• 21-year-old influencer, socialite, model and social media personality
• Signature pose is sticking her tongue out while taking a selfie
• Frequently posts photos of herself in luxurious settings and dancing
• Associated with YEKIM brand and has attracted criticism for underage drinking and nudes leak
• Has a net worth of $300,000 and a large following on social media platforms


Who is Mulan Vuitton?

Born under the fire sign of Aries on 9 April 1998, at an unspecified location in the United States of America, Mulan Vuitton is a 21-year-old influencer, socialite, model and social media personality. She rose to fame thanks to her Instagram account, on which she frequently flaunts her extravagant lifestyle, including expensive trips, designer fashion items and wild parties. Her signature pose is sticking her tongue out while taking a selfie, which has made her even more notorious. While she’s attracted a lot of criticism, these negative comments have only added to her already mind-boggling popularity. Her time is currently split between Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.


Early Life and Education

There is no available information on Mulan’s early life, nor about her parents and their vocations. Even though she is one of the most popular influencers in the country, she refuses to reveal any information about her ethnicity, or her private life. This is widely regarded as a wise move, which is also an indication that she wants to be judged for her professional accomplishments, not for what she does in her spare time. Additionally, there is no information about her education level, or which formal institution she attended, if any. It’s uncertain whether Vuitton is her real surname, or if she’s using it out of homage to Louis Vuitton, the famous French designer, and brand.

A Superstar on Social Media

Mulan’s rise to fame is somewhat enigmatic, as no one can recall the exact reason for her sudden superstardom. In late 2017, she burst onto the scene, incessantly posting photos of herself in luxurious settings, including fancy restaurants, Ferraris, jewelry and yet unreleased sneaker colorways, in addition to which, Mulan is an avid fan of twerking and pole dancing. A major factor in her sudden fame are frequent videos of her dancing or lip-syncing to popular hip-hop and R&B hits, usually topless or dressed in a revealing bikini. She didn’t have to wait long before she got recognition, as she was pronounced “Hot Instagram Girl of the Day” in November 2017, by Caveman Circus, a popular Instagram page centered around funny videos and popular culture. From that point onwards, Mulan has succeeded in earning money just by letting fans have a sneak peak of her everyday life, all while not revealing anything personal or sensitive.

Mulan Vuitton

Sponsorships: Yekim

For over a year now, Mulan has been associated with YEKIM, a high fashion brand based in Los Angeles. While she isn’t the owner of the brand, nor a fashion designer, she happily wears YEKIM apparel in many of her Instagram photos. She is also an active promoter of all events and parties associated with the brand. Apparently, she is good friends with Martez Malone, the founder of the brand, and even went to his birthday bash in March 2019. Yekim means “first” in Kurdish, which alludes to Malone’s goal – to be the frontrunner amongst the new wave of clothing brands.

A Magnet for Scandals: Underage Drinking, Nudes and More

Ever since she was 19 years-old, Vuitton has been a target of a lot of criticism, most of it because to her Instagram stories, in which she shamelessly threw bundles of money in the air, and drank wine on yachts. This caused a stir, as many considered her underage drinking and socializing with rappers much older than her inappropriate. In 2018, her phone was supposedly “hacked”, which ended in a leak of her nude photos online. A lot of fans didn’t believe her, and instead thought that she sold the photos so that she could gain some much-needed publicity. If that weren’t enough, her confirmed and unconfirmed relationships added even more fuel to the fire.

Past Relationships: Drake and Trippie Redd

In 2018, there were speculations that she and superstar singer and rapper Drake were in a relationship. She even appeared in one of his Snapchat stories, which was soon taken down. Drake is usually quick to deny such allegations, but neither he nor Mulan had anything to comment on their supposed relationship, which made it seem like there was something actually going on. Later that year, she and rap sensation Trippie Redd announced that they were in a relationship. Trippie left his long-time girlfriend, Angvish, for her, which made a lot of his fans angry, as they considered him and Angvish a true power couple. Fortunately for them, Mulan and Trippie didn’t last long, with allegations that Trippie cheated on her.

Does Mulan Vuitton Have a Boyfriend Now?

Currently, Mulan doesn’t seem to be dating anyone, but on 14 February 2019, she received a pair of Gucci flip-flops and a giant teddy bear from an unknown person, causing fans to speculate that there might be a mystery man after all. She is most likely single and focused on her career, by the looks of her social media profiles.

Body Measurements and Appearance: How Tall is Mulan Vuitton?

Mula Vuitton is approximately 5ft (152cm) tall – her weight and vital statistics are unknown. She wears size 4 (W) shoes and her dress size is 8 (US). Many have compared this young star’s body to Kim Kardashian’s, but she has denied having any implants, unlike Kim. However, due to her weight gain around her posterior and thighs, fans have accused her of undergoing plastic surgery. Mulan is a self-proclaimed “workout addict”, and she goes to the gym at least three times a week. Ever since she became famous, tattoos have become another addiction of hers – the most notable are the black-and-white rose on the back of her hand, and the devil and angel duo on her upper back. During one Instagram Q&A, she described the meaning of the second tattoo as ‘a duality and an everlasting battle between good and evil inside her mind’.

What is Mulan Vuitton’s Net Worth?

According to several authoritative sources, Mulan Vuitton has a net worth of approximately $300,000, amassed through incessant self-promotion, event organization and sporadic sponsorships. Given the fact that she has a lavish lifestyle, we’re not sure if she will be able to increase her net worth so easily.

Bad & Boujee ???

Posted by Mulan Vuitton on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Social Media Presence

Like every influencer, Mulan understands the role of social media as a tool for building her brand and engaging with her audience. Thus, she relies on several social media platforms to further her influence. She has a Twitter account, on which she is followed by 3,000 people, and a Facebook page with 7,500 ‘likes’. However, Mulan’s favorite social network is Instagram – she has 290,000 loyal followers, and regularly posts provocative and semi-nude Instagram stories.


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