• Noelle Nikpour is a 55 year-old Eurasian political strategist, author, journalist and commentator.
• She attended an unspecified high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 198•
• She was invited onto various TV programs and radio shows to share her expertise and professional opinion with the masses.
• She ran for office in the 18th Congressional District of Florida in 2016, finishing last in the election with only 1% of public support.
• Her net worth is estimated at $20 million and she is active on Twitter with almost 9,000 followers.


Who is Noelle Nikpour?

Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 4th of November 1964, in Little Rock, Arkansas USA, Noelle Nikpour is an almost 55 year-old Eurasian political strategist, author, journalist and commentator. She is perhaps most familiar to the world due to her significant presence on the TV screen and across other media outlets, owing to the decisions she made as a politician, and her interviews on television. She has had a number of successes over the course of her often lucrative political career since an unspecified date.

Early life and education: Mysterious roots

Since Noelle has chosen not to reveal information about her roots, very little can be disclosed on the topic by the sources. She was raised in her place of birth by her Iranian father and her mother, both of unknown names and professions.

Her early childhood interests are anyone’s guess, but there’s public belief that she always wanted to make an impact on her community, and thus strived towards a career such as a political one. As for her education, she attended an unspecified high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 1982. Nikpour afterwards enrolled into an unknown college, graduating with a degree in 1986.

Career: Striving for the breakthrough

Noelle has been keeping track of the political scene since her college years, and upon graduation, she immediately dedicated herself to finding even more information about current political happenings.

She was eventually recognized for her knowledge, and invited onto various TV programs and radio shows. Hence, she was seen on HLN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and a large number of stations, sharing her expertise and professional opinion with the masses. This increased public interest in who she is, and she was naturally able to aim higher as a political connoisseur. At some point after 2010 Noelle became a political columnist for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, which is the position she maintains until today. She began raising money to aid the campaigns of her fellow politicians, including Rudy Giuliani, Richard De Vos Jr. and Asa Hutchinson.

Her only book thus far, entitled “Branding America – What Does Your Brand Say About You”, was published at an unspecified date in the 2010’s.

Running for office

With the help of Edgehill neighbors and Republican Bud Cummins in 2016, Noelle managed to gather more than $155,000 extra funding for her campaign in the 18th Congressional District of Florida general election. With a total of $200,000 to fund her efforts, Noelle finished last in the election, with only 1% of public support; she was the only woman to run for this seat. Afterwards, she was placed into the National Republican Congressional Committee’s list of 32 “Young Guns” – the name given to congressional candidates vying for party support.

Even though she didn’t win, her attempt was glorified by the public, and she is now seen even more frequently on television, garnering a significant income by sharing her knowledge with the masses.

Love life: Does she have a husband?

When it comes to Noelle’s romantic involvements, it looks like the political strategist has chosen not to divulge any information about this part of her life; besides one post on her Twitter account, the media is completely in the dark on the topic. Noelle at some point shared a photograph with a certain man named LeBlanc, saying that she was having a great time. Besides that, nobody has even speculated whether Noelle could be dating anyone. There has been no controversy surrounding her potential relationships, and she is believed to reside alone in Manhattan, New York City.

Noelle Nikpour

Doing really well

As of February 2018, Noelle has been living in a 1,212 square-foot luxurious apartment, located in Central Park South Plaza. The place has a great overview of the park, and the cost of living there is placed at $13,000 every month. She has one bedroom, two bathrooms, high ceilings, hand-painted walls, a chef’s kitchen and herringbone floors.

Dangerous paparazzi

Nikpour was one time caught by a photographer working for an unknown website, who took a few pictures of her night-out clothing, which caused interest and unrest among the population once it was published. Whether Noelle pulled some strings or not, Arkansas Business reports that the website was promptly shut down, and the political strategist was able to avoid further embarrassment or exposure.

What kind of music does she listen to?

While this kind of information doesn’t usually come from active politicians, Noelle had no issues sharing what she likes to listen to in her free time. Nikpour’s favorite musicians are Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, while she does have a general appreciation of their respective genres, sampling other songs belonging to them when she feels like it.

She disagrees with Donald Trump

In May 2019 Noelle visited MSNBC to comment on several political happenings. One of her most accentuated claims in the report is that US President Trump’s trade war with China is harming the west more than the east. She said that farmers are suffering due to tariffs which are higher than they should be, but that the problem lies in the way China treats the US, and not the other way around.

Her piece of The Hill

As a columnist, Noelle sometimes writes for other websites besides her main one, and such was the case when she published an article for TheHill.com. She wanted to raise awareness about the menacing US healthcare crisis, and among many other things, she said ‘Many liberals want a single payer system; many conservatives fear that will lead to people waiting months to have simple procedures done in a hospital. Are the liberals who debate me evil or are they looking at things from a different point of view?’

Addressing suspicions

Nikpour was recently asked her opinion on the subject of the US measles outbreak, believed by some to have happened due to asylum-seekers. She replied by saying that there’s a crisis on the border, and that manpower is currently lacking.

The emphasis of her explanation was the comparison of how the Democrats are treating this issue as opposed to Republicans.

What is Noelle Nikpour’s net worth?

Have you ever given a thought to just how rich Noelle could be, especially in the latter half of 2019? Some of the most authoritative sources suggest that this amount is close to $20 million. She earned this net worth through her lifelong political engagement, fundraising for personal purposes, and to help those in need. Sharing her advice and opinion also contributed a great deal. She’s at the moment far from considering retirement, and so the said amount will surely increase.

Body measurements

So, what are the physical specifications of the popular Republican? For the moment, she hasn’t disclosed literally anything regarding this subject.

Her height, weight and vital statistics are unknown, though her body shape is normally described as fit. Her dress, shoe and bra size are also unfamiliar to the public. Her hair is dark brown as well as her eyes, and her complexion is generally bright with an occasional tan.

Social media presence

Being the famous politician and political strategist that she is, Noelle is widely expected to be omnipresent on social media, and to enlarge her grasp on the public by garnering fans regularly, thus contributing to her profits and political efforts. However, it looks as though Noelle saves social media only for practical use, sharing some news about herself on Twitter which has almost 9,000 followers – she can’t be found on the other two popular social media networks, Facebook and Instagram.


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