means of improving one’s physical features, but it was created initially to help people who have been damaged severely by conditions, diseases or accidents.

It remains a very strong industry, with millions being poured into it annually. However, surgery of this kind also has different complications including side effects, and though advancements in technology have lessened the chances of any negative outcomes, they still exist. Bruising, swelling and pain are normal for plastic surgery recipients, as with any surgery. Any opening or invasion of the body can take a toll and stress the body out, which can leave senses and functions dull for some time.

One also has to be assured that the doctor they are working with is a licensed professional. There are many horror stories of people going under the knife, only to come out vastly different than they had expected, because their doctor wasn’t an expert in this form of surgery at all.

Personal Life

Mioku is single and has never married, partly due to the aftereffect of her plastic surgery which has changed her physical appearance dramatically.

During her popularity, there were rumors that she was romantically connected to the late Beau Biden, though it was never confirmed. Other sources stated that she has children though this has also not been confirmed.

Since moving away from the spotlight, she returned to her hometown in Korea where she works in a local shop.

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