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Despite being the daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Morgan Colette Eastwood is relatively down-to-earth. The actress was born on 12th December 1996, and was introduced to the world at 15 years old as one of the main cast members of “Mrs Eastwood & Company”. The E! reality series followed the lives of Clint’s wife at the time, Dina, her step-daughter Francesca, and daughter Morgan; one of the major storylines was Dina’s job managing Overtone, an all-male vocal group from South Africa.

Morgan had a couple of minor roles in her father’s films “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Changeling”, which were released in 2004 and 2008 respectively. In 2018, she was the associate producer of the short “Daddy’s Playground”, and the following year, she was the executive producer and starred in “I See You”, which was written and directed by Jordan Crawford.

Morgan displays plenty of her life on social media, and has over 70,000 followers on Instagram. The beautiful brunette doesn’t shy away from sharing photos with her loved ones, including long-term boyfriend Tanner Koopmans. Clint’s daughter loves to travel, and spent a large chunk of June 2023 exploring Italy; her other hobbies include reading and fashion.

Recently, Morgan collaborated with Treat My OCD by writing an in-depth article about her life with obsessive-compulsive disorder. “Every human on the planet has quirks, but I recognized from a young age that mine started earlier than other people I knew… they were quite intense, and seemed a little more peculiar,” the actress wrote.

A lack of professional mental healthcare and being universally known thanks to her father only served to compound Morgan’s problems, and it would take years for her to recognize her OCD and tackle it head on. The first signs became evident when Morgan was just two years old, and according to her mother, would cry and throw tantrums when her layered shirt sleeves didn’t line up perfectly.

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Muscle tension, chest tightness and pressure, and nerve pains are just some of the physical symptoms Morgan suffers when going through a bad episode. Before learning that her symptoms were indicative of OCD, the Californian believed that she had Tourette Syndrome, a nervous system disorder that causes people to make unvoluntary movements and sounds or say things out loud without wanting to.

Afraid to be professionally diagnosed, Morgan tried to alleviate her OCD with different diets, acupuncture sessions, float therapy, and a number of other treatments that turned out to be useless. When that failed, she went to a dozen doctors, undertook countless bloodwork tests, and saw a psychiatrist. She was eventually, diagnosed, and took the right steps to get her disorder under control.

From 2022 onwards, Morgan stopped seeking physical explanations for her mental disorder, changed psychiatrists, and began taking medication which helped her improve. These days, she also does exercise and is looking into Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP). “I can laugh about my idiosyncrasies,” she said. “This may be a lifelong journey, but if OCD wants to try to drag me along, I’ll at least pick myself up and run with it.”


Morgan is on excellent terms with her father Clint Eastwood, who is almost as famous for his personal life and ever-changing number of children as he is for his impressively long Hollywood career. The actor was born in May 1930 in San Francisco, California, and is of English, Irish, Scottish and Dutch ancestry. From 1951 to 1953, he served in the US Army, and his acting career began shortly afterwards.

Despite being in the public eye for decades, Clint’s personal life remains an enigma even to some of his most devoted fans, due to the overlapping nature of many of his relationships. In 1953, he met a secretary named Margaret Johnson on a blind date. Margaret worked for Industria Americana and was scheduled to graduate from U.C. Berkeley that June.

In the meantime, Clint left for Seattle and got an unnamed young woman pregnant while in a relationship; she subsequently placed their daughter, Laurie Murray, up for adoption. Clint married Margaret in December 1953, whereas Laurie was born in February 1954 and wouldn’t be publicly identified as the actor’s daughter until December 2018.

It remains unclear whether Clint knew of Laurie’s existence or not: according to Laurie’s half-brother, their mother never told the actor about her pregnancy or spoke to him again. However, Clint’s official biographer claims that “The Mule” star discussed the pregnancy with his family and friends, and gave the woman money before leaving for L.A.

Clint’s marriage to Margaret was rife with problems, and in 1959 he began a decade-long affair with the dancer and stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis, the mother of his second child Kimber, born in June 1964, She briefly pursued acting, although she works as a make-up artist these days. The actor’s third recognized child, Kyle Eastwood, was born in May 1968 of his marriage to Margaret, and went on to become a talented film score composer and jazz bassist.

Clint and Margaret’s second child Alison, was born in May 1972 – she dropped out of the University of California while studying an acting degree. In 2013, she married the reality TV star Stacy Poitras of “Chainsaw Gang” fame in a lavish Calabasas ceremony. Alison retired from acting in 2014 but made an exception to appear in “The Mule” four years later.

In the mid-1980s, Clint embarked on a secret affair with Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant, who gave birth to two of his children – Scott and Kathryn. When the affair ended in 1989, Jacelyn filed a palimony lawsuit and sued Clint for fraud, reaching a settlement in both cases. Like many of his half-siblings, Scott has appeared in his father’s movies, and directed his own projects. Similarly, his sister Kathryn made her acting debut in 2014 and has since written for TV shows such as the horror anthology “Virus of the Dead”.

During the early 1990s, Clint began a relationship with the actress Frances Fisher; their daughter, Francesca, was born in August 1993 and also starred in the reality show “Mrs Eastwood & Company”.

The Clintwood children have all come together for their father’s red-carpet events many times since 2018. Morgan is believed to be closest to Francesca and Scott, but has a good relationship with her other five siblings despite the age gap. However, the legendary actor refuses to confirm exactly how many children he has, so it’s more than possible that there are other Eastwoods who prefer to remain out of the public eye, but are included in the family behind the scenes.

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